Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Natters - I Need An Intervention! (Part Two)

 In my previous post I explained the silliness of my on-again off-again relationship with card making.  This post will be a picture heavy collective haul of paper crafting supplies I've bought over the past month or two.

So let's dive right in!

I had this paper pad before but must have gotten rid of it in my big 'I quit!' fit last fall.
You can better see the designs on the pages if you click the photo to see the larger version.
($3.00 at Walmart)

Another paper pad to give me more design options.
($3.00 at Walmart)

And another paper pad, with bolder designs but lighter colors.
($3.00 at Walmart)

The two sets of wedding themed stickers that I figured I could still get use out of for an anniversary card.
($0.97 each at Walmart)

A tape runner thingie.  I knew I had one already but couldn't find it so I grabbed this one.  Wouldn't you know, I then found my other one.  I think this is the cheapie out of the options at Walmart.  I think I need to upgrade when these run out because they're a little inconsistent when applying.
(Don't remember the price, from Walmart)

I got this punch with that anniversary card in mind, and also figured hearts could be used on different cards.  These punches are not cheap, so I don't want to put a lot of money into these (yet) if I'm going to keep quitting.
(Don't remember the price, from Walmart)

I'd been trying to work with only white cardstock as the bases of my cards.  I decided if I had other colors it might help so I got this pack of pastel colored cardstock.  There had been a pack of pastel cardstock in the scrapbook supplies aisle for $5.00 but I found this pack (different brand) over by the notebooks, printer paper, etc. for only cheaper.
($3.42 at Walmart)

Also found this pack of metallic cardstock in that paper aisle.  These might be good for wedding or anniversary, or maybe even Christmas cards.
($3.97 at Walmart)

I grabbed extra packs of bling in different colors, just to have a variety on hand.
($0.97 each at Walmart)

I really enjoyed using the blingy things on the few cards I've made so when I saw these at Dollar General, I grabbed them.  No clue yet how to work them in.
(Dollar General)

And then I saw these big gem stones and thought they'd be fun to try and work into a design somehow.
(Dollar General)

Some pastel bling.
(Dollar General)

The picture doesn't do them justice but these are flower shaped bling in bolder colors.
(Dollar General)

Glitter foam stickers, gold stars on one sheet, silver on another.
(Dollar General)

Felt owl stickers.  I had a pack of these before too, but must have gotten rid of them along with other craft things last fall.
(Dollar General)

Had to stop at Dollar Tree for my mom today and couldn't resist a quick trip down their craft aisles.  Found these pastel colored blingy flowers.  I don't think these are self adhesive though.
(Dollar Tree)

These sea creature stickers are cute and large, so they should be fun for some summer birthday cards.  Well, I guess it doesn't have to be summer, huh?
(Dollar Tree)

I have no real plan for these stickers yet but they're larger sized which is good for cards, and they're just darn cute.
(Dollar Tree)

I *love* these next four sets I found!  The packs are BIG.  Seriously, they are twelve inches long and have two sheets.  (Showing both sheets.)  They look like they'd be good for Project Life, which is becoming all the craze in scrapbooking or journaling or whatever it actually is.  I mainly grabbed them because there are a lot of useful sentiments that can be used on cards, and sentiments is one of my problem areas.  I don't have stamps and don't want to put the money into them just yet.  The other day I decided to just print out some common ones in various fonts and then cut them out to add to the cards.  These packs have a lot of things like birthday, thanks, best wishes . . . a lot of variety.  And I love all the muted colors and cozy designs!
(Click the pics to see larger versions and more detail.)
I love love love that last one, with all the purples.  I can't believe these are only $1.00!!  I should have grabbed the few that were left on the hook!
(Dollar Tree)

That is my collective haul.  Hopefully inspiration will hit me once in a while and I'll be able to make something worth sharing out of these things!  And if you're a Project Life-r I'd suggest hurrying over to your local Dollar Tree and see if you can find some of these last packs I showed!

Natters - I Need An Intervention! (Part One)

I recently mentioned needing an intervention.  I think you'll understand why as you roll your eyes and shake your head at what I'm about to Natter.  You see, I'm playing around with card making . . . again.
LOL - I know, I know!  Whyyyyyy do I keep doing this to myself?  I've tried it several times and rage-quit each time.  I see others doing it, and see what they make, and see that it really doesn't look all that complicated.  Or I see crafting items while shopping and think 'Oh hey, I could probably make a really cute card with that!'  And then I throw a bunch of money into the idea only to get overwhelmed when I actually sit down to create something, which brings on the rage-quit.  Then I'm okay with my decision to quit, for a while, but gradually the urge returns.

