Monday, March 28, 2016

Natters - Mar. 28

Hi all.  I'm writing this earlier in the day than usual but thought I should get it done while I'm in the mood, instead of waiting till the end of the day when I might just be tired and blank.

Went to my mom's today, as usual on Mondays or Tuesdays.  She wanted to go get her hair cut so we headed to Ripon instead of Fond du Lac.  Kmart is next door to the Cost Cutters she goes to so we stopped in there after her hair was done.  That worked out since I had to pick up a few things anyway.
Like wax!  No, actually I hadn't planned on getting wax at all.  This was a total impulse buy.  I've had decent luck with Kmart wax before, and I've been craving some warmer, more foodie type scents recently since all of what I've been melting seems to be in the super sweet and fruity category.  This Caramel Cream has a bit of a coffee note to it, which is weird, but it works for what I'm craving.  And the pink label on the right?  I'm feeling dumb now because I totally thought this was cupcake.  I see now it's just Creamy Vanilla.  Oh well, it still smells sort of cupcake-y, and that's what I was going for.  I'm considering even mixing these, one cube of each, and see how that is.

I want to say something about my foot pain problem.  It's not like I'm doing nothing but whine about it.  I have tried different kinds of shoes over the past many months.  Some are cheap, some more expensive.  Some are thick soled, some are thin and flexible.  Some are meant for work, some are just casual sneakers.  I've tried that Dr. Scholl's custom insert machine thing and the inserts made things even worse.  I've been reading things online, doing foot/ankle/etc. exercises.  I've tried heat and ice at the end of the day.  I've tried soaking them.  We have a brace plantar fasciitis that I've used.  So it's not like I'm doing nothing.  I know some people can't understand why I just don't go to a doctor.  First, I very rarely go to the doctor for anything.  It's just one of those things that's hard for me to make myself do.  Second, I *did* go years ago and was pretty much told to get better shoes and consider a new job.  So no, I'm not exactly eager to go back for great advice like that.  I know you all mean well and I appreciate any concern and advice, but I just wanted to clear that up.

I packed up the Easter decorations this morning.  I wasn't really into it this year.  Seems my excitement about decorating in general seems to be fading away.  I was kinda glad to put those things away and get back to just our normal, boring everday things.  There is something comforting and relaxing in that, not having to worry about where this or that decoration will look good and whatnot.  It's kinda nice going into this long stretch of nothing but spring days.  I did buy some new kitchen towels today though.  My old ones are getting so thin and worn out.  I bought a couple new ones weeks ago but just don't like them as much as my old ones.  I saw some clearance ones at Kmart, with a fruit design that will go with our kitchen, so I grabbed them.  Hopefully I like them.

Casey's talking more about moving out.  He and one of this friends are looking for a place to share.  It looks like they'll be moving to Oshkosh.  The friend is going to pick up the rental application this week.  Of course I have total mixed feelings about this.  It's my right as a mom!  I think this time will be a little harder on me than it was when Ty moved out.  Ty was nearby, familiar territory, and had the place to himself.  It was easy to help him shop for apartment supplies and get things set up.  Casey will be farther away, in a city I rarely go to, and sharing with someone.  How do I help him now?  Things we might go buy are not only meant for him.  It's a 50/50 deal for him.  I'm kind of excited for him to be getting out in the world, but yeah, that empty nest thing is going to hit hard.

And why is that Ty moved out right when my mom had her first hip surgery, and now Casey might be moving out when she has her other hip done?!  lol

Alright, well I'm going to go watch some Snapped or some cheesy murder shows on ID channel for a while.
Hope you're all having a great day!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Natters - Mar. 27 / Happy Easter

Did you all have a nice day?  We didn't do anything fancy here.  Casey went to bed before noon because he works tonight.  Ty was over to do his laundry and have ham and potatoes lunch with us.  We candy in our baskets to munch on.  And we just lounged around watching movies and catching up on TV shows we have recorded.

I watched Unfriended.  I actually kinda liked it.  Hubby didn't get it though, because he's soooo not an internet type person.  If you don't know, the whole movie takes place in Skype calls and Facebook interactions.  A classmate of these teens killed herself a year ago after being embarrassed online by her 'friends.'  Now there is someone mysterious sitting in on their Skype call, and messaging them on Facebook.  Rather predictable, but I still liked it.

We watched Mockingjay - Part 2 too.  I read the trilogy of books and while I absolutely loved the first (Hunger Games) the other two kinda bored me.  Politics and uprising and war are not my thing.  I have enjoyed the movie versions of those two books more.  I couldn't remember too much from Part 1 or even from the Mockingjay book though, so watching this was almost like going into it totally new.  I did remember small bits here and there.  I was mad Prim's death scene because it was so quick and almost like they skipped right over it.  But then later when the cat showed up and Katniss yelled at it and finally broke down, yeah, I was crying.  In the book, I was sobbing when the cat showed up.  Overall, I guess I liked the movie.

