Saturday, March 26, 2016

Natters - Mar. 26

Hi.  What's up?  Got your eggs all dyed and baskets ready to hide?

Well, my mom made the first appointment in the process of getting her other hip replaced.  It's funny because she swore up and down that she'd never go through that again, and the nurses and therapists all told her she'd change her mind after the first was healed and she was feeling better.  Took her a while, but here we go on Hip Adventure, Round 2.  I'm glad, but I'm also not thrilled at all to have to go through that again, staying with her and all that.  It *should* be easier this time because we all know what to expect this time.  We already have all the things she'll need so it won't be me running around frantically trying to find and buy things.  And hopefully they don't crack her hip again in the hospital!

See this large bare tree?  We had a tree service guy here today for an estimate on cutting it down.  I'd noticed last summer that most of its leaves had changed and fallen well before fall.  Hubby noticed earlier in winter that it was losing most of its bark.  The tree guy said yep, it looks like Dutch Elm disease and the tree will be coming down.  I'm actually quite sad about this.
It's a huge tree, standing in our front yard.  You can see it in this pic, compared to our house.
I wonder how old this poor tree is.  I wonder if the tree guy will be able to tell when he cuts it down?

I started up my Netflix account again.  Our internet out here in the boonies is way too sucky for streaming, so I have the old school dvds-by-mail option.  I'm not quite sure why I started again.  I mean, there are a lot of movies and shows I'd like to be able to watch but in reality, I just don't sit down and watch things often enough.  Maybe I can get back into the habit.  I'm not sure.  First up though is Unfriended, and the first disc of the first season Empire.  Hubby has no interest in Empire, so I'll be watching that on my own time.  I'm not even sure I'll be into it, but wanted to at least try.

Work is okay lately.  Some of the same old stresses are still there but some things are happening that might at least cancel out some of the newer problems.  My biggest problem at the moment continues to be my feet.  Hubby keeps wanting me to go to the Good Feet Store since I won't go to a doctor.  I've been blowing off the idea so far but now I think maybe he's right.  He'd have to take me though because it's all the way up in Appleton and I'm a baby about driving.  Something has to give though because there are days when I'm in agony, almost in tears and tempted to go home.  I minimize my job duties so I can avoid walking.  I sit down every chance I can.  It's quite horrible most days lately.

Yeah, pity party over for this evening.  In happier work news, a coworker's wife had their baby this morning.  They already have a two year old daughter.  They decided not find out beforehand what this one would be.  (That's pretty rare these days!)  We were all surprised that it was another girl.  They named her Brynlee.  I've never heard that name.  Interesting.  Their other daughter is Natalee.  Now I get to go shopping and get them a little gift!  Yay!

Alrighty, it's almost time for me to go ignore my book in favor of Bejeweled on my iPod.


  1. Shame about that beautiful tree beside your home. When it's removed, be sure to replace it with another!

    I know you have at least some interest in true crime, so allow me to recommend THE JINX which I believe is available on DVD for rent via Netflix. This is a documentary on Robert Durst, a man who was in the news not too long ago for killing a vagrant while he was living anonymously in a small apartment as a woman. Later, Durst was linked to his multi-million dollar family tree of Manhattan high-rise holdings, making them amongst the richest Americans in existence. Well, that's just the beginning of this jaw-dropping story! You will never see anything as incredibly strange as this tale! Very highly recommended!

    You need to have a crabby family member on hand who will force you into a podiatrist's office! Please don't put this off!

    1. I have heard of the Robert Durst case and even tried to watch the show, but couldn't get into it.

      Hubby wants to keep part of the tree trunk standing and then get a chainsaw wood carver over here for an estimate on an idea he has.


  2. Poor tree. Maybe you can keep a cross section and use it for something. A memorial to a beautiful tree. I wish Netflix had Vikings so I COULD WATCH ITTTTTTTT.

    I hope hubs takes you to get new shoes soon. Foot pain is serious. You don't want to do permenant damage. Go to Appleton. Then go to Appketon BBW and pick up some candles from that sweet manager Jennifer.

    1. LOL about sweet Jennifer. She was probably fired and her life ruined after that 15 minutes of fame. There will be a stalker movie about it some day.

      I like the idea of a cross section of the tree!