Saturday, December 31, 2016

Burned - BBW / Spiced Apple Toddy

Spiced Apple Toddy - 'Warm apple brandy, spiced plum, cranberry, cinnamon stick.'

I loved the warm spiced fruit drink scents this fall and into winter, and I loved this one of cold sniff.  I burned this on Christmas Day, had it in the kitchen and just let it go all day, till it burned itself out.  It was just a 1.3 oz. mini candle so there were no problems with the actual burn.  Scent-wise, it was quite lovely very early on and had medium strength for maybe the first hour.  Then the scent faded away to barely there.  Maybe if I had blown it out and let it sit it might have still had scent strength next time.  Oh well, I wasn't expecting much because BBW candles have always seemed light to me.

Nice scent though, for that little while.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Natters - Dec. 30

Today was a little bit mopey and crabby, a little more than yesterday and that worries me a bit.  Hopefully just monthly hormonal crap and not slipping down that road back to the dark place.  I tried to keep my mind occupied though, chitchatted with the boys a lot, played Skylanders, got some blog posts ready.  A couple things I ordered arrived today.  Ty was here to do his laundry for the week, but left no possum in the dryer vent this time.  I even took an hour long nap this afternoon, which was the most glorious part of the day.

I think this Mr. Fattums is feeling a little better today.  He was a little more social, and more willing to sleep in his usual spots, instead of just on the bathroom register where he's warmest.  He came upstairs and napped with me, and after his supper went back upstairs to nap in Casey's room.  He had his first full dose of the potassium supplement today, so hopefully that helps.

I forgot to post this pic when I talked about Fatty's visit to the vet.  This is the office cat and they had him shaved to look like a lion.  It's growing out now so he's a little furrier on the body than he was when I first saw him like this last month.  Wish I could have gotten a better pic.  He's a big long haired cat, the perfect color and look to pull this lion thing off.  lol

One of my orders that arrived today was this, from Goat Milk Stuff.  I realized after Christmas that I only have peppermint lip balms on hand at the moment.  That's fine, but I wanted to change to something else now that Christmas is done.  Perfect timing that an email with a 'We miss you!' discount code should arrive from Goat Milk Stuff.  They have one of my favorite lip balms anyway, so why not?!  So I got an unscented, a black cherry, and two vanilla.  I also got one bar of soap in hubby's favorite scent, Black Raspberry Vanilla.  Mmm, even though I don't use them anymore, I still get those warm fuzzy feelings whenever I new bars of handcrafted soap for hubby, especially from Goat Milk Stuff.  They were my introduction to goat milk soaps.

Casey's gone bowling with friends this evening and hubby's lounging on the couch, watching endless Simpsons reruns out of boredom, so I'm going to head up and try and read for a while before bed.

Got any New Year's Eve plans?

Melted - BHG / Chocolate Peppermint Truffle

Chocolate Peppermint Truffle - [no scent description]

Now before you panic and wonder how you missed this one this year, let me tell you that this is OLD.  I've been hoarding this like it's gold for probably FOUR years.  I finally melted the last of it right around Christmas and it was still fabulous.  I'm so sad it's gone now, and I can't understand why BHG doesn't get their Christmas mint scents back.  This one and Frosty Peppermint Snow were my absolute favorites each year when the Christmas line came out.  The past several years they haven't had anything even remotely close to the yumminess of those two.

Anyway, I'm often not a fan of chocolate scents in home fragrance.  This one just works though.  The dark chocolate and crisp, cool peppermint are blended seamlessly.  I would say you probably recognize it as a mint scent first but that chocolate races up so quickly behind it that you second guess yourself.  There is a bit of creaminess and smoothness but it's more of a crisp scent overall.

I melted two cubes (about 0.8 oz.) of this four year old wax in my Glade hot plate warmer and had STRONG scent throughout the whole downstairs of my house, and it lasted pretty much all day.  I probably could have melted it again the next day and still had decent scent, but I sadly said goodbye to it instead.

