Friday, January 22, 2016

Friend Mail From Kevin

I received a surprise package from waxy friend Kevin today!  He picked a variety of scents and vendors to chase the winter blahs away.

Peppermint Bark (Ten Digit Creations) - 'White chocolate, cocoa sprinkles, crushed candy cane, peppermint leaf, vanilla bean, and rich chocolate ganache.'
Mmmmm, this is so yummy.  I think I've really come around to chocolate scents this winter.  This is very deep, rich, and creamy.  It's about equal on the mint and the chocolate.
Most Wanted (Ten Digit Creations) - 'Blend of rose, geranium, lemon, and tonka bean.'
 Unfortunately, I don't like this one.  I'm not a floral fan and rose is one I really don't like.  The rose is what I pick up first in this.  Hubby might like it for his little wax stash though.

Sage & Pepper Leaf (Ten Digit Creations) - 'Clary sage, fresh basil, eucalyptus, spicy pepper leaf, and thyme.'
 This one is interesting!  It's fresh in an herbal way, slightly sweet, a hint medicinal.  This is not something I gravitate towards when ordering, so this is why friendly swaps are so much fun!  I think I might like this.

Night Shift (Ten Digit Creations) - 'Soft lavender and tonka.'
 I don't think I'd ever have guessed lavender was in here before reading the description.  I'm not a huge lavender fan so I'm no lavender expert.  I can pick it out now that I know it's there, but I think the tonka might be stronger.  Of course, I have no idea just what tonka smells like?!  For some reason, I thought it was like vanilla.  Oops.  I can't decide if I like this or not.  My first reaction is no, but then I find myself going back for another sniff.  Hmm, we'll see.

Cinnamon Graham Cracker (Front Porch Candle Co.) - 'Yummy strong Cinnamon Aroma with Graham Cracker undertones.'
I was super excited to see this one in the package!  I had it on my list for whenever I order from Front Porch again, and now I can try it to see if I really do need to order it.  There is a nice graham cracker note, which I love.  The cinnamon is softer, sort of sweet.  Looking forward to melting this one!

Butterbrickle Eggnog Birthday Cake (Front Porch Candle Co.) - 'Blend of Butterbrickle, Eggnog, and Birthday Cake.'
A rather self explanatory description, huh?  I was a little leery about the brickle part because it seems I haven't liked that note in other scents from other vendors.  All of the creamy sweetness of the cake and eggnog drown out any chance of an offending brickle note in this one though.  There is a sort of butterscotch hint in there.  I like this so far on cold sniff, but it doesn't strike me as an eggnog scent.
Salted Caramel (Front Porch Candle Co.) - 'Yummy caramel goodness!'
 'Salted' notes are another I've found myself disliking this past fall and into winter.  On cold sniff this reminds me of a sweet, gooey ice cream topping.  Hopefully the 'salt' doesn't show itself once warmed.

Eucalyptus Mint & Rain (Front Porch Candle Co.) - 'Crisp raindrops blended with eucalyptus and a hint of mint.'
 This one is very springlike to me.  It really does seem like sunny day after a bit of rain.  There is sweetness in this.  It's not minty or medicinal.  I like!  Again, something I'd probably never have ordered on my own, but the kindness of friend mail has opened my eyes.

Mystery Tart (Front Porch Candle Co.) - [no scent description because it's a mystery]
This is one of a few 'mystery tarts' Kevin received in his order and he randomly chose one to send to me.  You know I suck at picking out notes without a description to guide me, so let's see what I can manage here on cold sniff.  It's familiar.  There is almost a touch of that powdery candy-sweet note but the scent overall is not that type.  There is something fruity, maybe cherry?  Sometimes I think there is a hint of melon teasing me.  It's a sweet, fun, summery type scent.  I do like it, but it's going to drive me nuts not know what it is!  lol

Chocolate Chip Blondies (Nene's Kitchen Melts) - 'Warm, gooey baked goodness that's full of brown sugar, vanilla extract, butter and chocolate chips.'
This one is GOOD!  And there I go liking chocolate scents again!  The bakery notes are stronger than the chocolate chips but you do get the chocolate note.  I love this type of cozy scent.
Amaretto Cream Truffle (Nene's Kitchen Melts) - 'Rich amaretto cream with subtle hints of Swiss chocolate in the background.'
Chocolate again?  It seems my waxy friends are determined to get me out of my comfort zone.
I get more of the cherry-almond than anything else but it's far from the sharp scent that cherry or almond can sometimes be.  It's toned down and warmed by what must be the cream and chocolate, although I don't get much of a chocolate note.  Not sure how I feel about this one, at least on cold sniff.

Cinnamon Broom (Nene's Kitchen Melts) - 'The sweet, strong aroma of warm cinnamon.'
Julie!  Cinnamon Broom!! 
This is like Red Hots cinnamon candies.  It's sharp and spicy, with just a touch of sweetness.  I might tuck this away for next fall.

Orange Vanilla Coffee (Country Lane Keepsakes) - 'A twist of orange and a shot of vanilla syrup makes for a nice change up from your usual morning coffee.'
I'm really surprised by this one.  Usually the coffee note overpowers anything else in a coffee blend but in this one you can barely tell it's there.  The orange is definitely the stronger note in here.  It's not like your morning burst of sunshine in a glass type orange though.  It's warmed up by the vanilla, making it almost creamcicle-like, and by that coffee note that's hiding in a far away corner.  This will be really interesting to melt!

Thank you again, Kevin!
Thanks for not only sharing your wax with me but for opening my eyes to new scents and vendors, for supporting my blog, and for extending the hand of friendship.


  1. Very cool!

    I love the sound of that sunny day after rain one.

    1. I'll have to keep an eye out for that one if I order again. I'll set one aside for you if I get more.


  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Deb! Glad my little parcel brightened your day. I really enjoy interacting with a great blogger and reading your reactions to various scents and vendors I've enjoyed. FYI I feel it's my divine mission to broaden your fragrant horizons, Deb. My preferences constantly change the more I'm willing to explore new possibilities. I never thought I'd like the TDC Sage & Pepper Leaf but it's one of my current favorites!

  3. How sweet of Kevin!! What a great package.

    Cinnamon Broom!!! I seriously can't get enough. And it is such a simple, non-complex scent but I adore it. Comfort. Can't wait to see your melted thoughts!

    1. It was SO funny when I pulled that one out. I swear, I immediately thought of you! LOL


  4. What an awesome package! I'm glad you're being pushed out of your fragrance comfort zones! I look forward to reading your reviews of these melts, you evil waxy enabler!

    1. *I* am the enabler? I laugh hysterically at this thought.


  5. What a sweetie, and a generous one at that! Those Nene's bars look good enough to eat! I hope you enjoy your package!

    1. The brown one absolutely looks like a chocolate bar. I was thinking that when I pulled it out of the box, and then even as I was handling it for pictures. LOL