Friday, April 15, 2016

Natters - Apr. 15 / Unemployed?

We have spring flowers!
And our weather is decent!
Could spring really be here, finally?!

Well, we got some surprise news at work Wednesday morning.  One of the customers we produce for is pulling their business and going to a different style package in a different facility.  This customer that is leaving is the part of the plant that I work in.  We were told that within 18 months those particular lines would no longer be running.  So, what does that mean for the 40 or so people that will be affected by this?  We don't know yet.  Our plant manager said they're trying to pick up more business and/or bring in other projects, but right now they just don't know.  Business is picking up on the other lines in the plant but that doesn't really help us on the departing lines.  I mean, if spots are already filled on the other side where are they going to move the rest of us to?

So, I could be unemployed within the next 18 months.  I'm a total mixed bag of thoughts and emotions about this.  At first I was greatly relieved.  All my current troubles will be going away!  Yay!  It was quite a freeing realization.  It doesn't matter now if we run good or bad, if our cleanups run long, or if so-n-so person is a crap operator.  It doesn't matter if we bust our ass or not to achieve all the front office b.s. goals and things that only make THEM look better.  It was just sort of a total wipe the slate clean relief.  As I had more time to think about it, I did cry a bit.  This has been my only real job my whole life.  This highly annoying place has been a HUGE part of my life for over 20 years.  While I've done several different jobs within the plant, this one I'm doing now is the one I've done the longest, probably 15 of my 20+ years.  
So there are sentimental attachments, but there are also financial worries, of course.  I'm quite sure we can get by if I'm unemployed.  We would have to cut back on things though, and I don't like that.  We're finally in a position to really start paying off our house.  Our equity loan is paid off, and our credit card will be paid off in another month or two.  Then the plan is to start dumping all that extra money onto house payments and finally get it paid off, as fast as we can.  Although we could get by without me working, I don't want to have to continue to just putz along.  I like being able to buy things if and when I want them.  I like being able to do things or go places.  I'm not at all thrilled about the idea of going back to skimping and penny pinching like we did in our early years.

But then I try to remind myself that getting rid of all that stress from work, the physical stress of the 12 hour shifts, the foot pain . . . and maybe the cutting back on wax purchases and washi tape would be totally worth it.

I really have no idea what will happen to my job within these next 18 months.  I know I'm not going to flee in a panic and grab some desperation job somewhere else.  I'm going to ride this out and see what happens.  Maybe I'll get some news before the end and I can adjust at that point.  Maybe they'll find a way to work some of in over on the other side of the plant.  Maybe they'll keep two leads per shift.  I just don't know at this point, and neither does anyone else.

I have been kicking around some ideas though, if I do end up unemployed.  Soap, and papercrafts, and professional blogging are what I'm considering, and I'm actually really excited about it.  In some ways I'm hoping I do get let go from my job.  I'm not brave enough to leave my job on my own and venture into these other things full-time, but if I'm forced to . . . well that's a whole different story.

In other, happier news, the NFL schedules came out last night.  Hubby and I quickly scoured the Vikings schedule and have already picked which game we want to go to.  Now we have to wait till tickets go on sale, in July or so.  It's exciting though!  We haven't been to Minnesota or a Vikings game for the past two years while they've built the new stadium.  So not only will it be fun to finally return to Minneapolis but it will exciting to see this grand new stadium!

A couple little shopping goodies from this morning.
I grabbed a couple of the Mainstays 3-wick candles from Walmart.  The only candles we have left are fall and winter leftovers, so I grabbed some summery scents to just have something in candle form.  Garden Rain is one we've had before.  It's an outdoorsy scent, sort of green with a teeny hint of something like musk or cologne.  It's not as 'wet' as I remember it.  Raspberry Ice is new to us.  It's just a nice, sugary raspberry scent, very happy and simple.  The only pack of tarts I grabbed was French Lilac Flowers.  I think this is the most authentic lilac scent I've come across in wax.  It's just pure lilac, no greenery or anything else to clutter it.  You all know I'm not a floral fan but lilac is an exception because it's so strongly attached to my childhood.

I dashed into Target after I was done at Walmart this morning.  I haven't been paying too much attention to the Dollar Spot lately because I was pretty sure I'd gotten over my crafty urges.  When I'd been there last week I'd noticed a bunch of new washi but left them because I just didn't desire them anymore.  Well now with this job situation and my thoughts turning to what I can do in the future, suddenly the idea of papercrafts appeals to me again.  I saw a video last night where the girl was showing all the fun new tapes at Target and I decided I needed them afterall.  Of course wouldn't you know they'd be GONE now that I want them?!  I did manage to find these three, but there are several white tape designs that I *really* want now.  If anyone can find the white with gold dots, white with gray dots, white with gold diagonal stripes, or other current designs . . . grab them for me please!  I'll pay you back!

I also grabbed the color page flags because I have an idea for them that doesn't involve planners.  lol

And that's about it for now.
What are your thoughts on this job situation I've found myself in?


  1. Thinking about you. I hope you choose to do something creative and that makes you happy in the end. I need the gold washi tape!! As you know, I went to Target and looked but no dice. Keep us posted on the situation. And if you start tinkering I want to knowwwwww!

    1. I've found I actually get a bit bummed when people around work say we'll be fine. Part of me is like 'No! I want to graciously let go so I can explore new things!' But then I also have moments of near panic at the thought of it.


  2. I love your resolve to make the possibility of a layoff something positive. Your creative side is just itching to come out to play. I also think it's incredibly admirable how loyal you are - 20+ years at this company - I'd be surprised if they didn't beg you to stay and work in another department.

    1. Some people have said the old timers like us have nothing to worry about. That's not true though. Seniority doesn't really mean crap there anymore because corporate does everything equal. So the lead person with 5 years experience is equal in every way to the lead person with 20 years.

      We'll see what happens though, huh?