I absolutely loved this scent and will cry peppermint scented tears until Better Homes & Gardens brings it back.

Christmas Money Haul - Pt. 2 / Simon Says Stamp

I used a bit of that accumulated Christmas money (mentioned in Pt. 1) to place a small order at Simon Says Stamp.  I had a $5.00 off code and decided to take advantage of it.

The main thing I was looking for this time was Easter or spring papers.  I'm not sure why I didn't get the 12x12 packs, unless I was thinking I wasn't quite sure I liked these designs enough.  Not sure, but anyway, this one is the Hello Sunshine pack from Doodlebug Design.  There is nothing specifically Easter themed in here but the colors work and several of the pages could be used for it.

This is Doodlebug's Spring Garden pack and again, although there is nothing specifically meant for Easter, the colors work and plenty of the designs can be used.

When I did a search for 'Easter' on the site, these pastel embossing powders popped.  How cute!  If I ever master embossing, these will be great for Easter or even baby cards.

I've been wanting to try some enamel dots so I chose this Easter-ish colored pack from Doodlebug.

This pack of sequins from Little Things/Lucy's Cards is called Fairy Lights but the pastel colors might come in handy for Easter or spring or baby cards.

And finally, this embossing folder from Sizzix (called Woven) might be fun for a sort of Easter basket texture on the background of cards.

Now with all those fun ink pads I got yesterday, I need to get back into the craft room and start creating!
Part 3 of the haul probably won't come till next week since tracking tells me it should arrive 'by Wednesday, January 4.'  Fingers crossed it shows up sooner!

What fun things have you bought yourself lately?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Natters - Dec. 29

Although I was glad that Blogmas ended, I'm finding I miss doing my nattering type posts.  I'm not going to claim to be doing it every day or anything, but for now I feel like getting back to it.

I'm still off work, enjoying my end of year vacation.  Christmas was good but the past couple days have had some crabbiness slip back into them.  I haven't been feeling too great and sleep has been kinda crappy lately.  I'm also having those depressing thoughts of 'Why do I have to go back to work?  Why can't I just stay here and putter around the house?'  But oh well, what are ya gonna do?

Fattycat Lynx went to the vet yesterday for a bloodwork recheck, see how he's doing on his thyroid meds now.  He's maintained his weight, which is good.  Actually he gained a whole 0.1 pound!  lol
They shaved part of his neck and took blood there, and also took another sample from somewhere else.  (I didn't see where.)  When they called later in the day with the results they said his thyroid is still doing well and to keep his pill dose the same.  His kidneys have shown a mild decline again.  The vet said it's not serious yet but it is the second small decline.  He suggested more canned food, get a pet fountain to encourage more drinking.  We already had one small fountain going but we got a second one out and set up in another room, and he has been using that one too.  The vet also said his potassium is a little low and suggested a powder supplement that can be put on his food.  The office girl sent me a link to the product on, said it would be cheapest and fastest to get it there, so I went ahead and ordered yesterday afternoon.  That order arrived TODAY!!!!  Holy furballz!  So tomorrow he starts getting that too.  The vet said it should help him perk up, and if he feels better in general all the other things should fall into place, like eating and drinking more.

Fatty's been acting a little 'off' since his vet visit, which seems odd.  I did some reading though and found that since they took two blood samples when he's already weak, it'll probably wear him out for a bit.  So yeah, he's been sleeping a lot and doing a sort of whiny child meow when he's up.  Hopefully he perks up soon.

