Friday, February 19, 2016

Natters - Feb. 19 / Random Haul

Hello!  It's been a while, huh?  Things have been a little crazy for me lately.  Not only do I still have the ongoing 'Do I want to keep blogging?' thing but it's just been a lot of little things also occupying my mind and time.  The urge to blog is still there but I don't know how consistent I can be, and I don't want a sporadic blog.  (Funny to say that, I know, since that's exactly what this has become.)

Anyway, I'm here now and not making any claims about what might happen in the future.

So what's been happening?  Work has been crazy.  Another HUGE source of stress is gone though.  The Witch Hag has been fired.  This woman was something else, so angry and hateful.  She bitched about everything, bitched AT everyone, sucked at her job, and was constantly in trouble.  She got herself fired though when she stuck her hand in a running machine and got hurt.  Oh my gosh, to have her gone is like lifting a load of bricks off my stress filled chest!  Also in work news, those big raises they hinted about have been approved and go into effect Feb. 29.  Woohoo!  I've been working some over-time lately, which I rarely do, and it's killing me.  My feet/knee/back pain just keeps getting worse.  I've even agreed to switching a couple days with the lead girl on the other day crew, so it will break up my schedule a bit and give me one day on, one day off, one day on for a little bit.  I know, I know, everyone is screaming 'Just go to the doctor already!'

Elsewhere, we finally got the oven working again.  The first heating element we'd ordered was the wrong kind.  The second one was also wrong.  We were able to return both directly to the store but lost money because the shipping charges aren't refunded.  People told me to take the broken element to a well known local appliance shop, that they'd figure it out and probably have the right one in stock.  Ha, nope.  That place did nothing.  They wouldn't even look at the piece and TRY to figure it out.  They just kept saying they couldn't do anything without the model number.  The dude did show me where the numbers can usually be found though, so when I got back home I looked and sure enough, there it was.  I also took a closer look at the actual heating element and found a part number etched into it.  Typed that number into Google and --tada!-- found the piece we needed.  Ordered it, got it two days later, and our stove is finally working again.

Got all of our taxes done too.  That was another thing taking up time on my days off, another thing causing nagging stress at the back of my mind until it was just done and over.

Had some other piddly little things going on with my mom too.  So yeah, the past couple weeks have just been a blur for me.  It's finally looking like things are slowing down.  *knock wood*

I even have a small random haul to share!

Monday I was in town with my mom and she wanted to stop at Dollar Tree.  I don't think I've been in there since before Christmas.  I haven't been watching Dollar Tree or haul or craft videos on YouTube nearly as much as I used to, and I've gotten over that feeling of 'I need to buy that so I can make things too!'  That's actually been a big relief too.  But my mom wanted to stop and get some things so in we went.  I saw Easter washi tapes and had a very brief urge to grab some but it quickly passed when I reminded myself I still have plenty from last year, and the ones I saw looked the same as last year's anyway.  I did end up getting this pack of St. Patrick's Day stickers though.  I don't really need them or know what I'll use them for but St. Pat's is something you don't always find tons of things for.  I'm also thinking about starting my notebook journal again.

Also found these at Dollar Tree.  You know I like to try all the different Russell Stover flavors as I come across them.  One is Hot Cocoa, and one is Caramel Latte.  I haven't tried them yet because I split them with hubby and we give our opinions, and I keep forgetting I have them!  I'll have to set one out today to remind myself.

Did my regular weekly shopping this morning and found this adorable little guy at Walmart.  He was $4.24 and is a little over six inches tall.  It's very light styrofoam, and the 'moss' is just fuzzy stuff, like fake grass or something.  He's so stinkin' cute!  I hope Minion doesn't chomp on him.

I even took the time to stop at Target this morning, another place I haven't been since probably before Christmas.  I'm over the Dollar Spot craze too since I'm over the crafty thing, but I had seen these gel pens in someone's haul.
It's a ten pack of fun colors, for $3.00.  They're supposedly scented too but I don't care about that.  I got them to add to our stash of coloring book supplies.

While browsing the rest of the Dollar Spot, I spotted these stickers and decided I wanted them for my journal if I do get going on that again.  The little banner reminds me of the Christmas ones I had.  Those bunnies are cute too.  I'm really looking forward to Easter!  I saw some nice decorations at both Walmart and Target but resisted buying any more than I did because I just can't remember offhand what I already have.  I know I bought some things last year but heck if I can remember what!  lol

I bought this Game of Thrones t-shirt for myself.  I do love Target's shirts, and I've really been loving the Harry Potter one lately, so I wanted to see what else they had.  I swore at the end of last season that I was done with that show because I was sick of the shock value violence and didn't care for where the story was going.  I must admit though, I'm anxious to see what this season will bring.  I've heard a few things about the books, and the other day I saw the newly released trailer and yeah, I can't wait for the new season.  Maybe I'll get sick of it fast and give up, but I'll at least give it a try.

And then I saw these books and got all excited.  We are totally diggin' the Shannara Chronicles show.  I'm so glad now that I did not give up in that first episode.  I don't know how many books there are in the series but this looks like the first two.  I was so tempted to grab both of these but didn't because I have so many other things to read, and I'm already watching the show.  But dang it, I still want them!

That's what's been up with me lately.  How have you been?  Surviving winter?  Looking forward to spring, or Easter, or anything in particular?


  1. Bye bye, witch hag! Maybe work will still be crazy but a little less bitchy? :)

    Do you take anything for your pain? I know aleve used to work for me before my arthritis got really bad, I don't know how different it is compared to anything else, but maybe it might work for you? Extra strength!

    CUTE stickers! The bunnies are adorable. And those pens! I used to have tons of those kinds when I was in middle school, though those weren't scented! That GoT shirt is awesome, too. We were less than thrilled with the last season, apart from the last 2 episodes, which is sort of how we've gotten with The Walking Dead. I am living for that OJ Simpson mini series show on FX.

    Glad the oven is working and the taxes are done! Have a good weekend, Deb!

    1. Aleve has never seemed to do anything for me. Advil/ibuprofen is my miracle drug, and yes, I take a lot of it. I've even wondered if this IS arthritis. My grandma had it baaaaad.

      I don't watch Walking Dead but did end up seeing the season premiere. Hubby still loves the show.


  2. Yay for a huge work stressor's removal and pay raise!! And yes, go to the doctor!

    Jeez, how have you guys survived without an oven for so long? Did the stove still heat up while the oven was broken?

    St. Patty's Day isn't a very big thing here. Even on post we're not seeing anything green. It's all Easter themed items in stock.

    That rabbit is cute! Speaking of green, how have your plants been doing? Has Minion been chomping them up still?

    I'm looking forward to Spring with the new series of events that are bringing me out of my hermitlike shell. I will miss Winter and snow, but I'm getting antsy about going to the beach and swimming and outdoorsy activities that don't require me to bundle up and look like a walking talking marshmallow.

    1. The stovetop still worked, thankfully!

      The plants are doing great. Minion only chomps the one on the buffet, and only if he's feeling neglected. He doesn't bother the two by the window at all.

      Hopefully your new anti-hermit activities work out and don't cause too much pre-event stress. That's the problem for me, the time leading up to the events. I get myself all worked up and would rather just stay a hermit.


  3. That shirt. I think I need it since I had to toss my "You know nothing John Snow" shirt.

    Glad the queen bee is ousted! Hopefully more good things will start happening at work now for you. <3

    Cute hauls by the way. You made me run out and get smelly gel pens. And more lights. Like I need them. Lol!

    1. I'm happy to have enabled. =P
      Do the pens work okay? I haven't even tried them yet, just threw them into the pile of other markers we have.