I watched the first episode of Empire but don't think I'll bother with the rest of the series, at least not right now.  I do like Cookie, loved it when she beat her arrogant son with the broom.  LOL  But that style of music just isn't for me, and that particular son drives me freakin' nuts.

We also watched last week's Sleepy Hollow and Vikings.  I enjoyed both of those.

I have some pictures of Easter-y stuff I thought I'd drop into this post.  I know it's after the fact at this point but earlier in the month when I'd gotten some of the things, I was in my embarrassed phase, not knowing if I could continue blogging.

I'd found this mason jar of speckled eggs weeks ago at Walmart.  I think it was under $5.00.  The jar is just light plastic.  I trimmed the ends of the ribbon down quite a bit.  This has been on our kitchen table for the Easter season.

I'd picked up these three packs of stickers weeks ago too, also at Walmart.  I did not know at the time what I'd do with them but wanted to have them on hand anyway because they're cute.  I ended up using just a few from the bottom pack on cards I'd sent out.  As I was using them, I absolutely fell in love with that pack.  They are slightly glittery and sooooo stinkin' cute!  I tried to find more the last time I was at the store but didn't now see any.  Bummer.

I got a surprise package from my sister the other day.  These two super cute Easter towels were among the things included.  They are flour sack type towels with embroidery on them.

This guy was also in the box.  He's quite huge!  I'd say at least 18 inches tall.  Casey thought it was a cow.  Hubby thought it was a donkey.  I picked it right though, a horse.  And he's dressed like a rabbit.  How cute?!  Minion was obsessed with this poor guy's tail for a while.  He actually dragged this across the room by its fluffy tail.  LOL

This is how the buffet looked, all decorated for Easter.  The bunnies hanging on the wall are wooden, and I think they are from Target.  The larger ones are a garland.  The smaller ones are ornaments that I just hung on the garland string.  There are two bunny eggs in the ancient fake flowers in back.  Those were a gift from a waxy bloggy friend.

And this is our candy loot after The Bunny had visited.  See that pack of Munchkin cards in the middle?  Yeah, The Bunny brought those too.  We didn't get to play today though.  Oh yeah, and on the left is the small basket of goodies that Lynx and Minion got.
Yep, they got some of their treats this morning and had that container of food for supper.

That's about it for our Easter.
Time to go ignore my book again and play some Bejeweled.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Natters - Mar. 26

Hi.  What's up?  Got your eggs all dyed and baskets ready to hide?

Well, my mom made the first appointment in the process of getting her other hip replaced.  It's funny because she swore up and down that she'd never go through that again, and the nurses and therapists all told her she'd change her mind after the first was healed and she was feeling better.  Took her a while, but here we go on Hip Adventure, Round 2.  I'm glad, but I'm also not thrilled at all to have to go through that again, staying with her and all that.  It *should* be easier this time because we all know what to expect this time.  We already have all the things she'll need so it won't be me running around frantically trying to find and buy things.  And hopefully they don't crack her hip again in the hospital!

See this large bare tree?  We had a tree service guy here today for an estimate on cutting it down.  I'd noticed last summer that most of its leaves had changed and fallen well before fall.  Hubby noticed earlier in winter that it was losing most of its bark.  The tree guy said yep, it looks like Dutch Elm disease and the tree will be coming down.  I'm actually quite sad about this.
It's a huge tree, standing in our front yard.  You can see it in this pic, compared to our house.
I wonder how old this poor tree is.  I wonder if the tree guy will be able to tell when he cuts it down?

I started up my Netflix account again.  Our internet out here in the boonies is way too sucky for streaming, so I have the old school dvds-by-mail option.  I'm not quite sure why I started again.  I mean, there are a lot of movies and shows I'd like to be able to watch but in reality, I just don't sit down and watch things often enough.  Maybe I can get back into the habit.  I'm not sure.  First up though is Unfriended, and the first disc of the first season Empire.  Hubby has no interest in Empire, so I'll be watching that on my own time.  I'm not even sure I'll be into it, but wanted to at least try.

Work is okay lately.  Some of the same old stresses are still there but some things are happening that might at least cancel out some of the newer problems.  My biggest problem at the moment continues to be my feet.  Hubby keeps wanting me to go to the Good Feet Store since I won't go to a doctor.  I've been blowing off the idea so far but now I think maybe he's right.  He'd have to take me though because it's all the way up in Appleton and I'm a baby about driving.  Something has to give though because there are days when I'm in agony, almost in tears and tempted to go home.  I minimize my job duties so I can avoid walking.  I sit down every chance I can.  It's quite horrible most days lately.

