Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Melted - Rosegirls / Lemon Biscotti & Strawberry Shortcake

Lemon Biscotti and Strawberry Shortcake - [no scent description]

I was surprised I didn't care much for this one.  It was like fresh strawberries in cereal.  By that I mean, there were cereal notes similar to Fruit Loops type scents but without the sweetness, and there was a lot of strawberry but it was more like the fresh picked type and not the sweet jam type.  I don't notice either of those on cold sniff, where I get more of the lemon and sweet cake.  I've never been into the Fresh Picked Strawberry scent craze, but I know others who are so I'm sure I can find the remaining chunk of this a nice new home.

I melted 1.4 oz. of this in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.

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