Sunday, January 10, 2016

Natters - Jan. 10 / Funky Rut

I didn't post last night.  I had mixed feelings about that.  It seems that same old 'What's the point?' funk has found me again.  I'm hoping I can just acknowledge it this time, give it its few moments, and then get back to the fun I'd been having in blogging.  I do think work has a lot to do with it, just in the time and energy those 12 hour shifts suck away from me.  I wasn't going to post tonight either but since it's still a little early for bed I thought I'd go ahead and natter for a bit.

The football season is over for us.  The Vikings lost their wild card playoff game against the Seahawks today.  I went into this game feeling pretty sure we were done anyway.  The Seahawks walked all over us earlier this season and they've been hot lately.  When we led in points through most of the game, and actually looked fairly good today, I got a little excited.  Then a couple stupid plays and they got ahead of us.  It came right down to the end, to a field goal that should have easily been made . . . and he missed it horribly.  Hubby screamed at the TV and walked out.  I felt sick.  What a way to lose.  It still makes me sick.  So yeah, football is done for us and I'm kind of relieved.

It's COLD here today.  It's -2 as I type this, and we're supposed to be single digits for the next few days.  At least we don't have tons of snow to deal with.  Hopefully this cold snap passes and that's it for this winter.  That would be awesome, huh?

I took the day off work today to watch that stupid football game but it's back to work tomorrow.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday are my regular days off.  I'm hoping my mom won't want to go anywhere Tuesday because of the cold.  My sister might be going home from the hospital tomorrow.  I can't believe a week has passed already since she had that surgery!

Ty was here for a while today to do his laundry.  The cats seem to be leaving those plants alone, so I'm going to go ahead and buy more.  Fattycat's bump on his jaw seems to slowly be getting smaller.  He's also been taking his pill normally again.  Oh, and the work dinner the other night was fine.  One of hubby's coworkers is so dang cute.  No.  He's freakin' hot.  And that's creepy of me to say because I'm old enough to be this guy's mom.  But damn, he's fun to look at.  LOL

I guess that's about it for tonight.
Anything interesting happening in your world these past few days?


  1. Hey now nothing wrong with looking at a hot guy . I mean hello we are not dead haha

  2. I'm glad to see that you didn't let this rut keep you from posting more! Blogging is your hobby, after all :)

    I'm afraid of watching any football because of how stressed it will make me. I get entirely too invested in any game I'm watching, even if I'm not a particularly big fan of either team.

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with being able to appreciate an attractive person! I'm probably going to be one of those creepy old ladies that pays entirely too much attention to men much younger than I.

    Besides our coffee maker being difficult and working out kinks that come with putting together a computer nothing particularly interesting happening here.

    1. Blogging IS my hobby and it's OK to spend hours doing it. =P

      It's funny what you say about football. I find that if we're watching a non-Vikings game, I catch myself cheering for both teams. LOL! It's like I don't pay attention and whoever has a good play gets cheering from me. Well, unless that non-Viking game involves the Packers. Then I dump all my ill will and bad feelings on them.

      Stupid coffee makers! Is it the Korean water or the Korean coffee? =P