Friday, April 1, 2016

Natters - April 1

April already?!  Where did March go?  It flew by, with nothing in particular standing out for me.  In a way it's always depressing when time flies by so fast because it means that much more of your life just passed you by.  But in another way it's exciting because we're getting back to the fall and holiday season that much quicker.  Am I warped?  lol

You'll find no April Fool's antics here.  I think April Fool's Day is dumb.

I spent a leisurely day off yesterday, ignoring things that I should have been doing in favor of kicking back on the couch and watching movies and playing Bejeweled on my iPod.  Hubby and I have gotten into a competition with that game, see who can get the farthest the fastest.  I have a 15 level lead on him after yesterday, but he'll have all weekend to catch up while I work.  Of course, this is keeping my from reading.  I hope the Bejeweled phase passes soon!

As for movies, I watched The Gift yesterday while hubby was at work.  He had no interest in that one.  I was a little disappointed in the movie but did not hate it or anything.  The wife was annoying at times with her 'just apologize' line of logic.  The husband was a total dick.  The stalker really didn't seem that bad as we eventually saw more and more of the husband's true character.  The big secret, the big terrible thing from their past was kind of a let down at first but then the enormity of it started to grow on me.  The trippy twist at the end really leaves you thinking.  The stalker certainly was right when he told the husband, "History's not done with you yet."

After hubby was home we watched Daddy's Home.  That one was pretty funny!  Mark Wahlberg is hot, and the way he and Will Ferrell played off each other was hysterical.  I would gladly watch that one again, and might even buy it.

Can we talk about cats for a bit here?
Sometimes the two mental cases I have here are worse than toddlers.  These cats really are becoming our babies now that Ty is out of the house and Casey is almost out.  I'm turning into a crazy cat lady.  I spend more time these days just getting to know their personalities more, noticing their moods and things more than I have before.  And today has been interesting for sure.  Yesterday Minion slept ALL day.  Usually he sleeps a good part of the morning, is awake and mischievous for a few hours in late morning/early afternoon, and goes back to sleep until early evening.  Yesterday he was asleep straight through.  And he's making up for it today.
When Minion's feeling bored or needy he'll park himself on my desk right in front of my monitor.  This pose is new though.  Do you see this?  His back end is laying on the desk.  That's one front paw you see to the left of the bulk on the keyboard.  And he's laying on the top of his head!  That's the back of his neck facing the camera, and his head is tucked under, upside down, facing the back of the desk.  Mental much, kitty?!

Then we had this for a while.  He's just laying there, half asleep.

I eventually shooed him away, which must have kick started his naughty streak because then he just kept bothering Fattycat, biting him and trying to 'play' in his rough way.  I had to keep jumping up to break them apart, and of course that became a game to Minion.  'I'll bite the squawky old man till Mom comes then I'll dash away faster than she can grab.'  Of course Fattycat is too dense to leave the area or come by me or just go hide.  No, he sits there so Minion comes back and bites him all over again.  Minion eventually got a time-out in his crate.

And Fatty got some peace, some time to soak up some sun.

When Minion was freed from his jail, I heard some clunking around in the other room but it didn't involve Fatty screeching so I ignored it.  When I went to switch laundry loads I was shocked to find this . . . 
I don't remember him ever being up on that shelf.  It takes a roundabout trip of large jumps for him to get there, but he did.  lol

The biting-screeching-run from Mom game picked up again after that.  Eventually Minion curled up in one of the cat beds, and Fatty came squawking, wanting his bed fixed.  Yes, he's totally spoiled since he's been sick.  He has a certain blanket that we make a sort of tent with on the couch or in a computer chair, depending where we are and where he chooses to be.  So I made his test nest in the spare chair near me here at the computer and he quickly curled up and dozed off.  I went to switch laundry again and came back to find THIS . . . 
The lump under the blanket is Fatty.  Minion NEVER does this.  They very rarely sleep anywhere near each other.  At first I thought he was just jumping into the chair to continue terrorizing Fatty but no, they're both still asleep there, several hours later.

Ah yes, life with cats.