I finally got around to playing Skylanders yesterday!  It was one of my 'goals' for my time off, to relax and play some video games.  Took me several days to get to it but I did.  And today I beat the big boss at the end of the game.  Woohoo!  But, my game is only 48% complete so now I'm going back and trying to get all the little things I missed.  Casey and I even made a quick trip to Target this morning because he'd mentioned they had one of the characters we need.  And what did I find when we walked into the store?  The Dollar Spot was completely empty and they were just starting to get Valentines things out of the boxes.  There were about ten employees crowding the area, frantically opening boxes.  There was barely anything set out yet so I couldn't believe my luck when I saw these . . .
The Valentines paper packs!  They had the gold/kraft one too but it didn't interest me at all.  Once I got home and looked at these better I was disappointed to find that the second one has a deceiving cover.  You can't really tell in the pic but the third from the right, the red one, on the cover has dots in the design.  The actual paper inside does not.  And the light pink one, second from right, is more pale inside, almost white.
I love the top pack though and should have grabbed more.  If I get back there and find more in stock, I will be getting them.  I know they have stamps and ink sets too but like I said, barely anything was out yet.

Plus my Lawn Fawn order arrived today, which I already posted about.  I was pretty excited about those things!  I tried to focus on the happy things whenever the mopey thoughts tried to sneak back into my head.  And then we watched Vikings this evening . . . 

What have you been up to these post-Christmas days?

Christmas Money Haul - Pt. 1 / Lawn Fawn

I received some cash and a crafty gift code for Christmas.  I'd also cashed in most of my MyPoints credit for Amazon gift codes, and got my first payment from AdSense.  All of it was intended for craft shopping after Christmas and that's exactly what I've done.  The first of those three orders arrived today, and it's from Lawn Fawn.  Yay!

As you can see in the picture above, I went a little crazy on ordering ink pads.  I mentioned in my previous haul post that I'm anxious to do layer stamping with colored inks, so obviously I had to get some colored inks!  With these, plus the two Julie gifted me earlier, I think I now have the *complete* line of Lawn Fawn ink pad colors.


Sunflower, and Butter

Carrot, Pumpkin Spice, and Fake Tan

Fish Tank, and Blue Jay

Walnut, and Doe

Juice Box, Fresh Lavender, and Sugarplum

Peacock, Mermaid, and Merman

Jalapeno, Celery Stick, Freshly Cut Grass, and Noble Fir

Plastic Flamingo, Lobster, Cranberry, Wild Rose, Guava, Chili Pepper

Storm Cloud, Manatee, Hippo, Soot, Narwhal, Jet Black

It's funny how excited I got about this massive order of ink pads.  It's just so fun to have something to be excited about again!  I went for a long time just sort of wallowing and searching for something to catch my interest again.  So if simple ink pads make me happy, I'll take it!

I also ordered this 6x6 pad of their Sweater Weather paper.  I wanted something that could be used for more general, all year type cards and thought this would work.  Lawn Fawn does not have a lot of paper pack options and I already have the fall and winter ones.  Actually having the pack here to look at, I see these are still meant for cooler months but I think I can get some general use out of some of them.  I guess I should have realized this with a name like Sweater Weather.  lol

As always, the freebie samples you get when you order from Lawn Fawn.  There are three 6x6 sheets of pattern paper, a sample of twine, and a small 'Thanks' and star stamp.
This is the other side of the papers.

I'm very excited to start playing with my fun new toys!  I am going to wait till one of my other orders comes in though, because there is a stamping tool in it.  I'm also going to start looking for paper packs with other themes, like summer or new baby.  If you know of any, link me up!

Did you end up with fun money from Santa?
What did you spoil yourself with?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Haul

I've seen in haul videos that Target's Dollar Spot has Valentines things out already.  Not too surprising, I suppose.  I saw some paper packs, stamps, and inks that interested me in one video.  Since I was in town with my mom yesterday, I popped into my Target to have a quick look.  They didn't have any Valentines stuff yet, but the Dollar Spot Christmas stuff was 50% off.  I had not even intended on getting anything but, ha, yeah, let's look at what came home with me.

These little stocking banner stickers remind me of last year's string of lights stickers.  Of course I'm thinking about using these for cards next year.

I am not into the shaker craze, at least not yet.  I thought these little snow globe shaker stickers would be adorable on simple Christmas cards for kids next year.  I think that reindeer one has Julius written all over it, hehe.

I immediately thought of simple, elegant cards for these too.  They are glittery chipboard stickers.
Also found green.
And found silver.
I soooo wanted gold, but did not see any.