Yeah, pity party over for this evening.  In happier work news, a coworker's wife had their baby this morning.  They already have a two year old daughter.  They decided not find out beforehand what this one would be.  (That's pretty rare these days!)  We were all surprised that it was another girl.  They named her Brynlee.  I've never heard that name.  Interesting.  Their other daughter is Natalee.  Now I get to go shopping and get them a little gift!  Yay!

Alrighty, it's almost time for me to go ignore my book in favor of Bejeweled on my iPod.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Melted - Rosegirls / Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles - [no scent description]

Although I'm told this is a Rosegirls custom blend, it smells pretty much like the once super-crazy Fruit Loops scent to me.  It's a candy-sweet cereal scent.  I've never been much into that craze but it's a nice enough scent to have once in a while.

I melted a 1.2 oz. chunk in my tea light warmer and had medium scent.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Haul - Sweet Fixations / Chunk Sampler

I seem to be all about chunk samplers lately, huh?  This one is from Sweet Fixations, a vendor I've been a long time fan of, and have been having an urge to order from again.  When owner Tia posted on Facebook the other day about some ready to ship samplers she'd put together, I barely hesitated.

All of the scent blends were listed in the post, so I knew what I'd be getting.  I received 40.6 ounces of wax in ten different blends, plus three small freebie cubes.  After the cost of shipping is taken out, this was $1.01 per ounce.  Not bad at all.  The chunks are large, ranging from 3.8 to 4.6 ounces.  They are flatter than usual chunks from other vendors, but are very pretty with fine glitter on them.  They sampler came in a padded envelope stuffed into another padded envelope.  The chunks came in cello (?) bags, tied with cute ribbons.  Some of the chunks were broken, and the bags seem to tear easily while handling.  Neither is a huge deal, but I don't know if she's looking for any kind of feedback or not so I thought I'd go ahead and mention that.

I ordered on Saturday afternoon, March 19, and received my package lightning fast, on Wednesday, March 23.

So let's take a look at these blends!
All of the scents are quite light right now.  I'll do my best on brief cold sniff descriptions.

Waffle Cone, Sugar Cookie, and Hello Sugar OP
Waffle Cone- A true, fresh sugar waffle cone.
Sugar Cookie - Warm, crisp, vanilla cookie
Hello Sugar - Lemons topped with sweet sugar crystals and berries. Similar to BBW.
I'm getting a nice soft lemon bakery. 
Rock Candy, Bubblegum, and Grape Soda OP
Rock Candy - [no scent description]
Bubblegum- Sweet, juicy pink bubblegum.
Grape Soda- Sweet fizzy grape soda pop. 
 Sort of like grape bubblegum. I don't get any of the fizz at this point, and it's not super candy-sweet like I thought it would be.

Eucalyptus & Mint, Lemon Curd Noel, Sinus Relief, and Marshmallow OP
Eucalyptus and Spearmint - Invigorating eucalyptus and spearmint with lemon, lavender and sage.
Lemon Curd- Sweet fresh vanilla lemon, creamy and tart.
Sinus Relief- Smells like Vick's vapor rub. Cool, crisp mint fragrance.
This one will be interesting!  It's sort of a moist mint spa type scent from what I can tell on cold sniff.
Salt Water Taffy, Sherbet, and Lollipop Candies OP
Salt Water Taffy - Sweet and sugary taffy
Rainbow Sherbet- Yummy, creamy frozen treat with pineapple, berries, lemon, oranges and more.
Lollipop - Sugary hand candy lollipop, tart and juicy.

I think the sherbet is coming through most, sweet and fruity.

Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, and Orange Cream OP
Cotton Candy Marshmallow (SF Blend)- Sugary cotton candy and fluffy marshmallow.
Orange Cream - [no scent description]

A lot of marshmallow creaminess in this one.

Peach, Cotton Candy, and Watermelon OP

I'm not a big fan of peach and there is a pretty healthy dose of it coming through.  I'm getting some watermelon too though, so hopefully it works out in the end.

Blonde Moment, Strawberry Sherbet, and Fizzy Pop OP
Blonde Moment- Sugary raspberry, cranberries, and iced sweet champagne.
Fizzy Pop- Bubbly soda pop with top notes of lemon-lime and orange.
I'm not a fan of Blonde Moment either, because of the champagne and fizz.  This is like a sweet drink, not much fizz on cold sniff.  Hopefully it stays that way.
Blueberry Cheesecake Frosting and Berry Pancakes OP
Blueberry Cheesecake- Vanilla cheesecake and blueberries.
Pancakes and Berries- Buttermilk pancakes with sweet berries.
Doesn't this one look like it should be a cool, wintery mint blend?  Hehe, anyway, I do get a hint of blueberry but I think frosting is the strongest note on cold sniff.
Mac Apple, Sherbet Noel, and Pink Sugar OP
Mac Apple- Juicy sweet apple with fresh, clean notes.
Rainbow Sherbet- Yummy, creamy frozen treat with pineapple, berries, lemon, oranges and more.
Pink Sugar- Cotton candy, vanilla and caramel with a slight musky bottom note.
 Mainly getting the Pink Sugar right now, with just teeny hints of apple.

