Friday, April 8, 2016

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Waffle Cone, Sugar Cookie, and Hello Sugar

Waffle Cone, Sugar Cookie, and Hello Sugar OP
Waffle Cone- A true, fresh sugar waffle cone.
Sugar Cookie - Warm, crisp, vanilla cookie
Hello Sugar - Lemons topped with sweet sugar crystals and berries. Similar to BBW.
This was quite nice.  You know how I love my lemon scents!  The lemon was strong, sweet and sharp, like Lemonheads candy.  There was a softer, slightly generic bakery note lurking in the background.  It reminded me of lemon and shortbread cookies.
I melted 1.1 oz. worth of this chunk in my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent.


  1. This one sounds awesome! I forget how much I enjoy lemon bakery until I melt it.

    1. I think my favorite lemon bakery scents are still from Front Porch, although I can't remember exactly what they are at the moment. Lemon Marshmallow, and Lemon...something. Cookie? Bliss? Hmmm.

      But this one was still super nice.