Sunday, April 10, 2016

Natters - Apr. 10 / Books & Funk

Well this rarely happens.  Lynx and Minion, sleeping in the same place.  Not long after this picture they were actually touching as they slept.  It was a picture worthy occasion, even if that picture is rather crappy.

I've been really crabby the past few days.  A lot of things are cluttering my brain again, and I've fallen back into that extremely low funk where I can't motivated to do anything and sit and mope about how my life is passing me by and how I've wasted it and continue to do so.  Even my good days don't really feel all that great anymore.  I can't even remember anymore when I've had a really upbeat, carefree kind of day.  The crappy weather doesn't help.  Having to tend everyone else's problems doesn't help.  Work is back to sucktastic.  Yesterday I actually considered apply at a few places just to see if I could get anything.

Pity party over.

We watched Thursday's episode of Vikings on Friday.  Ragnar's new plan is rather insane.  I was telling hubby about the huge flaw in it, being that all it would take is a simple scout seeing them and Paris could easily send an army to slaughter them.  Maybe this will come up in the next episode.  It seems like quite a big thing to overlook.  Also, I couldn't believe what Ragnar did to [that person]!  What was the point of [that person] then, beside turning him into a crazy crackhead?!

We then watched the season finale of Sleepy Hollow Friday evening.  We usually record it and watch it later but happened to catch it from the beginning so we just kept watching.  SPOILER......but I don't care.  I can't believe they killed off Abbie?!  During the episode, even though they were saying she was dead and Crane visited her grave and everything, I just kept thinking there was going to be something bringing her back next season.  But no!  I saw online the next day that she is indeed dead and that actress has left the show.  Whaaaaat?!  Nooooooooo!  The show hasn't even been picked up for another season so that might actually be the real end.  But still, I don't like that she's dead.  *bursts into tears all over again*

Hubby watched Trainwreck this morning.  I didn't bother because I don't like Amy Schumer.  He said the movie was dumb.  Then I watched an old movie called Head, starring The Monkees.  I'd seen it several times back in the '80s when my sister and I went through a Monkees phase.  It was hysterically weird then, and watching it again after all these years, it was even more weird.  LOL  I still love the songs from it though, and it makes me want to see the Monkees show again.  Maybe I'll buy myself the DVDs.  Oh, hubby actually left the house while I watched Head.  He wanted nothing to do with the Monkees.  lol

Yesterday (Saturday) we did absolutely nothing but lay around and eat junk all day, watch garbage on TV, and play Bejeweled on our iPods.  Of course this did nothing to help with my mopey funk, and probably even drove me deeper into it.  Ty was over to do his laundry and watch crap TV with us for a while.  He tried to get Matt to come over so we could play Munchkin but nope, Matt had better things to do.  Casey was asleep because he had to work last night.

Today has been a little better.  I went to Pick N Save grocery store to get some things I'd forgotten to get at Walmart the other day.  I made a simple noodle dish I've been craving for lunch.  I did all the dishes from today and yesterday, and have just been up and about and puttering around the house a little more today.  If I can START one project the momentum usually builds and keeps me going from one thing to the next.  It's just getting started that I have a problem with.  I played a bit of UO early this morning, until Casey got home from work and started hogging our crappy internet.  I'm starting to get bored and crabby again so I thought I'd whip out this post before the mood was totally shot.

OH!  The books I ordered from my sister's online book party arrived yesterday!
The series is called The Impossible Quest.  I'd never heard of it before seeing it in the book party catalog.  These are middle grade books, under 200 pages each, and should be a quick and easy read.  It's fantasy, with witches and dragons and castles and all that good stuff.  I can't wait to dive into these!

I've also decided I'm going to start donating my books to the local library.  It's an idea I've toyed with for a while but now I've made up my mind to actually do it.  I've also decided I'm going to stop feeling awkward about the money I spend on books.  If I'm spending the money and donating the books after I read them, it's like donating money to charity.  Right?  In my mind it is.  And books are something dear to me so donating to something the helps kids keep reading is awesome.  Now I just need to get back to reading more efficiently because there are SO many books I want to read!

I also bought this quickie little book.  It is part of the Percy Jackson franchise, containing three crossover stories about Percy and Annabeth meeting the Kanes, from The Kane Chronicles.  This is also less than 200 pages and looks to be a super quick read.  So I'm off now to continue plowing through the beastly Lady Midnight (700 pages!) so I can get started on all these fun new books I'm accumulating!

Do you donate books to your local library?


  1. Hope this week goes better >hugs<

    We donate ours to Goodwill or swap with other families but we should donate to the library. Never feel bad about buying books!!! That Rick Riordan one looks great! So many greats books I want to read but never enough time.

    1. I've given some books away in the past. The main person I used to share books with has moved almost an hour away now. I think it'll be fun to donate to the library. I know there is a box or two of kids books buried in a closet that I need to dig out and go through.

      I'm now 400+ pages into that Lady Midnight beast!