In wax news, I'm frustrated with my Rosegirls wax.  I didn't even do Melted reviews on all of them from the first sampler because it's hard when there is no scent description to work with, and it's also hard the scents are all too light for me.  This is something I always forget about Rosegirls wax in my house.  It's the reason I tend to phase out of my Rosegirls excitement, but then I go for a while and forget that and happily dive back into more Rosegirls wax again.  I'm sure the scent strength is fine for people who melt in small rooms, who have multiple warmers going with a different scent in each area of their house.  But that's not me.  I like beastly strong scents that will carry all over my main area from one centrally located warmer.  So I'm not sure what I'll do with the rest of the Rosegirls I have here.  I still have two orders coming, which I'm kicking myself for now.  But anyway, I'm not sure if I'll pass it along to friends, or do a giveaway, or maybe try my first destash.  What do you think?  Is there any interest in a giveaway or destash?

In other wax news, I got my Scentsy - Watermelon Mint that I'd ordered a while ago.  I turned down the Blackberry something-or-other that I'd been interested in though.  The Scentsy girl had ordered one so I could sniff it, see if I liked it, but I didn't.  The description included black plum and spice, among other things, but it really just smelled like wildberry mousse-type to me.  Blech.  This Watermelon Mint one is nice though.  It's heavier on the watermelon, with just a tiny touch of mint to sharpen it up a bit.

I'm still pretty much anti-Scentsy, don't worry.  lol

That's about it for now.  Hubby will done with work soon and bringing our usual Friday night fish-fry from a local place.  I'm starving!  We'll watch last night's episode of Vikings, and I'll maybe try to read a bit tonight instead of moving jewels around on my iPod.

What's the most interesting thing happening in your world at the moment?


  1. April Fool's day is silly. Between people taking it too far ("I just miscarried!" WTF?) and my own intolerance for pranks, which I qualify April Fool's shenanigans as, I tend to stay away from people and most social media outlets around that time.

    From the trailers for The Gift I figured the husband would be somehow at fault for the actions of the movie. I'm wanting to watch it, but Michael and I don't seem to sit down long enough to pay attention to a movie nowadays. It's why we haven't watched Zootopia.

    Minion is such a weirdo! Cats are awesome. So are dogs. I just want a pet again. Michael and I have settled for living vicariously through our friends who have pets. Poor Fatty. At least he has you to fend for him when he doesn't feel like fending for himself LOL!

    I'm sorry your RG isn't performing as well as you hoped it would. You mentioning that reminds me of some of my more recent experience with their wax. I credited it to the wax's age, but maybe it was just a light thrower. I'm sure there'll be lots of interest in whatever you choose to do with the RG, though! It's still pretty sought after.

    Hmm... most interesting thing going on in my world... I'm going to go with the increase in social interaction I've had. While Feb-March was hanging out with mainly one or two people in particular, I've spent the past week extending my circle of friends. There are lots of awesome people here!

    1. Ooh, Zootopia? I had to go look it up, but now it's added to my Netflix list.

      I forgot to mention in the post that Fattycat is getting good at stealing the treats that Minion knocks out of their little weeble-wobble treat thing.

      Cool that you're making friends. I've been getting mopey again about my lack of friends. Actually, I think I get more stressed about the idea that we're supposed to have friends, than the fact that I don't have any. (In my real life, I mean.)


  2. "You'll find no April Fool's antics here. I think April Fool's Day is dumb." I AGREE. It's either done too extreme, or too boring.

    Watermelon Mint from Scentsy caught my eye, their warmers are so dang cute.

    Sorry you're on a RG low right now. It sucks when ANY wax is light, but it seems especially sad when it's RG.

    I really liked The Gift, Jason Bateman often plays a total jerk of a character. He just plays it so well. Looking forward to more from Joel Edgerton (the stalker). He directed and starred in it!

    1. The Scentsy seller at work is often trying to push those warmers on me. They are cute, sure, but they are ridiculously pricey too.


  3. The Minion antics make my day! Glad he is spunky as ever. Makes things fun. Tod is always trying to get in on my shots.

    Bummer about the RG. I hope it is just an oversight and not a trend.

    1. I don't think RG is any different than it was. I think it's just me forgetting that I've had iffy luck with RG stuff in the past too.

      Minion is a character for sure. Sometimes I just sit and watch him.