Sunday, March 27, 2016

Natters - Mar. 27 / Happy Easter

Did you all have a nice day?  We didn't do anything fancy here.  Casey went to bed before noon because he works tonight.  Ty was over to do his laundry and have ham and potatoes lunch with us.  We candy in our baskets to munch on.  And we just lounged around watching movies and catching up on TV shows we have recorded.

I watched Unfriended.  I actually kinda liked it.  Hubby didn't get it though, because he's soooo not an internet type person.  If you don't know, the whole movie takes place in Skype calls and Facebook interactions.  A classmate of these teens killed herself a year ago after being embarrassed online by her 'friends.'  Now there is someone mysterious sitting in on their Skype call, and messaging them on Facebook.  Rather predictable, but I still liked it.

We watched Mockingjay - Part 2 too.  I read the trilogy of books and while I absolutely loved the first (Hunger Games) the other two kinda bored me.  Politics and uprising and war are not my thing.  I have enjoyed the movie versions of those two books more.  I couldn't remember too much from Part 1 or even from the Mockingjay book though, so watching this was almost like going into it totally new.  I did remember small bits here and there.  I was mad Prim's death scene because it was so quick and almost like they skipped right over it.  But then later when the cat showed up and Katniss yelled at it and finally broke down, yeah, I was crying.  In the book, I was sobbing when the cat showed up.  Overall, I guess I liked the movie.

I watched the first episode of Empire but don't think I'll bother with the rest of the series, at least not right now.  I do like Cookie, loved it when she beat her arrogant son with the broom.  LOL  But that style of music just isn't for me, and that particular son drives me freakin' nuts.

We also watched last week's Sleepy Hollow and Vikings.  I enjoyed both of those.

I have some pictures of Easter-y stuff I thought I'd drop into this post.  I know it's after the fact at this point but earlier in the month when I'd gotten some of the things, I was in my embarrassed phase, not knowing if I could continue blogging.

I'd found this mason jar of speckled eggs weeks ago at Walmart.  I think it was under $5.00.  The jar is just light plastic.  I trimmed the ends of the ribbon down quite a bit.  This has been on our kitchen table for the Easter season.

I'd picked up these three packs of stickers weeks ago too, also at Walmart.  I did not know at the time what I'd do with them but wanted to have them on hand anyway because they're cute.  I ended up using just a few from the bottom pack on cards I'd sent out.  As I was using them, I absolutely fell in love with that pack.  They are slightly glittery and sooooo stinkin' cute!  I tried to find more the last time I was at the store but didn't now see any.  Bummer.

I got a surprise package from my sister the other day.  These two super cute Easter towels were among the things included.  They are flour sack type towels with embroidery on them.

This guy was also in the box.  He's quite huge!  I'd say at least 18 inches tall.  Casey thought it was a cow.  Hubby thought it was a donkey.  I picked it right though, a horse.  And he's dressed like a rabbit.  How cute?!  Minion was obsessed with this poor guy's tail for a while.  He actually dragged this across the room by its fluffy tail.  LOL

This is how the buffet looked, all decorated for Easter.  The bunnies hanging on the wall are wooden, and I think they are from Target.  The larger ones are a garland.  The smaller ones are ornaments that I just hung on the garland string.  There are two bunny eggs in the ancient fake flowers in back.  Those were a gift from a waxy bloggy friend.

And this is our candy loot after The Bunny had visited.  See that pack of Munchkin cards in the middle?  Yeah, The Bunny brought those too.  We didn't get to play today though.  Oh yeah, and on the left is the small basket of goodies that Lynx and Minion got.
Yep, they got some of their treats this morning and had that container of food for supper.

That's about it for our Easter.
Time to go ignore my book again and play some Bejeweled.


  1. Happy Easter! What cute decorations! I love that robin's egg jar.

    I keep meaning to pick up Munchkin. And Carcassone. How is Fatty Cat doing? They seemed to be excited about their treats! I bought Adam gummy bears and the girls got a dragon toy and a bathing suit and a couple candies in their baskets. Not much but still nice.

    1. I have not heard of Carcassone. I'll have to look that one up. Casey's friend brought over some game called Exploding Kittens, or something like that. LOL We never got a chance to play, so I'm still not sure what that one's all about.

      Fattycat is hanging in there. It would be nice if he'd gain some weight and not act like he's cold all the time, but he's still social and even has his moments of rambunctiousness.

      You can't go wrong with dragon toys and gummy bears.