Sunday, January 3, 2016

Natters - Jan. 3 / Naps & Puzzles

I have absolutely no pics or clipart to spruce up this post tonight because I've been having some computer problems and I'm sort of in between two computers now.  I think the problem might actually be my external hard drive and not my computer, but that's unhooked right now and that's where all of my picture files are.


Today was a rather boring day anyway.  I puttered around on the computer this morning, until it started acting up.  I played that old game Breath of Fire again, finally.  It was fun until I got stuck.  Then frustration and crabbiness set in.  It's so easy to run to the internet now, find a walk-through guide, and continue on, but I didn't want to do that.  I wanted to play old school, when we either had to struggle until we whipped the controller on the floor or figured out the dang problem.  No controllers were thrown, but I did give up.

Hubby and I started working on one of the jigsaw puzzles we'd gotten for Christmas.  It's 1,000 pieces and man, it's hard!  It's an underwater scene, sunken ship and fish all around.  There are a million shades of green and blue.  It's slow going on this one.  We were watching football while working on it, and I was getting bored with both.  Since our Vikings game isn't until 7:30pm I decided to take a quick nap.  I told hubby "One hour!" and dashed up the stairs.  I only actually slept about 30 minutes of that but it felt amazing.

We took a break from the puzzle work while hubby made breakfast-for-supper.  He whipped up some scrambled eggs and bacon because he didn't feel like going out to get KFC.  Yeah, it's been a very lazy day.  Now he's back to work on the puzzle and I'm scrambling to get this post done before the game starts.

Fattycat refused to take his pill again tonight.  We had to use more of the canned Friskies to get him to take it.  Tomorrow when I'm in town with my mom, I'll grab a different flavor of the treats we've been using, and see if that works.  Otherwise, I guess there's not much harm in giving them a bit of Friskies for supper.

Fattycat also still prefers the water dribbled into the dish in the bathtub to the new fountain thingie we got.  We've seen him drink from the fountain dish, but we've seen him drink more often from the dish in the tub.  Whatever works at this point, I guess.

Okay, short and boring tonight.
It's almost game time so I gotta go.


  1. Ugh, Fattycat :( hopefully he'll warm up to the fountain soon. Getting pills down a cat's gullet when they don't want to cooperate is probably the hardest thing in the world!

    My family used to do lots of jigsaws, and it became kind of a tradition during baseball playoffs especially, but the light in my apartment just isn't very good. Think the mines of Moria, but without the Balrog's warm glow :D

    I hope the Vikings win, even if it does mean beating my adorable Aaron Rogers :)

    1. I absolutely cracked up at your mines of Moria reference! My kitchen, of all places, is like that. It's an old farmhouse that's not been updated much, and the light is located over the sink and counter. Meanwhile, when trying to cook something you practically need one of those miner's headlamp things.

      Fatty took his pill without problem last night, finally. We're okay with using the canned Friskies as a backup plan now, but we don't want to have to get to the point where we have to hold him and force it into his mouth. :(


  2. Oh no!! It's never fun watching your computer die. I made the mistake of disregarding the signs for one of my computers and ended up losing a lot of pictures and screenshots. The computer was replaceable. The record of those memories not so much.

    Breath of Fire has several areas that I get stuck in no matter how many times I play the game through. Like you, I don't really like running to Google and finding the solution immediately. There's a bigger sense of accomplishment when I can work it out myself.

    Ah, puzzles. My mom and I used to do tons of them together. We had one snow scene that took several hours of sorting the different shades of white before we could even begin to make sense of what we were looking at.

    I hope Fattycat stops being so disputatious about his food!

    1. On my computer before this, I'd had a family tree maker program that I'd put a ton of time and effort into. When that computer died and I had to switch to this one, being newer, it no longer supported that older version of the family tree program and wouldn't even open it. UGH!!!

      I love puzzles. Several years ago a friend and I got into gifting puzzles to each other without the box. So we had no idea what the picture was! Now THAT makes it interesting!

      Fatty finally took his pill without problem last night.