I recently showed that I'd gotten my first pack of sequins to embellish cards.  When I saw that the Dollar Spot still had these, and they were only 50cents (!) I just had to grab some.  I love the deer confetti!  I know they had green trees confetti too but I could not find any at my store.

And then at Walmart I decided to get this Xyron sticker maker.  I'd looked at these before and even almost sent one to Liz as she started getting really into her planner stuff, but I never thought *I* would have any use for it.  Leave it to YouTube videos to once again show me how wrong I was!  I saw one girl use this for an intricate die cut, a super easy way to get adhesive on the back of something delicate, and I was all 'Hmmm!'  So I looked at the three different styles Walmart had on hand, and decided to try this one first.  I can't wait to have something that I need to use this for!  lol

That is my quickie little crafty clearance haul.  (Well, not the sticker maker.  That was full price.)  I'm looking forward to playing with this stuff throughout the year and hopefully not just shoving it all aside until I'm pressed for time to come with Christmas cards.

Did you find any awesome Christmas clearance items?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Birthday / Christmas Haul

Hey, look at this!  I said I'd get my birthday / Christmas haul up, and here it is.  I did not wait until it was pointless this time.  lol

This is not everything.  I just picked some highlights.  Part of me wanted to show every little thing because I know *I* love seeing what other people got, right down to the last little thing, but I also know that some people don't like it and find it to be more like bragging.  I can assure you this is not bragging, not when I've seen and heard of things other people get!

Summoner, Book One - The Novice
by Taran Matharu
I got this for my birthday.  It was on my Amazon list but I really don't know anything about it.  I think it popped up in recommendations and looked cool, so I added it.  It's something about magic and elves and orcs and a war.  Something about the main guy can summon demons, and is driven from his village because the people think he's evil.  I've just started reading it, and it's too soon to form an opinion yet.

Magisterium Series - Iron Trial (Book One) and The Copper Gauntlet (Book Two)
by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
I got these for Christmas.  I hadn't realized the third one was already out, so that wasn't on my Amazon list.  I went ahead and ordered it last night though, while using up some Christmas money.  Cassandra Clare wrote the popular Mortal Instruments series, which I own and enjoyed.  Holly Black wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles, which I have also read.  Anyway, I don't know anything about these either, just that there is magic and an academy, looming danger and dangerous secrets.  I like that these, and The Novice, are shorter books.  They're all around 300 pages, as opposed to the 700 page beasts that are more and more common now.  Can't wait to get into this series!

 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Illustrated Edition
by J.K. Rowling
Yes!  Got this for my birthday and was so happy to see it!  Since this is the second in the series, I thought for sure I'd be getting the first for Christmas, but nope.  Only got this one.  I've wanted these from the moment I first saw the first one a year or so ago.  I just didn't see myself spending the money on them because I already have two complete sets of the Harry Potter books.  So yes, I was pretty happy to see this on my birthday!

I got this Lawn Fawn - Cozy Christmas stamp and die set for Christmas.  Too late for this year's Christmas cards but that's okay.  Now I've got a whole year to play with this for next year's cards.

I was so happy to see this Lawn Fawn - Chirpy Chirp Chirp stamp and die set on Christmas morning! 
I really need more non-Christmas sets so I can work on things for all through the year.  And I really like that this has those solid stamps to use for the egg, paint drips, and butterfly, because I've really been liking the colored stamping I've been watching in card making videos.

I was also happy to get this Lawn Fawn - Eggstra Special Easter stamp and die set for Christmas.  I love the basket and the bunny, and especially that I now have a 'Happy Easter' sentiment.

I accumulated quite a chunk of change in cash and gift cards for Christmas and I've already placed a few big orders for crafty supplies to continue stocking my craft room.  I will post that haul when my stuff arrives.

