Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Peppermint Royal Sugar Cookie Muffin

Peppermint / Royal Sugar Cookie - [no scent description]

Another of our last Muffin Club creations that has patiently been waiting for Christmas to roll around, this one was really quite yummy.  There is a rich, cozy sugar cookie bakery note, and that signature sort of creamy note that all Rosegirls scents seem to have, and then a pop of crisp, cool peppermint to make it festive.  This fits rather nicely in the sweet vanilla-mint type of peppermint that I love for Christmas.

I melted half of this muffin (about 1.2 oz. worth) in my Glade hot plate warmer and had scent that traveled well throughout the house but was on the lighter side.  It was a gentle sort of background scent, just enough to notice that it was there.  I wish it would have been stronger, but even so, it was very nice and probably safe for anyone, like if you had company coming over and you didn't want to overwhelm them with home fragrance.


  1. I can't believe you saved this one this long! I loved this one. It definitely could have been stronger, but boy, it was sure nice!

    1. I have the other half melting right now, a nice little Christmas Eve morning mood setter.


    2. I could totally see that being a wonderful Christmas eve melt! Did you settle on a Christmas day one? :) I need to put something piney in the warmers, me thinks...actually, I think I might go with the cinnamon bayberry you picked up for my at RG!!! YES, that's it!!! :D :D

    3. If our 719 Walnut Avenue pine candle finishes tonight, I'll melt Mainstays pine tarts tomorrow. I'll probably do some of Country Lane Keepsakes mint one too. (I forget the name at the moment.)