Thursday, April 14, 2016

Haul - Smell Goods (wax)

Smell Goods is a wax vendor I know very little about.  Owners Stephen and Rachel had found me on Instagram and I had browsed their shop a couple times before finally placing a small order.  They have different shapes and sizes of wax, from $1.00 scallops to $3.25 clamshells and other options.  The scent list is small and manageable, a lot of common scents.  I'm not sure if they do house blends.  It was easy for me to find a handful of familiar scents to try.

Blueberry Muffin - 'This scent is very potent and smells like the real thing. Use this scent and you will have guests thinking you have made some muffins when you haven't!
On cold sniff, I'm getting a blueberry note but not much of the bakery notes.  Hopefully it blooms fully when melted.
Maple & Brown Sugar - 'The rich, sweet smell of maple syrup, sugar and cane molasses. A cozy and warm fragrance.'
Again, light on cold sniff but I think I'm getting the brown sugar notes.  I don't get any maple yet.  Another one I'm curious to how it does when melted.
Orange Creamsicle - 'Dreamy combination of orange and a creamy vanilla. Sweet and potent!'
 Now this one smells authentic, even on cold sniff.  That familiar creamy orange scent that screams summer treats.

Banana Nut Bread - 'Banana, walnuts, and bakery notes. Smells unmistakeably like the real thing.'
Hard to tell on cold sniff, but I seem to be getting the nutty notes most of all.  I do smell banana nut bread when this is just sitting on the desk though.  lol
Pineapple Upside Down Cake - 'This is also a new scent that is a blend of birthday cake and pineapple. It smells mainly of pineapple with sweet cake undertones that is not too overpowering.'
I get a bit more of the cake on cold sniff but the pineapple is there.  If this is strong it could be very nice.
Beachy Air - 'Close your eyes and dream that you're on the beach with this scent. This scent is as clean as it gets. Think of fresh, breezy, ocean air coming off the waves.'
 This was a freebie in my order.  (Thank you, Stephen and Rachel!)  I'm an usually not a fan of the clean, spa type scents.  This one is okay though.  There is a bit of a clean laundry note in there.  Since I'm not a fan of this scent category, I won't even try to figure out what the other notes are.  Laundry and something outdoorsy.  It's nice.  And strong.  I think this little guy scented up the whole package.

That is my little order from Smell Goods.  They do include the pour date on their labels so I know that these are plenty old enough for me to start melting right away.  In fact, Blueberry Muffin is already in the warmer.

I placed my order on Friday afternoon, April 8, and received it Wednesday, April 13.  That is a TAT I can live with!  Shipping was $3.35 and the tarts arrived in a padded yellow mailer.  Since this is my first order, I'll have to wait and see how these perform when melted.  While their scent list is small compared to a lot of other vendors, there is still a decent variety and I did notice fall and winter scents that of course interested me.  Plus, a shop that's always open and has a quick TAT is something that will draw me to it.

We'll see how these work first!

Are you familiar with Smell Goods?


  1. I love Smell Goods! I had won their Valentine's Sampler giveaway and all the scents were divine and strong. Thanks for the reviews; I hope to order from them in the future.

    1. Fun that you won! (Ha, I'm a poet.)


  2. I have eyed their clamshells for a while but just never got enough urge to go through. That might have to change.

    1. I was looking at those clamshells when I was pondering this tiny order. The shooting star is so neat looking!


  3. I've never heard of this vendor before! I may have to check them out :) Sometimes it's nice to have a vendor you can go to that has popular scents without worrying about long TATs.
    I hope your blueberry muffin tart has the bakery bloom! I think that would be my favorite out of the group. I'm totally not biased because of my blueberry kick, nope!

    1. The smaller 'unknown' vendors do have their place in this wax world, just like you said. If there is someone quick and reliable that can provide good everyday scents quickly, people can go to them in between their monstrous TAT custom blend orders elsewhere.

      Unfortunately though, these were all too light for me.