Zucchini French Toast, and Pound Cake OP 

Uh, yeah.  You know how I feel about zucpukey.  I even gambled and asked if she could replace this with anything else.  I understood when she said no.  If she did it for one, she'd have to do it for all.  She did tell me she's not a zucchini fan either and that it was really toned down in this blend.  Not to my nose, it's not.  Ugh.  This is what I smelled when I opened the package, while I took pics, and all the while I've had the chunks on my desk to do this post.  I do get some of the French toast notes and some bakery from the cake but even that little bit of zucchini kills it for me.  And why did this one have to be the biggest chunk?  LOL  Yeah, this will need to find a new home.
Mystery Overpour
I also received three small freebies in my sampler.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I really don't like the whole 'mystery tart' thing that more vendors seem to be doing now.  It might be fun to try and figure out what's in them but what's the point?  You'll probably never know, and even if you like it, you'll never know what it was to be able to order it or try to recreate it.  But oh well, I'm going to give these a sniff and see if I can tell what they might be.

The purple one is bakery, sort of salty, not fruity or sweet.
The pink one might have apple and VBN in it.
The yellow one is lemon bakery.
And that's my Sweet Fixations chunk sampler!
I'm going to let these sit for a while, let the scents separate and settle after shipment.  I hope they get stronger, or bloom more while melting.  I'm a bit worried by how light they seem right now.  Regardless how these turn out though, I'm looking forward to placing more orders from Sweet Fixations.

Are you a Sweet Fixations fan?
See anything in this sampler that sounds interesting to you?

Melted - Rosegirls / Lemon Biscotti & Strawberry Shortcake

Lemon Biscotti and Strawberry Shortcake - [no scent description]

I was surprised I didn't care much for this one.  It was like fresh strawberries in cereal.  By that I mean, there were cereal notes similar to Fruit Loops type scents but without the sweetness, and there was a lot of strawberry but it was more like the fresh picked type and not the sweet jam type.  I don't notice either of those on cold sniff, where I get more of the lemon and sweet cake.  I've never been into the Fresh Picked Strawberry scent craze, but I know others who are so I'm sure I can find the remaining chunk of this a nice new home.

I melted 1.4 oz. of this in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Read - Shadowland (The Immortals, Book Three)

(The Immortals, Book Three)
by Alyson Noel
339 pages

'Ever and Damen have gone through countless lives and fought off the world's darkest enemies so they could be together. But just when an everlasting future is finally within their reach, Damen is struck down by a curse―a dark spell separating him and Ever for eternity. Now sharing so much as a single touch could bring about Damen's death…and send him plummeting into the Shadowland, an eternal abyss for lost souls. Desperate to break the curse and save Damen, Ever immerses her herself in magick. And in her quest, she gets help from an unexpected source...a surfer named Jude.

Although she and Jude have only just met, he feels startlingly familiar. Despite her fierce loyalty to Damen, Ever is drawn to Jude, a green-eyed golden boy with magical talents and a mysterious past. She's always believed Damen to be her soulmate and one true love―and she still believes it to be true. But as Damen pulls away to save them from the darkness inhabiting his soul, Ever's connection with Jude grows stronger―and tests her love for Damen like never before…


I don't think I've reviewed books that I've given up on before, have I?  I always feel guilty when I give up on them too, like I should at least see it through no matter how bad it is.  But this book was horrible.  About halfway through I started skimming pages, hoping to at least just get the gist of the story.  After maybe five or six pages of skimming and getting nothing important I just gave up.  I found a story summary online just to see if the story hidden in the crap writing might have still be worth it.  Nope.  It didn't look like it.  I went ahead and read the summaries of the rest of the books in the series and yeah, I'm glad I quit when I did.  Sounds like it continues to get more complicated and ridiculous.

The first book in this series wasn't great but it was good enough for me to want to keep reading.  I'd thought (and hoped) the writing would get better as it went on and the author had more experience, but no, they were getting worse.  The writing is so dang weak!  It's vague and inconsistent.  It jumps all over the place.  One of the summaries said something along the lines of 'a lot of filler with very little story,' and that's SO true.  Things that don't make sense, things that come out of nowhere, things that contradict each other.  It's a mess.

