Thursday, January 7, 2016

Natters - Jan. 7 / Cute Blond Elf

Well nothing bad happened today, like I was figuring last night.  A couple minor things happened.  Casey left work early because his knee was hurting so bad.  Of course, we didn't know that until much later in the day.  All hubby and I knew this morning was that he was at home and asleep when he should have still been at work.  My fear was that he'd gotten mad and walked out again.  So he's wearing a knee brace tonight, and even agreed to go in early to make up the hours he'd missed last night.

The other minor thing was that Minion was puking today.  It's very rare for that little one to puke or act sick.  I don't know if he ate a bug or something?  He'd been under my desk just minutes before it happened the first time.  Then he went upstairs and puked again about ten minutes later.  I didn't see any bugs or anything odd when I cleaned up his kitty puke, so I really don't know what caused it.  Then he went back to bed and slept most of the afternoon and evening.  Silly cat.

Fatty took his pill no problem this evening, in the meat stick treat like usual.  He looks a little more filled out the past day or so too.  Maybe all this water drinking really is helping!  He still has that bump on his jaw but it doesn't look any worse than yesterday.  It definitely looks like a scratch or poke on it.

What did I do today?  I got caught up on blog reading and commenting and replying.  That was the biggest of my small goals for the day.  I got some posts prepped.  My Lush US order arrived!  It got here later in the afternoon though, when light was already fading, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get some pics and get the haul post done.  I was really surprised none of my other orders came today!  Maybe tomorrow?!

We watched two new TV shows this evening.  The first was Superstore, a sitcom set in a Walmart-type store.  The commercials made it look hysterical, but the show itself was only mildly amusing.  We'll watch again next week and see if we want to continue with it.  The other is called The Shannara Chronicles.  That's a fantasy thing about elves and druids and all that good stuff.  Hubby really liked it and can't wait for more.  I was not so easily impressed.  I had other things to get done so I only watched the first half of the two hour premiere.  I'll try to finish it up tomorrow.  I didn't hate it, but I wasn't wowed by it either.  Most of the acting was cheesy and over-dramatic, like they're trying to hard.  I'm hoping they'll settle into their characters and be more 'real' after a couple episodes.  The best thing about the show so far is Will, the blond haired half-elf boy.

I finished reading that book I've been mentioning!  I was hoping to get my review post up tonight but that's not going to happen.  I'll try to get that up tomorrow too.  Man oh man, I was a crying mess at the end of that one!  For anyone who is curious, the book is The Scorpio Races.

Tomorrow night we're supposed to go to hubby's work dinner.  It's a sort of belated holiday/employee appreciation dinner that they have each year.  The shop he works at is very small, only about five or six guys, so the dinner is small and casual.  It's still uncomfortable for me though because I'm not social and I don't know these people.  Most of them all know each other, the husbands AND wives.  They're always nice to me on these few occasions that I ever do meet them but my social anxieties still make it painfully awkward for me.  I really don't want to go.  *sigh*

Okay, well, I'm off to bed now.  I don't know what to read tonight?!  I guess I should pick up one of them I'd set aside, huh?

Have you read The Scorpio Races?
Watched Superstore, or The Shannara Chronicles?


  1. That elvish show sounds cool. Does he look like Legolas?! Swooooooooon! Mr. Bloom at his best. Cannot wait to read your Scorpio Races review. Loved that book to pieces. Did you get any books for Christmas? Do you need to go shopping for a new book????? Hahahaha!

    I hope the dinner party will be better than you expect. Use it as a moment to get a little dolled up, pamper, wear something you feel you never get a chance to wear. Have fun!

    1. He's not quite as fine and beautiful as Legolas. He's a little more bumbling and rough around the edges. See him here....

      I'm trying to get several posts done today, between loads of laundry, before that dang dinner. The book review is top priority among those. =) I did buy a new book today!


  2. I've noticed that a lot of television series have a different acting style than bigger budget productions like movies. I think I noticed it even in shows that I used to love watching because it's been so long since I have watched any TV series. I'm really not missing out by not having any cable lol. You have me intrigued by your elvish description, though. I do love me some Legolas :)

    I have done none of the above! >_< I'm interested in reading The Scorpio Races though. I need to finish all of my Scarpetta books before I try more!

    1. There is definitely a difference in acting style, I think even the channel or intended audience plays into it. I can't remember the shows offhand but a couple years ago there were two medieval type ones that came out together. One was more serious and adult, on a 'respectable' channel, and it was okay. The other was on a more 'teen' channel and it showed. The characters were all prettied up and flirty and over-dramatic. I hope this Shannara one settles down a bit after being 'beautiful' to draw the initial audience in.