I received this hat and lotion from a coworker.  She is a Packers fan (*puke*) and gives me crap for being a Vikings fan but she still buys me Vikings things.  With as cold and windy as this winter has been already, I was very happy to see this nice hat!  And the lotion is funny because of the hemp.  She tried it and loves it, says it's done wonders for her hands.  So yeah, it made me chuckle to see it as a gift from her.  It was funny too when Matt, who is known to enjoy the occasional 'medicine,' was all like 'Ooooh, can I try some?!' when he saw this.

I also received various other things like an iTunes card, Christmas mug, Skylanders, candy, etc.  Oh!  I got two Game of Thrones shirts that I totally forgot to take pics of!  One is a House Stark, and the other says Fire & Blood and has a three headed dragon in it.  And like I mentioned, I got a decent amount of money and gift cards that we all knew were going to go directly into craft supplies.

I had a very nice birthday and Christmas this year.  Things were mellow and fun.  That alone was a huge improvement over the past several years when I've just been so down about not feeling that holiday magic anymore.  We were out and about visiting people this holiday season, which I think was a huge help even though I had the usual 'I don't wanna go' social anxieties leading up to them.  It all turned out great this year and I'm hoping this feeling continues for a long long time to come!

Was Santa good to you this year?
What was your favorite thing that you got?

Monday, December 26, 2016

Collective Craft Haul - Finally!

I will NOT let things pile up with the intent of doing a collective haul again.  Holy wow, I got so confused on what random things I'd already shown, and what I was still waiting to show.  Then I didn't know when to post it because I didn't want it to be part of a Blogmas post.  It just got pushed back more and more until it's all pretty much after the fact now.  Some of this goes back to Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend.  Some is more recent, like from just a few days ago.  Gah!

This is a pic heavy post so let's just get going.

I ordered this anti-static tool because it supposedly helps with embossing.  It's pretty much just baby powder with a little brush applicator, and you brush it over the area you're going to heat emboss so the embossing powder sticks only to the ink, not stray speckles on the paper.  I have not used it yet.

Saw these 'wizards' stamps while browsing back around Black Friday and of course just had to have them.  And of course they were out of stock at the time.  As soon as they came back in, I jumped on them.

Lawn Fawn partnered with Simon Says Stamp last year and came up with this Merry Christmouse stamp and die set.  By popular demand they brought it back for a limited time this year and I snatched a set.  Never did use it on this year's cards though.

Lawn Fawn had a Black Friday (?) deal where if you spent a certain amount you'd get this Sealed With A Kiss stamp set for free, and if you spent a certain amount more you'd also get the coordinating die set for free.  This set was not available any other way at the time, although I hear it will be released on its own in 2017.  Obviously I spent enough to get both.

I got this Scalloped Treat Box die in that order.  You cut two of these shapes, fold, paste together and you have a cute little treat box that a gift card or candies or some small gift can be tucked into.  I had great plans to use this for small gifts this Christmas and, honestly, forgot all about it.

I got this in that order too.  It makes 3D bows, like bow-tie bows.  Again, I had big ideas to make a bunch of these and put them on gift cards holders and whatnot but nope, never did that either.  I thought I had a pic of the way to treat box and bow look once assembled, but like the rest of this haul, I was mistaken and ill prepared.

I needed just a little big more in that order to get the free stamp and die so I grabbed this small Winter Fox set too.  I like the simplicity of this.  I haven't used it yet but my favorite cards I did make this year were the simplest ones.

When you order from Lawn Fawn you always get samples of their papers, twines, and a small stamp.  These are the freebies I got with that order.

I ordered this nativity scene border die from Sugar Pea Designs and I absolutely love it.  I managed to make one card with it this year, and should have cranked out duplicates because I loved it.  I'll definitely be using it for 2017 Christmas cards.

I got this little jar of clear embossing powder to add to my little collection.  One of the card makers I follow said how to use it but now I can't remember offhand what she said.  Use it over black ink just to add some shine?

I ordered this 6x6 pad of Echo Park Christmas papers after seeing someone haul it in a video.  There is a tan with white snowflakes pattern (fifth from the right) that I loved so much . . . 
. . . that I immediately placed another order, but for the 12x12 pack just to have more of it!

