Friday, January 8, 2016

Natters - Jan. 8 / Books & Stuff

I'm posting this early today because we have that stupid dinner to go to this evening.  Stupid nice bosses hosting nice meals at nice places.  What's wrong with staying home on Friday nights and watching crap TV?
Well, because of that, I've been a busy little bee trying to get a bunch of things done today, mainly bloggy stuff.  It IS the hobby I've finally come to accept afterall.

Look what I bought!  Inspired by a Liz's recent post featuring plants, I went ahead and got these little guys.  They're small, only about ten inches high.  Since these are extremely low maintenance, I'm hoping I can keep them alive.  If the cats leave them alone, I might even get a few more.  Minion was into them immediately but after a curious nibble he left them alone.  I searched a bit online and found that while these can cause cats to drool, puke, and have diarrhea if they ingest any, it will usually only be a temporary situation, unless they eat a huge amount.  It still worries me a bit because both of our cats like to chew on any plant or flower we bring into the house.  I guess we'll see what happens.

I hadn't planned on it but I bought a new book today.  When I saw this on the shelf I thought it was brand new.  Checking Amazon after I got home, I now see that it came out back in November.  I read the Fallen series a couple years ago, when I was all about reading angel books.  I remember being disappointed in the series, thought it was too cheesy and fluffy, so why I felt the need to get this one, I don't know.  LOL
This is like a companion novel, the story of one of the side characters in the main series.  I admit, I really don't remember squat about this character.  Maybe this will be interesting, like a whole new thing!

The set of books I ordered from Amazon have finally all arrived.  This is where another chunk of my Christmas money went.  This is The Immortals series, by Alyson Noel.  I quite enjoyed her Soul Seekers series a couple years ago and knew I wanted to read this series too, but I'd kept skipping over it for newer things.  I don't even remember anymore what the series is about.  Something with this girl being able to see people's auras and whatnot.  The Soul Seekers was a pretty quick and easy read, so I'm hoping these will be too, and kinda help me get back on track with reading more efficiently.

I'm a little bummed about something with this order though.  Four of the books came directly from Amazon.  Two came from two different independent sellers.  Both of those were listed as "new, unread."  I guess that doesn't mean they're necessarily in mint condition, but look . . . 
Does that bottom one like new to you?  All yellow edged like that?
And look at this . . . 
See that white line from under the 'a' in alyson down to the girl's forehead?  It actually extends from the upper left corner of the book, down a little more past where the white line ends.  It's a huge scratch and gouge.  You can very obviously see and feel it.  And that's the same book that has the yellowed pages.
Nice, huh?  Yeah, I'll make sure not to order from that seller again.

I'm going to try and finish the book I'm currently on before I start these.  The one I'm currently on is the one I was struggling with before Julie sent me The Scorpio Races.  Now that I've finished that one, I've picked up the other one again, determined to finish this time.

What else can I natter about on this rainy, foggy Friday?  Well, it's rainy and foggy.  Yesterday we were almost at 40 degrees and had light rain.  We're at 37 degrees right now.  I'm not going to complain too much.  For winter in Wisconsin, this is pretty doable.  Come Sunday though, and into next week, our temps are expected to drop down to single digits.  Bleah.  I used to love winter but not anymore.  Last year I was surprised how much I enjoyed summer.  Now this year, I'm already very much looking forward to summer again.  I must truly be getting old.

I just checked the Lush UK site and it looks like my two orders shipped today.  YAY!

Hmm, can't think of anything else to talk about this early in the day.  I guess I'll get this posted and go try and finish watching the Shannara show.

Have you read The Immortals series, or any other books by Alyson Noel?
What about the Fallen series, by Lauren Kate?
Do you know anything about cats chewing on snake plants?


  1. I think I may work on some bloggy stuff instead of unpacking tonight. I'm just not feeling going through a bunch of boxes and trying to quietly scoot furniture around.

    YAY plants!! We probably should have tried to get two smaller plants instead of one giant one. The store didn't have any and the ones they did have that were good for the air and small were high maintenance. Uh, no thanks! I hope the kitties continue to mostly ignore the plants!

    I really like Alyson Noel's works. Like you, though, I keep skipping over it for other books. There is something definitely NOT new with that last book. Bummer that it stands out so much by the other books. That would drive me crazy! lol

    I don't think I've read anything by Lauren Kate, but if it's anything along the same strands of books you've been posting about then it's probably up my alley.

    I can't help you on the catplant relationship but best of luck to you in figuring it out before either cat or plant get hurt! :)

    1. The cats seem to be leaving the plants alone so I am going to go ahead and get more next time I'm shopping. Minion will still snoop around by them, but he doesn't seem to be biting them or anything.

      I have SO many books I want to read! I need to quit dilly dallying and READ! I'm determined to finish the crappy one I'm on, then hopefully the next ones start flowing much more easily.


  2. Nice book hauls! That bottom one though... Boo. Love your snake plants! I would love more greenery in the house, but never sure where to start. Tod doesn't really mess with plants that I have had. But I did grow catnip once outside in a pot and the neighborhood cat, Biscuit, would always be wallowing in it. I may plant one again for him. Don't worry about finishing that other book if it stinks!!! Did you take your Lush bath yet?

    1. No Lush bath yet. And I have to finish because there is enough of the story that I'm curious about, just that it's buried under tons of distracting filler and crap.