Sunday, February 28, 2016

Natters - Feb. 28 / Are We Famous?!

Back in January I was contacted by someone from Flare magazine, asking if I'd like to answer some questions about blogging for an upcoming article.  My first reaction was super excitement, but then I reeled myself in and wondered 'Is this for real?'  So over to my old waxy bloggy chatty friends I went to ask their opinion, and found a couple of them had been contacted too.  We chatted about it for a while, wondering what the motive was.  The person's website looked legit, the magazine seems legit, but what was the article going to be like?  My chatty friends mentioned the TV show Scream Queens, which I don't watch.  They said there is a crazy candle blogger character in the show and that she's really over the top.  They wondered if this article might be meant to pick on the waxy world.  Hmm.  What to do?  We went ahead and answered the questions and sent them back.

Then we waited and wondered.

The article was posted on the Flare magazine website last week!
You can read the full article . . . HERE

Hehe, just a little screenshot preview.

Whether the article is meant to pick on us or not, it was quite exciting to see some of my own quotes included.  (Even if one of them was a bit paraphrased.)  To see Julie's and Sunnee's quotes was exciting too.  And then I had to laugh when, sure enough, the Scream Queens show was indeed referenced.

I don't know if the article will appear in the actual magazine.  It's a Canadian magazine, so I guess I'll probably never know.  I've bookmarked it on the site though, and it makes me chuckle just to see it, whatever the intent of it was meant to be.

Now go read it!


  1. Quirky for sure but at least it is a highly fragrant world!

  2. It was an interesting read, for sure! You guys are famous now! Yaaay! :P