I also ordered this 12x12 winter themed pack, also from Echo Park.

I saw someone use this stamp set from Sunny Studio in a card making video, and the way those light bulb stamps are used with different shades of ink make the bulbs look so lifelike!

Same with the jingle bell stamps in this set!  Using different shades of gray and silver ink made it look totally freakin' 3D and real.  And the little bow too.  I saw someone even do layered stamping with the pine branch.  I couldn't use it for cards this year because I don't colored inks yet.

The dies for the pine branch set were out of stock at the time, but I jumped on it as soon as they got more in.

You just know I had to get this set from Clearly Besotted.  I mean, it's Vikings!  I showed hubby and said "You know what every card I give you now will feature."  lol

I had ordered Lawn Fawn's Tiny Tags die set some time ago and thought, at the time, that I didn't need the stamps to go with them because it's easy enough to write 'To' and 'From' on them.  Once I'd made some of those tags though, I was kicking myself for not getting the stamps so I placed a quickly little order for this.

Even with just ordering that one thing, I still got the freebies.  This time it was a small 'Thanks' and star stamp and these snowy looking papers, and twine.

Shortly before Christmas, Lawn Fawn had their Valentine's release.  Some of the things didn't interest me, and Valentine's in general isn't a big thing for me, but I knew I'd better grab these things before they were gone.  I like these 'Scripty Word' dies they have.  There are a lot of different words that you can mix and match, and I'd eventually like to get them all, but for now I go 'be' and 'mine' cuz, well, it's for Valentine's Day.

I got this 'You Octopi My Heart' set, not really for Valentine cards, but for the octopus and bubbles to use in underwater themed cards like the mermaid one I did for a certain Redolent Mermaid we all know around here.

Everyone is going gaga over this set.  The thing I like most about it is that sentiment in there that says 'Instead of texting, I made this card.'  I love that!  One of the card makers I watch on YouTube said she's considering stamping that on the back of every card she makes, and I totally agree!  I also like the one that says 'Happy Mail.'

I grabbed this simple heart set too.  It's meant to be for stamping swatches of the Lawn Fawn inks onto their printable 'inventory' sheets, but they can just as easily stamp colorful hearts on all sorts of projects.

This Fancy Scalloped Circle Stackables die set should come in handy.  I saw someone use it in a video and it reminds me of old time lace doily edges.

Got the Fancy Scalloped Rectangle Stackables die set for the same reason.

The freebies from that order include these heart papers, twine, and a 'hello' stamp.

When I got notification from Simon Says Stamp about that pine branch die set being back in stock, I also picked up a couple Valentine things.  This embossing folder by Taylored Expressions has small hearts on it...
Bleah, still can't really see them in this closeup.  But anyway, I've liked the look from the couple of embossing folders I have so far.  It's an inexpensive and easy way to make plain paper fancy.

Picked up my first packet of sequins too.  I never thought I'd be into them, thinking I preferred more blingy 'gem stones' or even enamel dots, but the more card making videos I watch, the more I see them using sequins to subtly liven up a card.  I thought these from Pretty Pink Posh looked so Valentine festive!  I have a lot to learn though, because these are not really shiny or sparkly.  I guess I need to read details about their sparkle factor more.  lol

With that SSS order I also had a code for a free gift, and this is what I got.  It's tiny die set for tiny baking utensils.  I know some people get really into scene building on cards.  I'm not one of those people, yet.  I'll set this aside for now.  But hey, it was free!
That is my Nov-Dec collective crafty haul.  As I said, I will not wait to post stuff like this again!  What a mess!  This does not include what I got for Christmas.  I'll try to get that post up tomorrow.
For those who aren't interesting in crafty stuff, I apologize.  I think the blog will be a mix of things in 2017, and might lean towards card making for a while as I get my craft room stocked and really start practicing techniques and things.  There will be wax posts and nattering along the way though, so I hope you stick around!
Do you have a favorite hobby that you tend to dump money into?