Okay, so the end of the second book had Ever and Damen cursed.  Bad guy Roman had tricked Ever into adding her blood to an antidote Damen needed, and that made it where they can never be together in a physical sense.  Sharing their DNA will cause Damen to die.  Well of course it will.  Anything to keep the soul mates apart, right?  I hate that tactic in general, but this was about the dumbest version yet.  So now they claim to be frantically searching for an antidote to the tainted antidote, and some way to break the curse.  Frantically searching?  Huh, yeah, all I see is a lot of manifesting fancy cars and flat screen TVs, and googly eyeing each other, and going to school, and whatnot.  Then Ever gets mad at Damen because SHE is spending all this time frantically searching for a cure and all he seems to be doing is furnishing his house for the twin sisters he is now caring for.  What?  When is she doing all this searching when all she's been doing is snuggling on the couch with Damen pawing at her and talking sappy talk?

Oh yeah, those twins.  Ever first met them in Summerland, the magical place she and Damen visit sometimes.  They ended up coming to the real world at the end of the second book to try and help Ever save Damen.  Through Ever's endless bad choices, the twins lost their magic and are stuck here now.  Damen had already known them throughout many of his six hundred years alive.  They decide it's best if the twins stay with him while he and Ever try to find a way to get their magic back so they can return to Summerland.  Damen tells Ever about how they are witches, that their grandma (or aunt?) died saving them just before the Salem witch trials.  They are now stuck at twelve years old, even though they've lived in Summerland for hundreds of years.  They're twelve.  Yet the story carries on like they're newly adopted toddlers who can't be left alone.

Let's also bring the side story of Haven's sick cat and divorcing parents into the mix.

And let's not forget that Ever's Aunt Sabine, her legal guardian, is now insisting she get a summer job.  So she happens to sort of fall conveniently into a job at the magic shop, where she meets this hot guy and comes across an ancient, hidden Book of Shadows.  Oh?  Okay, maybe I see a connection here with the Book of Shadows being a spell book and the twins being witches.  That could be promising.  But I don't know if it ever connected because the summary I read didn't mention the twins.  Go figure.

I got soooooooo sick of Damen constantly touching Ever.  He couldn't say hello to her without brushing the hair from her face and trailing his fingers along her jaw, neck, collarbone, all while she gazed longingly at his luscious lips.  *puke*  And the writer's nonstop use of 'pressed my lips together' and 'squinted my eyes' made me want to hurl the book against the wall.

OH!  The curse is that they can't share their DNA, can't mix it up in any way, right?  At one point they wonder if the curse is real, if maybe Roman is just lying to them.  But how can they ever find out?  Oh, let's cut our hands and drip some blood into a dish or something and then add fire.  What?  Isn't mixing your blood in a dish still mixing your DNA???

So yeah, just a horribly weak and inconsistent story that I couldn't even finish.

Melted - Rosegirls / Fruit Salad Margaritas

Fruit Salad Margaritas - [no scent description]

I said in my haul post cold sniff notes that I did not and would not like this one because of the margaritas.  I decided to pop this one in anyway and imagine my surprise when I found myself actually liking it?!  It's probably best described as slightly fizzy SweeTarts.  It is a very sweet, sugary, candy-like scent with no particular fruit stepping forward to be identified.  And then that hint of zesty effervescence teases your nose along the way.  I don't think I'd go out of my way to get this again, but for today it was a fun little scent.

I melted this 1.4 oz. chunk in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent, but that scent didn't travel very far.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Melted - Rosegirls / Cinnamon Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cinnamon Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies - [no scent description]

I don't know why I'm always surprised when I like a chocolate chip cookie scent.  I mean, bakery IS my thing, right?  I think the chocolate is what makes me leery.  But no fear, all the other cookie notes come through and this Rosegirls version is a winner too.  I didn't notice any distinct caramel note, or any extra richness to the cookie scent overall, but I did notice just a touch of that cinnamon, just enough to make a cozy homey scent a little bit more interesting.  I would get this again.

I melted a 1.2 oz. chunk in my tea light warmer and had healthy medium scent.  I would still prefer stronger, but for as light as my recent Rosegirls melts have been this one is a nice step in the right direction.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Natters - Mar. 20 / Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!
Is it springlike where you are?  It wasn't too bad here, temps in the low 40s but lots of sunshine.  We had snow flurries all day yesterday but it was warm enough that they melted as soon as they hit the ground.  We've had flowers coming up in our south flowerbed for weeks already.  Our yard is looking more green now instead of winter-brown.  We need to do some major cleanup around the yard soon.  One of our trees is apparently dying, and shed most of its bark over the winter.  We have a ton of sticks and small branches all over too, from a very windy day last week.  The joys of owning a home, eh?

Today is not only the first day of spring, but also hubby's birthday.
We didn't do much, just had some mini cupcakes and played Munchkin.  I'd gotten him a Walking Dead booster pack of Munchin cards, along with a zombie booster pack.  (The boys got him iTunes cards.)  The first game was just me, hubby, Ty, and Casey.  Three friends of Casey's came over then and I left so they could all play while I went and watched some murder shows on TV.  Casey ended up going to bed before his friends left because he has to work tonight but I don't think anyone minded.  It sounded like they were all having a pretty good time playing Munchkin.

