Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Natters - Apr. 6

Ugh.  I'm so sick of our up and down weather.  Temps will be in the 50s for a day or so and then will dip back down to the 30s.  We'll have rain . . . and snow . . . and get saturated to the point things start to flood, and then when the sun does show itself it's too wet and mushy to get outside and do anything.  This is really getting old, Mother Nature!

I've slipped back into my crabby funk lately.  The weather probably has a big part in that.  Went to my mom's and got her errands all taken care of.  I got back home fairly early and didn't really have any plans so I thought I'd be okay with just relaxing with some Bejeweled on the iPod and murder on the ID channel.  Somewhere along the way I just fell into that dark, mopey, pity party mood and was laying on the couch pouting about all sorts of things.  I was impatient with hubby when he got home.  I didn't like the supper we had.  I was just a total grouch.

We did manage to watch last week's episode of Sleepy Hollow.  This season has sucked me back in, and last night was another pretty good episode, but we were picking on several things.  Like when Jenny took the time to call the rest of her group to say she had a clear shot at the hourglass they needed to destroy, but didn't actually take the shot.  And then when she did get off the phone, she still didn't take the shot but instead tried to move in closer and was then caught.  Duh?!  Or how the two FBI agents (I still can't remember their names) "only have 15 minutes left!" to complete this super important task yet they stroll along at a leisurely pace and stop to chat about things in the past.  lol  We've been fans from day one though, so we're allowed to nitpick. 

Hubby watched a movie called The Hateful Eight after we found that last week's episode of Gotham (on our DVR) was a rerun.  I had no interest in the movie so I tried to play Bejeweled for a while, then tried to putter around on the computer for a while, but no one was on and nothing was happening, so I went to bed at 8pm.  Yeah, I hated that.  I did read a bit though!

My mood is better today.  It's a crappy, gray, rainy day again but I'm determined to keep busy and not fall back into that funk.  There are a million little projects I'd like to do but just never do them, so today I will force myself to start if I feel the crabbiness creeping back.

I have a couple Melted posts to do, and I've already hauled out hubby's family history stuff so I can get to work on that.  It's his father's side that is the most interesting to me because that's where the Scandinavian blood is.  Time to find his link to Ragnar!  LOL

Tripper died one year ago, April 3.
Bono died on this day in 2004.
He was our first cat (along with his sister Molly) and was 14 years old.
What are you up to today?  Any shows or movies you're into?
Any projects you're hoping to tackle?

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