Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Natters - Dec. 30 / Boring Day

Isn't this snowman pic the cutest thing?
And since I have no wonderful post related pics to share today, Cute Little Snowman will happily serve as your visual.

FattyCat had his checkup at the vet today.  It has been two months since his last thyroid check, instead of the one month that he had been going.  Last time they said his thyroid levels were "still a bit low" and adjusted his meds down.  Today they rechecked everything . . . thyroid, kidneys, whatever else.  His weight has remained constant, which is better than losing, but we still don't know why he's not gaining.  His thyroid levels are better, but his kidney test was a wee bit off.  The vet said we should consider getting one of those pet fountain things to encourage him to drink more water.  We have water available to them at all times, but the vet said cats are more likely to drink more from a fresh or running source instead of day old, still water.  I guess that explains why they love when we leave the faucet dribble for a while.  I don't think the vet is too overly concerned yet though, because he said Fatty doesn't need to come back for a year.  He said we could go back at six months just to be sure, but otherwise he'd see Fatty in a year.  I guess that's good news.

I went to my mom's today, did her laundry, helped her with things.  She didn't want to go to town today because of the snow we got yesterday.  That was fine with me.  She said she had fun at my brother's for Christmas and that next year we're going to try and all get together either before or after Christmas, instead of Christmas Day.  I vote for before.  That's one of the things I'd been thinking about in this year's blahness, that if we'd all gotten together Christmas Eve Day or something it might have seemed more exciting.  Seems like on Christmas Day we all just want to hang out with our own families.

After leaving my mom's I stopped at work to pick up my check and have my 'yearly work review.'  Those reviews are such a crock of crap.  They mean absolutely nothing anymore so I really don't care what they have to say about me.  I ended up hanging around for a while just chitchatting with my supervisor and a couple other people.  We talked about movies, and my supervisor (a huge movie addict) scolded me for having all this time off and not watching any movies.  But I DID watch a movie!  I watched that horrible Paranormal Activity #?? movie!

Hubby and I watched Ouija when I got home, so I could say I watched something.  Man, that movie sucked too!  As expected, my supervisor assured me that didn't count because it's a crap movie.  I can't win.  lol

We finished watching The Guild this evening.  It got quite boring in the last couple seasons.  Probably good that it ended when it did.  The NPC mermaid in the last season absolutely cracked me up.  At first I was like, why is she acting like that?  All stiff and never making eye contact?  Then it was like DUH!  She's an NPC.  That's how they act.
(Liz, have you seen The Guild?!)

So now we're just winding down for the evening.  Oh!  We finally decided to go ahead and order markers from Amazon and wouldn't you know, when I went to the site they were temporarily out of stock.  We ordered anyway, and they'll let us know when they get more in.  I also used my Amazon gift card towards a set of books I've had on my wish list for some time now.  I will do a haul post when I get them.  I also spent some time on the Lush site today because Julie and Liz have me wanting to get into Lush now.  I just don't think I can do it though.  The prices are so scary high!!!  All the sale things are out of stock.  Even though they've been randomly restocking, I'm not sure I'll ever catch one of those restocks.  I'm also afraid that I'll spend that money and then never use the bath bombs or bubble bars.  Heck, I still have the one from Petals Bath Boutique sitting here!

Alright, I'm going to go color for a while.


  1. Thank goodness on the good(ish?) news on FattyCat! I know that can be nervewracking.
    Instead of watching crap movies you should watch The Hobbit, or Star Wars. It ONLY takes like 8 hours of dedication to get either series fully watched. No biggie :P
    I've only watched the first season, and that was when it first came out. Like you, it kind of flew under my radar for a while after watching it. From the sounds of it I need to catch up, though!
    I don't know how you feel about international shipping but the UK Lush site might have a better selection to choose from. They just do a steep discount instead of B1G1 which in my opinion is better. I don't want 2 of everything all the time!
    I don't think I've ever tried Petals Bath Boutique. If you end up trying their stuff let me know how it performs!

    1. I did consider watching The Hobbit, but we don't have enough of the Star Wars movies to even consider starting that.

      I just took a quick peek at the Lush UK site and wow, yeah, they have more available. I'll have to take a better look, and then see if shipping costs kill the savings.


  2. Hey, Deb! Encouraging news on Fatty--hopefully a fountain encourages him to drink more. My old cat Isis LOVED the fountain, but my current little guy has no interest in it. Cats :|

    I watched the first 2 seasons of The Guild after reading Felicia Day's book, which was great. I paused to watch other stuff, but hoping to get back to them soon.

    I haven't watched many movies at all lately--too much good tv! Glad to know I can strike Paranormal Activity from my list :) The Hobbit is on my DVR but ambivalent about watching it--I'm still annoyed that they felt the need to add so much extra crap to the original story.

    Have a wonderful New Year and best wishes for an outstanding 2016!

    1. Hello, Kate!

      I hope Fatty isn't freaked out by the fountain. Until we get one (hopefully Saturday), we've set a bowl in the bathtub and let fresh water trickle and gather in it whenever Fatty is around. He seems to be drinking more that way.

      I'm curious about Felicia Day's book now. I'll have to look it up. Watching that show has me missing our old gamer days sooooo much.

      Yeah, there are a ton of new and returning shows coming up in the next couple months! Our DVR can only record two at a time, so we need to figure out which ones we want most. Hubby is into WAY more shows than I am. I can't wait to see how Shadowhunters is!

      Happy New Year, and I hope 2016 is good to you!