Saturday, January 2, 2016

Natters - Jan. 2 / Small Random Haul

Aah, the life of a blogger.  Minion, just keepin' it real.

Anyway, I did my regular shopping this morning and it was a bit sad to be back to normal, to push Christmas a little farther away.  The store was pretty much empty, and quiet, like normal days of the year.  I didn't have to worry about getting things for this or that holiday.  I was able to just take my time and look at things and get what I wanted.  Yes, the holidays are definitely over.

I did pick up a few small things from the Christmas leftovers, which is all marked at 75% off now.

This fox ornament was $0.24, and is probably my favorite thing I bought today.  This was the only one I saw, so other colors were not an option.  I wonder how many fox things I can bring into this house over the course of this year?

I'd almost bought a pack of this last week, then decided I didn't want to gather up too much craft stuff and never do it.  When I saw there were still a few packs left this week, I went ahead and grabbed one.  This was $0.38.  It is glittery holly shaped pieces of confetti.  They're large for confetti though, so I'm thinking of putting these one cards if I actually make some.

I didn't want to get leftover cards because my mood and taste next Christmas might be different than what it is now.  I really liked this design now.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  There is some sparkle throughout the wreath.  The sort of kraft paper looking background gives this a bit of a vintage feel.  I'm not even sure how many are in here.  Eight?  The pack was $1.99.

Can you believe I have never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas?
One of the things I got for Christmas was a new Munchkin game in the theme of this movie.  We played it yesterday and just looking at the cards, I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about.  Not sure when I'll actually sit down and watch it though.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh.  I bought ANOTHER planner.  I'm not going to be a planner addict though.
I got this for blog stuff.  When I was doing Blogmas I had so many Melted posts lined up in advance that I couldn't keep track.  I had scribbled notes on bits of papers stacked up on my desk.  So I decided to grab this $1.00 cheapie planner to have on hand for stuff like that.  I might decorate it a bit with some washi and stickers but I'm not going to get all into it.  Just a simple layout to easily see events of each day.

I don't remember if these were out last spring?  Or are they new this year?  Either way, they are among a handful of spring type scents I've noticed popping up at my Walmart.  You know I'm not a floral fan.  So why would I buy Violet Sugar?  I was surprised that this floral didn't send me screaming.  It's actually sweet enough to make me to pull it away from pure flower enough for me to like it, but it also has a nice, pretty springtime scent.  And Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies?  Uh, heck yeah.  You know I love my lemons!

Kevin tipped me off about this gem.  I had not seen it at my store last week, so I was really excited to see it there now.  This is the 719 Walnut Avenue brand, and this Country Market scent is described at 'Freshly picked, juicy berry and watermelon from the local country market.'  YUMMY!  Watermelon is the stronger note, but the berries add a very nice sweet touch behind that.  I'll probably wait till closer to summer to burn this.  I didn't really pay attention to 719's spring and summer scents last year.  If anyone can give me a list of what they had, I'd appreciate it.  I also Honeysuckle Jasmine today, and there were empty spots on shelves with tags for 'Ocean Mist,' 'Tiki Colada,' 'Caribbean,' and 'Sny Sangria.'  Since the names on the shelf tags are often abbreviated, I'm not sure what the actual full names of those candles will be.

I also saw new Glade spring scents.  'Be Edgy' is coconut water and freesia.  'Be Energetic' is peach and daisy.  'Be Refreshing' is magnolia and rose essence.  And 'Be Colorful' is wild lemongrass and green pear.

After shopping, I did a ton of little things around the house today.  I took the Christmas tree down, and we were actually kinda bummed about it.  It's extremely rare when we are still enjoying the tree this long after Christmas!  As I was taking each ornament off and packing it in the box, I was thinking more and more about the idea of only having a beautiful tree as the only decoration next Christmas.  I was talking with hubby about it, saying we could put all our effort and energy into making the tree fantastic, instead of the 'that will do' attitude we often have.  I started nattering about how we could do different themes, and have totes for the ornaments, lights, etc. of each theme.  That way it would be easy to just grab what we need according to whatever mood we're in for that year.  For now, I'm really looking forward to next Christmas!  I'm sure this will all change once it rolls back around though.

Last night we stumbled across an ancient game that Casey had bought on his Wii U.  It's called Breath of Fire, but I don't know which version or anything like that.  He said he absolutely hated it and would probably just delete it.  I was like, wait wait wait, let me try.  I was instantly hooked.  LOL!  It's so old school and primitive, a D&D type game.  I played for about an hour last night before bed, and had wanted to play it a bunch today but it's going on 9pm now and I have yet to play it.  I was busy getting other things done, and then Casey took his Wii U over to his friend's this evening.  Then, when he got home and hooked it back up for me, I was already working on blog stuff.  Oh well, I should be able to play tomorrow since I got so much stuff done today.  The Vikings don't play until evening so yeah, I should have allllllllll day to play.

Ty was over for a while again today.  I had sent him a text, told him to bring his Christmas ornaments back since he refuses to put a tree up at his place.  I think all the ornaments are more sentimental to me than they'll ever be to him anyway, so why not keep them here and continue to put them on the tree each year?

