Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec. 29 - Back to Natters

Minion wanted to say hello, and wanted me to get back to blogging.  Apparently my absence since Blogmas ended bothered him enough that he even came over to catch a nap on this couch instead of his usual spot on our other couch.  He *never* hangs out on this couch.  It was weird, and cute.

So anyway, yeah, it didn't take me long to get lazy about blogging did it?  I think having the motivation of Blogmas is what helped me go 26 days straight.  While doing it, I had it in my head 'Gotta get a post up!' each day, regardless of how I felt or what I was doing each evening.  Now there is no such goal or motivation, and I've found it very easy to just blow it off.  I guess I'll need to set some goals for myself, or set up a reward system for myself, or something.

Sunday I took our Christmas decorations down and get them all packed away.  We decided to keep the tree up though, probably till New Year's Day.  It's still fun to have that around, and watch the twinkling lights in the evening.  I've even considered *only* putting up the tree next year.  Hubby says there is no way I'll be able to limit myself to just that, but right now I'm kinda liking the idea.  One of the things I hate about decorating is that it takes a day to get all the stuff set out, and then a day to pack it all back up.  I guess we'll just see how I feel about things next Christmas.

We went to town Sunday morning to try and find some pens or markers for the coloring books we'd gotten for Christmas.  We don't have a Hobby Lobby or Michael's in the town we shop in most often so we ended up at Joann's, thinking that would be our best bet for crafty pens.  Ha, nope.  They did have some really expensive ones in small packs, but we were not interested in paying that much.  We stopped at Target to see what they offered and found tons.  We were mainly on the hunt for gel pens, and we found a bunch of options there.  I think we ended up getting three different variety packs.  Now we've been looking on Amazon to see about markers.  There is one set of 100 that we have our eye on.

On Sunday we also watched the Packers lose in that horribly hysterical game against the Cardinals.  AND we watched the Vikings walk all over the Giants to earn a place in the playoffs.  The next game is the finally game of regular season and we play the Packers.  It's a battle for the NFC North, with whoever wins claiming the title.  WOOT!!

We had three visitors in our yard Sunday evening.  We haven't seen many deer around lately, so it was fun to watch these guys.  These two pics are actually of the same deer.  This one came closest to the house and was the most entertaining to watch.  It was getting dark already, so these are shaky no-flash pics.

Monday we went to hubby's eye appointment, and I picked up a few things at Walmart.  There was a Winter Storm Warning starting at noon and running all night.  It started snowing around 11am and was already getting pretty nasty as we headed home.  We just stayed in after that, puttered around, and listened to the storm pick up throughout the evening.  Casey had to go to work early (7pm) and said it was horrible, that traffic was only doing about 30mph on the highway.
This pic was taken about 2:30pm Monday.  It was blowing pretty bad here already and it only got worse.

This was 8:00am this morning.  Luckily, we didn't get the six inches they were predicting.  Blowing and drifting was a problem though.  While you can see grass poking through in some spots, other spots are drifted knee deep.  Hubby was up early with the snowblower, getting the driveway cleared.  I was supposed to go tend my mom today but she called and said forget it, wait till tomorrow.  That was totally fine with me!

So today, Tuesday, hubby and I have just been chillin' here, watching TV and relaxing.  He used up his vacation time this week, and I'm still off.  We decided to watch The Guild today.  We'd seen the first few seasons years ago and fell in love with the series because we could totally relate to the gamer dorkiness of it all.  Then we forgot about it for a while.  I'd actually gotten the complete series DVD set last year for Christmas but for whatever reason, we never watched it.  Until today.  Ty was not here.  Casey was sick and had already gone to bed.  So just hubby and I watched and laughed our butts off through the first three seasons.  We're taking a break right now so I can make supper, and then we'll probably finish the remaining three season this evening.  (They are just short little webisodes, so a season is really only about 45 minutes.)  If you haven't seen this show, you need to check it out.

And that's what I've been doing these past few days.  I've been resisting the urge to order from several big name sales going on.  I had a ton of Yankee stuff in my cart, and changed my mind.  I had a ton of BBW stuff in my cart, several times, but keep backing out.  I looked at the Lush site and considered ordering a couple things but I'm afraid I'll just never use bath bombs or melts if I get them.  I didn't see any Glogg shower gel on the site either.  I'm still tempted though, by both Lush and BBW!

Have you hit up any of the big end of year sales?
What did you spoil yourself with??


  1. I think we both needed a break from blogging after going so many days straight. Blogmas is easy to do because there's so much you can write about this time of year, but afterwards it can be hard to find content. Hell, even I had some difficulties in the middle of Blogmas finding stuff to write about!
    I'm not a fan of packing up Christmas presents either. When we were kids our parents would turn it into a huge game for us to play, but even pretending I'm playing a game doesn't help nowadays. This year I don't have to help with taking down decorations, though. WOOT!
    I really wish I hadn't been traveling on the 26th so I could have gone shopping with my family at the after Christmas sales. It's something I've come to enjoy, regardless of how busy it gets.
    I really wish we would get some snow somewhere that I'm living... while I'm there. Places have a habit of getting snowed in while I'm away. Michael says the snow season is a bit later here so I'm holding on to hope.
    I keep wanting to buy from BBW as well, but I have to remind myself that I already have a lot from them and I'm trying to expand my horizons and try some more local brands.
    I would definitely recommend you buy some Lush! I had to force myself to take baths with my Lush products because I'm the same as you, but after those first few baths I realized how relaxing and awesome it is. I'll usually bring a book or my phone if I'm just going to surf the web.
    I uh... very much spoiled myself with Lush this year. The local Korean Lush doesn't do the sale, but we'd made a point to go there and Michael didn't mind us paying full price for the first time, ever, so I bought some stuff there. Then I was checking the US Lush site and at one point they had everything I wanted in stock, so I bought some more. I had to ship it to my parents' house, but they have stuff they need to send me anyways so I figure it can just be thrown in with the boxes they're going to send out.

    1. At least you had a good reason to skip blogging for a few days! Mine was just boredom and laziness. lol

      And now I'm off to browse the Lush site again.


  2. Hello Minion! It sounds like you had an incredible football experience the past few days lol! Good for you! I love those snow and deer photos. They look so calming and peaceful. I like the idea of only having a tree too. Maybe you are on to something. If you buy the Amazon marker set will you review it?

    1. When we finally decided to go ahead and get the set of markers, they're temporarily out of stock on the site. We did order though, and they'll let us know as soon as more come in.

      I also used the Amazon gift card I'd gotten for Christmas to help pay for a set of books I've been wanting. Now if I could just get back to reading consistently.......