I kept wanting to work on family tree stuff today but just couldn't put down the stupid Bejeweled game hubby has me hooked on now.  I've also been wanting to get back to reading but noooooo, I have to more bajillions of jewels around first.  I haven't read my book at all for probably a week now.  And I have two NEW ones sitting here wanting to be read now!  I need to put the dang iPod games away and read, read, READ.

What TV shows are you watching these days?  Superstore and The Shannara Chronicles are done for now.  I almost gave up on Gotham because it was just getting boring to me, but today I changed my mind and went back and watched the one episode I'd missed.  Vikings is still good.  I'm curious about where this new relationship between Ragnar and Yidu will go.  But that foot licking?  Eeww.  And did you freak like we did when little Ivar did what he did to that other kid?!  Sleepy Hollow has really sucked me back in these past couple episodes.  I really like Pandora's part of the story now.  At first I didn't like her and was rather bored with this show too.  I'm sure Pandora's story will run it's course this season though, and next season I might start off bored again.  Have you ever watched Lucifer?  I've set the DVR to start recording that for me.  I just want to check it out.  I always like what I see in the commercials.  And then there are my murder shows.  I'm pretty much hooked on ID channel these days, all the different true crime shows.  I watch that more than Snapped now, because we all know that Snapped only shows the same handful of episodes over and over and over.  *sigh*

And that's about it for me at the moment.
Now I have to go move jewels around on a small screen before bed.

Melted - Rosegirls / Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self - 'Lemon Verbena and Gilligan's Brew (coconut milk and heavy whipping cream).'

This was a soft and friendly lemon scent with just enough coconut to know it's there, and then all wrapped up in a sweet, creaminess.  The coconut and cream kept the lemon toned down, more like a Lemonheads candy type instead of a bold citrus.  I really loved this blend but it was just way too light for me.

I melted this 1.8 oz. chunk in my Glade hot plate warmer and had a light, background type scent.  When the furnace kicked on or people were walking around and stirring up the air, the scent was much more noticeable, but in general it just hid in the background.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Melted - Rosegirls / Raspberry Pineapple Birthday Cake

Raspberry Pineapple Birthday Cake - [no scent description]

A very nice, happy bakery scent for spring.  It was a very nice blend all around.  The fruit to bakery ratio was about even.  The raspberry and pineapple notes were about even as well, although the pineapple didn't give it a tropical feel so I think the raspberry was a wee bit stronger.  The sugary vanilla white cake notes tone down the fruit a bit, giving just a touch of warmth to the scent and keeping it bakery.  Overall though, a light, bright, fun scent.

I melted a little over 1 oz. worth in my tea light warmer, and then later tried a little over an ounce in my Glade hot plate warmer and had light-medium scent both times.  The throw is great, smelled it immediately upon entering the house after running some errands, but it was a lighter, more background type scent.  This would be good if company is coming and you're not sure how they feel about heavy scents.  For myself though, I would have liked it stronger.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Natters - Mar. 18


I took a break because I put myself in a very awkward place.  Because of that Flare magazine article, and a discussion about that with a Scream Queens fan at work, someone I work with now knows about my blog.  While I don't think there is anything wrong or incriminating here in my ancient and quirky blog, it's just incredibly awkward to know that someone I face day to day in my real life is now seeing it all.  We had a good laugh about it, with him guessing "Are you a crazy candle blogger?!?!?!?!"

Yes, I am.

But that's not even the really awkward part.  It's the Natters that had me all embarrassed.  Suddenly it seemed incredibly stupid to talk about what I bought at Dollar Tree, or show a pic of the new stickers I bought at Walmart.  What's perfectly normal to us in this haul blogging community is bizarre and dorky to someone on the outside looking in, and now I'm all self conscious about doing it.  The urge to do it is still there, and I've been accumulating some things I normally would have shared by now, but every time I come here to post I think about it from that outsider's point of view and I chicken out.

So I took an unplanned break, trying to figure out if I'd get my blogger balls back, like maybe if I waited long enough he'd get bored and move on.  I'm pretty sure he'll be reading this though, so maybe the better approach is to dive back into it so he gets bored with the random weirdness even faster than the boredom of waiting for me to post.  lol

We shall see.

Melted - Rosegirls - Blueberry Muffin Pie Crust

 Blueberry Muffin Pie Crust
(Blueberry Muffin - (Rosegirls Custom Blend) - 'As you pull apart a piping hot muffin, you'll be greeted by sweetly ripened blueberries wafting through the steam!'
Pie Crust - 'Yummy pie crust fresh from the bakery.')

