Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Natters - Jan. 12

I got a little cranky with my mom this morning.  Today was when I would normally go to her place, pick up her mail, do her laundry, take her shopping if she needs anything.  Waking up this morning to find howling winds, blowing snow, subzero temps and wind chill advisories, I figured it would be best if we skipped it for today.  I called her, asked if she had enough groceries to get through the week, and she said yes.  So when I said I'd come next week instead, because of the weather, she got all snippy, "Well who's going to do my laundry?  Who's going to get my mail?"

GAH!  Remember a while ago I ranted a bit about siblings not helping?  I live six miles away from her.  My brother lives two blocks away.  He gets his mail everyday at the same place Mom's mail goes to, and he passes her place everyday when he goes to get that mail.  Can't he grab hers and drop it off every other day or something?  Can't she call him and ask him to grab today?  I'm not as mad at him as I am frustrated with her.  I know he does a lot of stuff for her too.  And I know she's old and lonely, but . . . geez!

So yeah, I'll be going over there tomorrow instead, when it's hopefully less windy and a smidge warmer.

I finally finished watching the first episode of The Shannara Chronicles today.  It was a two hour premiere last week, and I'd only seen about the first hour.  I did get sucked into it in that second hour, and am looking forward to the next episode.  It's on tonight but we won't see it till tomorrow night because we're old and go to bed too early.  DVR to the rescue.

Tonight is also the premiere of that Shadowhunters show, based on the Mortal Instruments series of books.  The few previews I'd seen had made it almost look better than the movie, so I was really looking forward to this.  Figures I'd forget about it and the DVR wouldn't record because it was already set for two other things.  I finally remembered a half hour into the show and started watching.  Bleah.  It' looks rather dorky now, with a lot of changes just in the few minutes I watched.  I'm going to have to see if they're rerunning the episode so I can get the whole thing recorded and watch from the beginning.

I worked on that jigsaw puzzle we'd started a while ago.  I was finally making progress, then took a break and made supper when hubby got home.  We both worked on it after we ate, but we're STILL not done.  This one has satisfied my puzzle urge for a while, that's for sure.  I might go back to coloring after we get that thing done.

Can't think of anything else exciting, so I'm heading up to read and go to bed.

Have you watched Shannara, or Shadowhunters?
Which do you prefer?


  1. Puzzles!

    Yes, Shadowhunters was mega corn. I am probably not going to watch it again. Adam was tortured long enough. When it ended he went all sarcastic "Well I cannot wait to see what happens next week." Hm. Me either. So we won't. Back to Downton Abbey binges. I do want to watch Shannara. Sorry about your mom and brother. That has to be incredibly frustrating. What would she say if you brought it up?

    1. I'm not sure what she'd say. She'd probably get defensive and cranky. Part of the problem is that she's never had to work in her life. She often just doesn't 'get' that we can't drop everything to come running for her.

      I'm going to get the full episode of Shadowhunters recorded and try to watch it again, but I doubt I'll continue with it. I do hope you get a chance to check out Shannara though!


  2. You know what would help with your family problems? Moving 7,000 miles away. It's what I did. LOL

    Totally kidding. Family frustrations are a nightmare, though. I never thought I would want to strangle someone I love until I got old enough to be included in the family drama.

    I love puzzles but can't figure out if I want a super easy or really hard one. On one hand, I like the challenge of a large, several piece puzzle. On the other, I like seeing progress when I decide I'm done for the night. Sometimes I don't get that progress check with larger puzzles.

    1. My sister did that, moved far far away. We were led to believe it was her husband's work, but really, we all know it was too avoid Mom. lol

      This puzzle we did was one of four in a set of different underwater scenes. I'm thinking the next one we do will NOT be from this set. I want something like castles or puppies, something a bit easier.