Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blogmas - Day 1

Seems weird that it's only December first.  I've been in Christmas mode for days now, since the morning after Thanksgiving.  Our tree is up and decorations are out.  I've done some Christmas shopping.  I started on Christmas cards last night, will probably finish those tonight.  We don't have any decorations up outside yet though.  This weekend is supposed to be warmish, so I think hubby is hoping to get out there and do something.  I'll be happy if we just get a few things around the back porch (our main entrance).

I forgot to write in my journal last night!  I've been so good on it, but last night I got caught up in Christmas cards and watching the mid-season finale of Gotham.  It was pretty good!  I was losing interest in the show in the earlier part of the season, but towards the end it started drawing me back in.  I do love Penguin, and now that he's teamed up with Edward Nigma (Nygma?) . . . they're the best part of the show right now.

Went to my mom's today, as I do each week.  Took her to town to get groceries and do a bit of Christmas shopping, did her laundry, watched horribly acted cheesy soap operas while waiting for that laundry to finish.  I also stopped at Target again to fix an error I'd noticed on a receipt yesterday.  On Black Friday they had Xbox Live membership cards on sale.  I'd bought two.  I noticed on the receipt that one came as the sale price and one came as full price.  No problem though, they adjusted the price without any hassle.  *phew*

It's cold and dreary today.  We had some rain in the morning, but the temp has been dropping as the day goes on.  The forecast calls for snow but I'm not sure if that's for my area or more north of here.  It's a good day to nap, but I'm resisting and will go watch some true crime TV while I work on writing out Christmas cards.

I hope you're all sending me a card this year!


  1. i hope I can keep up my new diary/journal/planner this year. I am happy you still write in yours. And I am still gags over this Blogmas deal <3

    1. I've quit that journal probably four times since starting it in late summer or early fall or whenever it was. I keep going back to it though. I've started adding little bits, like holiday things I cut out of the paper or magazines, or printing out small pics of things I talk about and attach them with a bit of washi. My notebook is starting to get a bit of bulk, like it's well used and well loved. =)