One of Casey's friends came over to hang out just after Ty got here.  They all, along with hubby, ended up playing Nightmare Before Christmas/Munchkin again.  I didn't want to play this time.  Is it weird that I feel shy and awkward around the friends of my kids?  Ty's friend Matt has been around so much, so long now that he's like family and I'm not shy around him anymore.  But this dude that came over today, I barely know him, so I went into shy mode and didn't want to play Munchkin.  lol

I mentioned getting a pet fountain the other day, didn't I?  The vet suggested it to get Fattycat to drink more.  I didn't get an actual fountain today but I did get a little pump thing that can go into any water dish.  The cats wanted nothing to do with it at first, but I've seen Fatty drinking out of it now.  I think the actual fountain might have been better though.  I also noticed that one of the rewards on is a fountain.  Cool!  Only 260,00 points or something like that.  Ha, and I have maybe 35,000 right now.

Also Fatty related, the old man refused to take his thyroid pill this evening.  This is the first time he's ever done that.  I don't know if he's just getting sick of the treats we stuff the pill in, or maybe he had a bellyful of fountain water?  We ended up using a bit of their canned food (their morning food) to mix the pill in and he at least ate enough of that to get it.  I hope he's not becoming a rebel.  *sigh*

I think that's about all the excitement for today.
How was your Saturday?
Have you sniffed the Country Market candle yet?
Do you know of the Breath of Fire video game?
Any plans for Sunday?


  1. So glad you tracked down a Country Market candle; it's a standout! I've burned it three times with excellent results. Great throw, even melt, wonderful fragrance. The other spring fragrances are hold-overs from last year including my personal favorite, Sunny Sangria. Didn't really look at the Scentsationals selections at Walmart yesterday so maybe I'll take a peek later today.

    "For now, I'm really looking forward to next Christmas!" You do realize that today is January 3rd, Deb...better set that planner in motion!

    1. LOL! January 3rd and I've got nothing in my planner yet. I'll try to do something about that today. =P

      I didn't pay much attention to the 719 candles outside of the fall and winter scents before this. A big part of that is probably because we don't burn candles nearly as much outside fall and Christmas. They also had Rustic Lodge and Mahogany Driftwood at my store but I know those have been around forever.


  2. Nice haul! Those are some great prices you got! The Nightmare Before Christmas is an awesome movie, assuming are familiar with and already like Tim Burton's movies.
    That's a good idea to have a planner to help keep track of the posts you have going up. Now I'm wanting to do that, lol. You are such an enabler.
    I feel like Christmas hasn't had a close for me because I never had to put away the decorations. That and coming over here makes it feel like I'm just on vacation.
    HOLD YOUR HORSES! You like Breath of Fire?!?! I have that game for my Gameboy Advance and I played it all the time 10, 15 years ago! I still play it from time to time for the nostalgia factor! Also, it's a pretty fun game! I don't know if there are different versions either but I bet it's just a reboot/reskin of the same old game I played.
    I wouldn't think it's weird to be shy or awkward around someone you don't know. If I had a stranger in my house I would be awkward and shy. Just because they're there with someone you know and love doesn't change that you don't know the person. I'm the same way with Michael's friends. I'm getting better about it since he keeps bringing new people and I keep getting more practice in, but there's still that shy reserved nature I assume until I know the person a bit better.
    If the cats will still drink from the pumped dish and it's cheaper than a fountain I'd say that's a win. No need to spend more unless you really want the aesthetics of the water fountain.
    I hope Fatty was just having an off day and you don't have a late-blooming rebel on your hands. Drake did that when we were giving him heartworm medication and it made medicating him a big pain in the butt.

    My Saturday was busy but very exciting!! I haven't sniffed the Country Market candle :( and I don't think I'll get a chance to over here LOL. I don't think I've ever seen the 719 Walnut Avenue brand, or at least recognized it for what it was. How did I know you were going to ask about Breath of Fire when I spazzed out earlier? :D
    We were supposed to go to the museum today but I was feeling exceptionally groggy and Michael realized that today was the day where he would need to adjust his sleeping schedule again for his night shift tomorrow. So I guess that means a not-so-planned lazy day?

    1. Nightmare Before Christmas...the one papercraft girl that I follow on YouTube is totally into that movie and her art style is along those lines. I think it's cool when someone is SO into something. I had my Titanic phase, my LotR phase, my Harry Potter phase, but nothing is grabbing me like that anymore and I miss it.

      I'll check exactly what version our Breath of Fire is when I play today. And I WILL play today! lol

      Are there Walmart stores over there? Would you like me to grab a Country Market for you and put in Care Package #1? Cuz I'm all for spreading Walmart wax joy across the world. hehe


    2. Please do pick it up if you see another! It sounds like a scent I would absolutely love!
      Hey, at least Walmart wax you don't have to wait months for :)

    3. I'll grab one tomorrow when I'm in town with my mom. =)


  3. I am a huge Burton fan and love Nightmare Before Christmas. I hope you love it! Glad Fattycat likes the water dish. Cats can be so particular. Ugh. Great idea for the planner! And that Violet scent sounds beautiful. I will keep my eyes out for it. Great haul! That fox!!! Have you decided if you are doing your kitchen in foxes? It would be so cute. Hope you got game time in.

    1. I haven't looked much yet to see what fox things I can easily find. I remember in the fall Walmart had fox EVERYTHING for the kitchen. It would be neat to change it up, but I've had the fruits/veggies for so long that I'm also afraid to change. lol