This was a really nice blueberry bakery scent.  A casual sniff and you'd probably just think 'Mmm, blueberry muffins.'  It's more than that though.  The pie crust, while not distinct on its own, takes it slightly away from muffins and more towards general bakery.  The blueberry is strong, making it a sweet, more fruity scent.  And that tell-tale Rosegirls creamy note wraps it in yumminess.  I would buy this again if I came across it.

I melted about 1 oz. worth in my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Melted - Scentsationals / Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari - 'A harvest medley of pine and spice.'

Although there is pine in the description, this is not in any way a Christmas tree type scent.  Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit.  Is sage a spice?  Because something in this reminds me of sage scents I've had recently.  This was a really nice change of pace scent for me, not bakery that has always been my favorite, not fruity and sweet like I've been gravitating towards recently.  This is sort of an outdoorsy scent but without that sort of cologne note that often lurks in 'outdoors' scents.  It's sort of a moist greenery scent with a touch of warmth and depth from whatever that 'spice' is.  This was nice but this type of scent in general is not one I reach for often.

I melted two cubes (about .8 oz. worth) in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Melted - Scentsationals / Pink Velvet

Pink Velvet - 'This sweet and fun fragrance mingles sugared lemon, apple and pineapple into a sweet heart of tropical punch and red currant. Sugar cane and vanilla bean in the base deliver a captivating finish.'
 I really liked this one, but it was just too light.  While it mainly strikes you as a sugary vanilla scent, just a touch of warmth and hint of implied bakery, if you really pay attention you find it's a sweet, fun scent.  The fruits in the description combine nicely, with pineapple being the only one I could actually pick out of the mix, but with a punch vibe overall.  Imagine punch and cookies.

I melted two cubes (about .8 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had light scent.  Every once in a while I'd get a glorious stronger scent, but in general it was a very light, subtle background scent and that's a bummer.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Melted - Scentsationals / Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies

Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies - 'Deliciously baked lemon, lime, blend of pure sweet coconut milk and sugar with light notes of vanilla extract.'

The description might be a bit misleading.  Don't think of 7Up just because you see that mention of lime with the lemon.  And don't think all tropical because you see the mention of coconut milk.  I would never have guessed that either lime or coconut was in here.  To me it was just a delicious lemon bakery scent.  Sweet, bright lemon with a soft vanilla bakery background.  This was awesome and I would buy it again.

I melted two cubes (about .8 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had strong scent.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Melted - Scentsationals / Spiced Sugar Cookie

Spiced Sugar Cookie - [no scent description]
(The left side of this combo pack.)

I used to think sugar cookie scents were just plain and boring.  I've really come around to the deliciousness of their simplicity though!  This one was a deep, rich cookie scent, with an added hint of soft spice.  The cookie notes are the main thing here.  Spice haters need not fear this one.  Although I got this as part of a combo pack, I know Spiced Sugar Cookie is available on its own.  I will have to check my store next time I'm there because it seems like I've seen it.  Or maybe it was back in the fall/winter lines?

I melted the whole five cube row (about 1.2 oz. worth) in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.

(This was a gift.)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Melted - Scentsationals / Mocha Frappe Latte

Mocha Frappe Latte - [no scent description]
(The right side of this combo pack.)

I'm relieved to find that there are still some coffee scents I do like.  This one is on the sweeter side, and quite creamy.  There is a chocolate note, but the coffee note is stronger.  All that frothiness keeps the usual bitter note in the coffee toned down.  This one was yummy.

I melted the whole five cube row (about 1.2 oz) in my Glade hot plate warmer and had strong scent.

(This was a gift.)

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 3 / March 2016

Welcome to the third edition of the Band of Bloggers. March is upon us and visions of spring lull us out of the winter doldrums. This month's topic sprung forth from a conversation with Deb and reading Michelle's blog post recently about Tea & Cakes being a scent trend. 

What scent trends have you noticed or have you fallen into so far this year? What do you predict being some trending scents? Scent trends can be in wax, candles, perfume, and/or body care. 
This is a hard question for me because I really have not been following what's new for vendors, and my chatty in-the-know waxy bloggy friends who used to keep me informed have mostly wandered away.   I don't know if there really IS a current scent trend.  I did notice that several of the *new* scents in the Scentsy catalog feature black plum, so maybe that'll be a trend?  The Tea and Cakes idea is interesting, and I'll have to keep my eye on that.

For me personally, I know the things I used to really love are just not doing it for me lately.  Bakery used to be my thing.  I used to love coffee scents, and warm, cozy foodie scents.  These days I'm just not liking most of what I melt and I keep reaching for brighter, fruitier things.  Maybe it's because most of the things I'm melting at the moment were gifted to me, and not things I'd have chosen myself?  Who knows.  I do know though, that my own personal scent trend is fruity scents.

We would love to hear from you! 

Please visit these Band of Bloggers blogs and help support the blogger community!

