Monday, April 11, 2016

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Eucalyptus Blend

Eucalyptus & Mint, Lemon Curd Noel, Sinus Relief, and Marshmallow OP
Eucalyptus and Spearmint - Invigorating eucalyptus and spearmint with lemon, lavender and sage.
Lemon Curd- Sweet fresh vanilla lemon, creamy and tart.
Sinus Relief- Smells like Vick's vapor rub. Cool, crisp mint fragrance.
I really didn't care much for this one.  I didn't really expect it to be like a true 'sinus relief' scent but I had hoped it would still lean that way.  It didn't.  I think there was just too much going on in this blend.  I think the spearmint and marshmallow actually killed this for me.  The players in this were like strangers trying awkwardly to get along.  The Lemon Noel and the marshmallow toned down the crisp mints, but that sort of soft sweetness from the spearmint still seemed to outdo everything else.  I don't know, it was just a weird kind of blend that did nothing for me.

I melted .8 oz. worth of this chunk in my tea light warmer and while it was only medium strength it did travel throughout the house. When I stepped into the house after running errands, I smelled this immediately, two rooms from the warmer.

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