Sunday, March 20, 2016

Natters - Mar. 20 / Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!
Is it springlike where you are?  It wasn't too bad here, temps in the low 40s but lots of sunshine.  We had snow flurries all day yesterday but it was warm enough that they melted as soon as they hit the ground.  We've had flowers coming up in our south flowerbed for weeks already.  Our yard is looking more green now instead of winter-brown.  We need to do some major cleanup around the yard soon.  One of our trees is apparently dying, and shed most of its bark over the winter.  We have a ton of sticks and small branches all over too, from a very windy day last week.  The joys of owning a home, eh?

Today is not only the first day of spring, but also hubby's birthday.
We didn't do much, just had some mini cupcakes and played Munchkin.  I'd gotten him a Walking Dead booster pack of Munchin cards, along with a zombie booster pack.  (The boys got him iTunes cards.)  The first game was just me, hubby, Ty, and Casey.  Three friends of Casey's came over then and I left so they could all play while I went and watched some murder shows on TV.  Casey ended up going to bed before his friends left because he has to work tonight but I don't think anyone minded.  It sounded like they were all having a pretty good time playing Munchkin.

I kept wanting to work on family tree stuff today but just couldn't put down the stupid Bejeweled game hubby has me hooked on now.  I've also been wanting to get back to reading but noooooo, I have to more bajillions of jewels around first.  I haven't read my book at all for probably a week now.  And I have two NEW ones sitting here wanting to be read now!  I need to put the dang iPod games away and read, read, READ.

What TV shows are you watching these days?  Superstore and The Shannara Chronicles are done for now.  I almost gave up on Gotham because it was just getting boring to me, but today I changed my mind and went back and watched the one episode I'd missed.  Vikings is still good.  I'm curious about where this new relationship between Ragnar and Yidu will go.  But that foot licking?  Eeww.  And did you freak like we did when little Ivar did what he did to that other kid?!  Sleepy Hollow has really sucked me back in these past couple episodes.  I really like Pandora's part of the story now.  At first I didn't like her and was rather bored with this show too.  I'm sure Pandora's story will run it's course this season though, and next season I might start off bored again.  Have you ever watched Lucifer?  I've set the DVR to start recording that for me.  I just want to check it out.  I always like what I see in the commercials.  And then there are my murder shows.  I'm pretty much hooked on ID channel these days, all the different true crime shows.  I watch that more than Snapped now, because we all know that Snapped only shows the same handful of episodes over and over and over.  *sigh*

And that's about it for me at the moment.
Now I have to go move jewels around on a small screen before bed.


  1. It IS springlike over here! I got an almost sunburn from our bike ride on Saturday! I didn't expect it to be so sunny out.
    It's usually around this time of year when I appreciate not being a homeowner yet. It's such a hassle doing yard upkeep, and I hated doing it when I lived with my parents.
    I've started watching anime again. Besides that no other TV shows. I feel so out of touch with the world and all of the shows everyone watches. Some of my friends here are trying to get me into Korean dramas. I don't care for American dramas, so I'm trying to tell them I don't think I'd appreciate it in a Korean setting either.
    I'm getting together a box for you in the next few weeks <3 Is there anything specific you're wanting from Korea? Or at all?

    1. It's springlike for the moment here, but the whole state is in a tizzy because there is a huge storm coming and no one can agree on where it will track or what it will bring us. Some say my area will get 6-10" snow with blizzard conditions. And some say it will track south of this area and we'll get rain.


      A goody box from Korea! Anything specific, you ask.... We do collect shot glasses and postcards. Some Korean geekery like washi or stickers would fun. Beyond that, I'll leave it up to you and look forward to the surprise.


  2. Vikings. And X-Files. Reading a bit. Sewing! And tomorrow getting some things for the girls' Easter baskets. Headed to the beach Wednesday. That will be nice.

    Bejeweled is fun for distressing though. Maybe you need it. Then you'll get bored and move on. Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    1. I didn't play Bejeweled at all yesterday, and haven't played at all yet today. Of course, I haven't picked up my book yet today either, but I'm hoping to! Had to go to my mom's today and get some other things done first.