Friday, April 15, 2016

Haul - Country Lane Keepsakes (wax)

This is my second order from Country Lane Keepsakes and I'm pretty sure it's a vendor I'll continue to order from.  I've grown frustrated recently with light throwing wax, and scents from samplers that just weren't my cup of tea.  I decided to place some small orders from a few different places, and CLK is one of them.  So let's just dive in and see what I got!

Grandma's Lemon Cake - 'That moment when you cut into a warm lemon cake, just after grandma topped it with her delicious lemon sugar glaze!'
 So soo yummy.  There is sweet sugary lemon, and the cake is more like poundcake.  How cute is that little wax bee?!  There were two of them in this package.

Cherry Custard Pie - 'A pie that has long been a family tradition. Custard pie with wonderful black cherries baked in. Served warm or cold this was always a favorite.'
I'd forgotten I ordered this one and it was funny to see it because just the day before I'd received an order from another vendor that had Black Cherry Custard in it.  Am I on a cherry custard kick now?  lol
Anyway, this one is also very nice.  There is a nice creamy cherry note along with a distinct pie crust bakery note.
Comforting Caramel - 'Caramel sauce over a spiced strudel cake.'
I wasn't sure about this one because lately caramel scents haven't agreed with me.  I keep getting a salty, bitter note.  I took a chance with this because of the cake and yeah, I think this will be alright.  On cold sniff I get the softly spiced cake notes first.  The caramel is sweet and milky, not at all the salty type.
Berliner - 'The German term for what is similar to a donut. Made from sweet dough with a berry filling and covered in powdered sugar.'
I just had to try this one because you know I'm all about Germany.  A German bakery scent?  Sure, why not!  This is kind of hard to describe.  On cold sniff right now there is sort of a doughy donut note, with a soft, sweet berry note deep inside.
Lemon Squares - 'A wonderful lemon pudding layered between vanilla cake and served with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar.'
 Ohhh yes.  Love me some lemon squares!  This is a sweet lemon scent, like Lemonheads candy, with some creaminess to it.  The cake notes are softer, like a platform for that delicious lemon.

Huckleberry Corn Muffin - 'A something special muffin with huckleberries thrown in.'
I had to do some reading, and found that huckleberries are similar to blueberries.  Since I've had corn bread scents that I enjoy, and since I enjoy blueberry muffin scents, I figured I'd give this one a try.  I would say, if you didn't know any better, that this is very similar to a blueberry muffin scent.  The corn muffin might be a touch bolder than a generic 'muffin' note but it's still yummy.

And then there is the very generous bag of SIX freebies.
(Thank you so much, Carol!)

Vanilla Peach - 'A nice vanilla pudding with fresh, ripe peaches sliced and blended to perfection.'
Peach is not a scent I'm overly fond of.  It always reminds me of super cheap stickup air fresheners that we had in this house when we were first moving in.  This is a soft peach, lots of vanilla to warm it up.  I'm not sure if I'll keep this or share it with someone else.

Pistachio Pineapple Salad - 'A holiday favorite with my family. Pistachio nut pudding, fresh crushed pineapple, almonds, vanilla, whipped cream and marshmallows.'
This is interesting!  Different sniffs give me different notes.  I think the pistachio and almond blend together to be the strongest note, but even so, it's not an inyerface almond scent.  There is sweetness, and I think the marshmallow really tones it down.

Sweet Sugar Cookie - 'The sweet scent of sugar cookies being taken from the oven. Warm Sugar cookies with a dusting of those large sugar drops across the top.'
The picture doesn't really show it but there is a cute cherub on this tart.  This is a lighter, brighter version of sugar cookie compared to a lot of the rich, buttery ones I've had.  This is quite light on cold sniff.

Jen's Orange Juice Cookie - 'A wonderful baked cookie topped with a fresh orange juice and buttery confection frosting.'
 Orange juice is the strongest note in this and it has that almost choking zestiness to it.  There is a bakery note close behind, toning it down a bit but that orange is just pushing it out of the way.  I'm not fond of this one and will probably share it with someone.

Annie's Apple Pie - 'Annie's apple pie has a crumb topping giving this a less pie crust
Scent and touch more vanilla/cinnamon topped pie.
 The Fall Slut in me got a little excited when she pulled this one out of the bag.  This is a nice apple scent.  It's more apple than pie.  It's softly spiced, not a heavy fall spice type, and could probably be melted any time of year.  I'm still tucking it away for fall though.

Lemon Ice Cream Scoop Bread - 'Delicious blend of our yummy ice cream scoop bread. Blended with our zesty lemon, a marshmallow topping and sweet ice cream.'
Isn't that a gorgeous tart?!  The detail and edges are so delicate.  So anyway, the scent is what you want to know about.  I'm always leery of scents that have 'bread' in them, ever since I found out some vendors use zucchini bread as their 'bread' note.  I detect no zucpukey in this though.  *phew*  This is actually a very delicious lemon bakery scent, like a happy lemon cookie.
I ordered the 4 oz. bags option and those are $3.95 each in the Country Lane Keepsakes Etsy shop.  I paid $10.00 shipping but was refunded $1.00.  I placed my order on Monday, Apr. 11, and received it on Thursday, Apr. 14.  Heck yeah!!!  You can not beat that TAT!  And with honest shipping, a shop that's always open, and generous freebies, I will definitely be back.
Have you ordered from Country Lane Keepsakes?


  1. We posted our CLK at the same time! Jinx, you owe me a coke. <3

    Her wax is great. I plan on a much bigger order soon. Your apple pie tart has me dreaming of fall too. And that rose!! It steals my heart. Happy wax is the best wax. Good to know about huckleberries...

    1. I'm already wanting to place another order. I just love when the presentation is so pristine, and I love the grubby style. Plus these scents, even on cold sniff, are deep and true.


  2. Country Lane Keepsake is the BOMB. I've placed three large orders and have been 100% pleased with each and every one. The fragrances are incredible and, just as you've stated, deep and true to the source. Just wait until you actually melt a tart. POW! The throw is fantastic and the scents are complex with lots of interesting notes. I'm a huge fan of spa/clean/fresh/woodsy/perfume-cologne-type scents and there are a multitude of great options including Mood Child, Havana, Kimono Flower, Sunset, Karma and many others. I still have to explore more the bakery fragrances in the future. All the ones I've tried have bee impressive!

    1. Yep, this is my second order. Between you and Julie and your shared 'sophisticated' tastes, I always know I can find a home for scents I don't like. lol


  3. That flower tart - GORGEOUS yes!
    Putting CLK on my to order list immediately.

    1. Yes! Order NOW! And post about it, because you know that deep down you still have an urge to do that....


  4. Such cute shapes! I'm a sucker for appearances. There's nothing special about shaped wax but I fall head over heels for it.

    I haven't ordered from CLK. I think it's because I know the vendor will always be there and I don't have to worry about long TATs. CLK gets pushed aside for other vendors that I may not get another chance to order from.

    1. Order! ORDER!!! I'm itching to place another order already but trying so hard not to until I get through most of my current stash. I'm kinda getting buried here. lol