Lauren, at Lolo Loves Scents.
Liz, at Furianne
Michelle, at Waxing About.
Sunnee, at Fragrance Obsessed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Haul - Rosegirls / Berry Sampler

I seem to be going Rosegirls crazy lately.  I got a sampler in January, ordered a couple bags of chunks during the Feb. 14 sale, and then ordered another sampler on Feb. 26.  AND . . . I'm thinking about placing a mini melters order!  I'm loving the quick TATs on these samplers, and love the fact that you can actually place an order without too much stress.  Well, the Zen samplers did sell out in under two minutes this time but everything else has been pretty easy to get.

February's sampler sale had a choice of Zen samplers or berry samplers.  While their version of Zen is intriguing to me, I didn't want to risk a whole sampler in case I ended up not liking that scent.  So instead, I grabbed a berry sampler.  Just like with the January samplers, it was advertised as a 2 lb. sampler and I once again received 2 lbs. 1 oz. of wax.  There were 12 different scents in my sampler this time.  There were 13 in the January one.  It all just kinda depends on how big the chunks are.  I ordered Friday, Feb. 26, within 10 minutes of the site opening, and received my order on Wednesday, March 2!  That is an amazing TAT for Rosegirls!

I'm not going to bother trying to round up the scent descriptions for this post.  It's quite a mess trying to search multiple sources for a scent description that may or not even be there.  That's one thing I really wish Rosegirls would clean up a bit.  Most people DO want to be able to look up a scent description.
But anyway . . . 

Let's see what I got in this berry sampler!

 Strawberry, Raspberry, Guava, and Lemon Poppyseed Cake
Lemony with a touch of strawberry and a hint of bakery.

Grape Bubblegum and Caribbean Crush (Type)
Hard to describe.  I get the bubblegum note and possibly a bit of grape, but there is an overall candy-like note but with something I can't figure out making it more sophisticated than simple candy.  Is there a hint of musk in this?!

Pina Colada and Cherry Berry Punch
The Cherry Berry far outweighs anything else in here, and that's not surprising since Cherry Berry is very potent.  What tiny bit of Pina Colada might be peeking through just makes it a weird scent.  This is super sweet and fruity, almost effervescent.  I'm not a fan of this one.

Peppermint Strawberry Euphoria
This one, on the other hand, I love!  There is something so delicious about the peppermint scent Rosegirls uses!  There is a nice, soft strawberry note but this is mainly a drool worthy creamy peppermint scent.  This is easily my favorite of the whole sampler.

Love Yourself
I could have sworn I just saw the scent description of this in the past day or two, and now that I desperately need it, I can't find it.  I have no clue what's in this and am afraid to guess, so forgive me if my attempt is far from accurate.  This is creamy, and slightly warm, like maybe marshmallow or heavy vanilla.  There is possibly a hint of coconut and then a slight fruity note that I can't figure out.  I like it, just don't know what's in it.

Pomegranate Cotton Candy Frosting
This one is quite light.  It's a pretty scent, sweet and fun, more of the cotton candy than the pomegranate.

Blackberry Jam, Royal Sugar Cookies, and Birthday Cake
This one is surprisingly light at the moment too.  What I can smell is a very nice vanilla bakery scent.

Fruit Salad and Sex On The Beach
I'm not much of a fan of this one.  It's another super sweet one, a little more fruity than candy-like, but there is still an almost bubbly note to it.  It almost seems like there is peach in this, which is a scent I'm not very fond of.

Strawberries and Cream, and Hey Sugar Type
My very first thought of this was 'Strawberry shortcake next to a glass of 7Up.'  LOL
Is Hey Sugar supposed to be a Hello Sugar dupe?  I know that has lemon in it at least.  I do get a hint of something creamy bakery-ish but there is a lot of sugary sweetness on top of it.

Pink Sugar, Purple Cow, and Whipped Cream
I can tell there is Pink Sugar in here but it's toned down by soft vanilla cream notes.  There is just a touch of grape poking through if you really pay attention.  Nothing really jumps out to wow you on this one.  Maybe when it's warmed it will bloom.

Banana Cream Pie, Pie Crust, and Brown Sugar
Ohhh, this is good.  It reminds me of Bananas Foster or banana caramel muffin scents I've had in the past.  It's warm and delicious and I would gladly take a bag of this.

Wildberry Mousse and Baked Zucchini Bread
Well this scent was doomed before I even brought it to my nose.  I'm not a fan of Wildberry Mousse and I friggen hate zucchini scents.  My waxy friends are probably laughing hysterically at my luck.  lol
Yeah, I can't even describe this except to say the zucchini bread is the stronger note.
*throws it in the box*

That is my berry sampler from the February sale!
See anything you're excited about?
Have you had any of these before?

I'm already looking forward to the next sampler offering, whenever and whatever it may be.