Thursday, April 7, 2016

Natters - Apr. 7

We had snow again last night and this morning.  When will this nonsense end?!
But anyway, we've also had some visitors lately.  There are geese all over in the fields around us but these to silly guys ventured right into our yard this morning.  There are a lot of puddles and flooded spots all around.  I guess they liked the puddle more than searching for corn like their friends in the back are doing.

And then later in the day more geese (same geese?) strolled through more puddles in our yard.
A lot of people don't like when the geese come through.  I don't know why.  I could sit and watch them waddle around all day.

So, I took my mom to her doctor appointment this morning to get the hip replacement process started.  Her surgery will be July 11, not as soon as she wanted but at least the first step has been taken.  She has to go to Appleton this time, which is putting a kink in our plans.  It was going to be me who took her in on surgery day and brought her home when she was ready.  That was when we thought it would be done in Ripon again.  But no.  Her doctor doesn't do surgery in Ripon anymore because he feels that hospital is too small, and not able to handle bigger emergencies.  I've already mentioned more than once that I'm a baby about driving in big cities or unfamiliar territory.  Appleton is NOT someplace I'm willing to drive to.  Hubby will do the driving if we can't come up with someone else.  They say she'll only be there three days if all goes well, and then I'll be staying at her place again after that, while she recovers and goes through therapy.  I'm already stressing myself out about it.  It was NOT fun last time.  Hopefully all goes well this time, and at least it should bring her some relief.

Hubby and I watched the movie Inside Out last night.  That was cute.  I cried a couple times.  Tonight we watched a two hour Nova special on PBS about a possible new Viking settlement discovery in North America.  That show was extremely interesting.  It wasn't just about this possible discovery but had a lot of history and information about the Vikings in general.  As for the site, they don't have enough proof yet to get this place labeled as an actual Viking site, but they did uncover enough evidence to be able to keep the dig going.  I'm going to be keeping my eyes and ears on the news to see if anything more comes of this.  If it's legit, it will be the farthest west they've found anything, and the farthest south on the North American coast.

I'm off to read now.


  1. Cool geese! I wouldn't mind them either. Free fertilizer.

    The girls and I loved Inside Out. Such a wonderful movie. I want to check out that Viking documentary now.

    1. It was on PBS so they'll probably show it again. It was called Vikings Unearthed. I learned things I'd never known, like how they actually had a successful settlement well inland in England. Most of their other settlements were on the coastlines, for obvious reasons.