Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Melted - Glitter Garden Farm / Misc. Wax

I was contacted recently by Candace, of Glitter Garden Farm, and she wondered if I'd like to try her products in exchange for a review on the blog.  I almost said no because as I browsed her Etsy shop I noticed almost all of the scents were floral or spa scents, and that's just not my thing.  Chitchatting a bit through email, we did come up with a few foodie type scents for me to try.

When I received a very small package from her, I was confused and frustrated.  They were indeed the scents we'd discussed but two of the tarts were tiny.  Seriously.  Two of the tarts were only 0.3 oz. each.  What was I supposed to do with such tiny amounts?  She offered her products for me to review, so I expected at least enough to work with.  But, I soldiered on and melted them as I would any other tart.

Coffee House - 'All the lovely scents of walking into a coffee shop. Fresh roasted coffee beans with touches of mocha, espresso and cream.'
This little star is one of the 0.3 oz. tarts I received.  I melted it in my tea light warmer and was actually surprised that it packed quite a punch.  I would say it was a lighter medium strength in the room the warmer was in, and I could smell it lightly in an adjacent room.  The scent was nice, an obvious coffee scent but slightly toned down.  That tell-tale bitter note that is common in coffee scents was minimal.  There was a bit of sweetness and the tiniest bit of creaminess.
Happy Birthday - 'Moist vanilla cake and buttercream icing combine to create this sweet smelling celebration melt.'
 This is the other of the tiny 0.3 oz. tarts I received for review.  The scent was rather light on cold sniff, and with such a tiny amount to melt I wasn't too surprised that I didn't really smell anything.  There was the tiniest hint of something sweet, almost perfume-y, when the furnace kicked on or the air was stirred up but in general, no, this was just too light.  Maybe a larger chunk would have worked better.

Saturday Breakfast - 'Scents of fruity cereal with a touch of berries and sweet cream on top.'
This is normal sized tart, right around 1 oz. and much easier to review.  The name cracked me up because I would always think it was something like pancakes, maple, something along those lines, but then I'd sniff and it would be sweet.  I finally had to look up the description and had a 'Duh!' moment when I saw it was fruity cereal instead.  Oops, my bad!  This isn't like the usual Fruit Loops type scent.  The fruity-candy sweetness is stronger than the cereal note, although that note is still there.  I melted this in my tea light warmer and lighter-medium scent that traveled to the adjacent room as well.
Strawberry Jam - 'A warm, nostalgic scent. Sweet strawberry jam that was freshly made and canned!'
I also received a bath bomb because I'd asked about this scent but she said she did not have it in wax. (Although I do see it in wax now on her site.)  I have not used it yet, and I'm not a bath bomb expert by any means anyway, but the scent is nice.  It's a sweet, sugary strawberry.  I like this type of strawberry scent more than the fresh picked strawberry type.

I'm not sure if Candace was only looking for review of the actual wax melts, or everything overall like packaging and presentation.  I'm going to offer that anyway.  These items had a simple and clean presentation.  The wax was crisp and clean, easy to handle, not smooshed or old looking.  The two smaller tarts were in tiny zip-top bags.  The larger one was wrapped in regular plastic wrap with a label sticker holding it together.  I do know a lot of people get crazy about what their wax is packaged in for fear of the plastic sucking the scent out, so this saran wrap might not sit well with wax snobs.  The bath bomb was also wrapped in plastic wrap.

The Glitter Garden Farm Etsy shop is inconsistent.  Pricing seems to vary with little rhyme or reason, and information is often lacking or even misleading.  There is an option for wax 'crumbles,' where a 4 oz. tin is $2.96.  That's seems to be a steal!  But then there are listing for those little shaped tarts like I received, and the listing says you'll receive four shaped tarts for $2.33.  If one of those shapes is only 0.3 oz., then four of them would be 1.2 oz., right?  $2.33 for an ounce of wax is quite high.  Then there are also listings showing two of the larger type tarts like I received, for $1.54.  Well, that's great, right?  Except if you read through the listing description, you'll see you only get ONE of those tarts.  $1.54 for one ounce of wax is more reasonable but still rather high, AND showing two in the picture is misleading.  I also noticed that the copy/pasted general information in each listing is also misleading because it often refers to the tarts being 1.5 oz., but this is used on listings featuring everything from those tiny tarts to clamshells.  I also noticed that this small package of items to try has been listed as a sale in her shop.  I understand wanting to boost the sales number to reassure potential new customers, but doing that way is also misleading.  One last little thought is that while I understand her having a lot of floral scents because it's spring right now, I think it would be to her advantage to also keep other scent types available for those (like me) who don't like florals.  A potential customer might be lost if they are limited to one type of scent.

I'm happy to have been able to try Glitter Garden Farm's products and I thank Candace for that opportunity.  The wax itself was fine and I hope to try that bath bomb soon.  Hopefully the Etsy shop can be tweaked and cleaned up as she settles in.  And hopefully her scent list grows to include more types over time.

Have you tried Glitter Garden Farms?

[As mentioned, these products were provided free for review.]



  1. I'm so excited to see this review! I hope that Candace takes all of your useful info and turns it into a positive for her shop.
    You did her a great service Deb. Actually, I was just thinking how you're like a consultant in these matters. :)
    It's so refreshing to see a 'sponsored' post be this honest and I especially love the fact that you don't sugar coat anything yet are still kind and professional.

    1. Hmm, wax consultant. Or would it be vendor consultant? I should start charging now that I have a nice title. =)

      Ya know, I don't mean to be harsh, but I think things should be pointed out and not just glossed over or ignored. It irks me to know end when people are upset about something but then smile and excuse it away. But I also try to keep my bickering to things that matter to the vast majority and not just my own situation.


  2. The wax sounds good except for that all over the place pricing and untidy item descriptions. I'm not a fan of obscure pricing methods.
    I'm glad one of the small tarts worked out for you! Like Sunnee said, I like that you're honest and blunt, yet kind and professional. Yes, that's possible!

    1. No matter how kind and professional it is though, when you're on the other end it stings. I know, I've been there when I had my soap shop. It's helpful but it's like a kick, no matter how nicely presented. I'm hoping she doesn't see it as me just being whiny.


  3. How cool that one of the little guys still threw well for you. Though more would have been better for a greater feel of the wax, it does look promising. I have to admit, the plastic wrap would bother me, but then again you already know I am a snob lol! Commenting as Anon since I am logged into Google already for work and I am too lazy to switch. Julie

    1. Your new name: Anonymous Wax Snob. =P