Well I've been fighting it this time but I've also been buying a few things here and there *in case* I decide to actually give it a try again.  Hubby's parents' wedding anniversary was last week.  Leading up to it, I'd seen some wedding themed stickers at Walmart and decided I could whip up a simple yet nice card instead of buying one.  When it came time to actually make a card, I was frustrated and overwhelmed again, and ended up hating the card I eventually made.
Hubby's parents liked the card, especially that it was handmade, but I was still feeling 'Bleah, I need to just accept this isn't for me.'  I was about to do a destash post when something changed my mind.  I was shopping and somehow convinced myself that if I had more supplies, more options available, I'd be able to do this.  With very mixed feelings, I bought a few more things that day.  When I got home I was already regretting it but Casey, who is often my voice of reason, agreed with my theory.  When I whined that I just don't have 'the sight' to create cards, he countered that I'd never acquire 'the sight' without playing around and making cards.  I said I'm always too cheap and stingy with supplies, that I can't waste any, that everything has to be perfect from the get-go.  He said I'd have to sacrifice some and go through some ugly projects in order to get anywhere.  These are all things I already knew, but to hear someone else put it to me so bluntly sort of convinced me.

I bought a few more things along the way, and finally this holiday weekend sat down and played around, willing to allow some screw ups and wasted materials.  And I made a gorgeous card!
I was so excited!  I joked that I needed more supplies, more options, and that I should run in to Dollar General to see what they had.  (It was Memorial Day morning and this particular Dollar General was the closest store that offered anything crafty.)  Hubby said I should go for it, so I did!  I made two more cards when I got home . . .
. . . and was more disappointed with each one I made.

I gave up for the day, and soon was feeling defeated again.  Those old thoughts came back once again, like who do I think I'll be making all these cards for anyway?  I send so few now in this digital age, and I'm pretty sure most people I do send cards to just toss them in the trash within days anyway.  Someone had told me at one point to just make cards, put sets together, and give them as gifts for others to use.  I've kicked around the idea of opening an Etsy shop too.  But it always comes back to "Ohhhhh, I can't do this!" and I give up.

I *am* feeling that again after the disappointing second and third cards yesterday.  I'm absolutely feeling like 'Ah heck, it's easier to just buy a cute card when I need one!'  But I'm also thinking I need to just set the supplies aside for a while and come back to it.  I don't need to get rid of these things every time I go through one of these phases.  I'm trying to tell myself it's okay to buy things I see along the way and add them to the collection, so when I *do* feel like trying again I'll have plenty to work with.  And with that in mind, I bought more things today while I was in Dollar Tree.


Do you see why I need an intervention?
Why do I keep doing this?  Well, I'm pretty sure it's a distraction, a sort of coping mechanism, as to avoid being overwhelmed by other things.  But when this adds just as much stress in my feelings of failure, why do I keep doing it?  I'm also pretty sure it's just me grasping for something, anything, exciting to fill my otherwise boring days.  I used to dump endless amounts of hours into video games.  I can't seem to get back to that thrill anymore.  Then the soap phase came and went.  Since then, there really hasn't been anything that really excites and interests me enough to keep me occupied.  I think about going back to soap making but then I remember all the hassles, like how it took over half of my kitchen, and how the bars were a sweaty mess in our un-air conditioned humid house during the summer.  I've tried to just lose myself in video games again but our internet is so sucky most of the time that it makes gaming frustrating.

So yeah, we're back to whining about card making!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Natters - May 30 / Memorial Day

It seems somehow wrong to say "Happy Memorial Day!"  I mean, it is a somber holiday.  So instead, I'll just just ask how your Memorial Day weekend was.  Did you have a long weekend?  Watch any parades?  Host or attend any cookouts?  Ours was okay, mellow with some crabby moments.  I worked Saturday but got out at 3pm instead of 7pm, so that was nice.  Ty was here for a bit today because hubby was grilling some food, but he (Ty) ended up leaving before eating because a friend of his needed help moving.  So it was just me, hubby, and Casey eating a lot of food.  It was a beautiful day too, for this 'official' kickoff of summer.  We didn't go watch any local parades or anything.  I miss that from my childhood.  In the little town I grew up in, the parades were quite a big hit.

In other news, some of you might have seen my rage filled rant post about work a few days ago.  I took it down when I saw how many mistakes were in it, and when I realized I'd meant it to also be about something else and then never explained what that was.  It was just a mess of a post that I was frantically typing out in the middle of my overflowing hate and rage towards work.  If you didn't see it, I won't be reposting it but just know that things are NOT good for me at work right now.

I'd mentioned an intervention in that mess of a post.  I'm still planning on doing that post, hopefully tomorrow, and it will be much more light hearted than the work post I'd meant to add it to.  It really is quite funny and you'll roll your eyes and know exactly what I mean by 'I need an intervention!'

Casey went to look at two apartments with his friend on Friday.  He said they were both nice but in the end neither of them is sure if they're ready to move out.  Plus they were in Fond du Lac, which they aren't quite sure they want to live in.  They're going to wait and see if anything opens up in the little town nearer to home, the little town where Casey and I both work, and where Ty lives.

A surprise tornado hit Brandon Friday evening!  Brandon is the other little town I live near, the one that's technically my address although I do live out in the country.  It had been rainy Friday, some mild storms here and there but nothing indicating possible tornadoes!  There were no severe weather alerts out or anything.  Our power went out around 5:40pm and shortly after that we heard cops go flying down our road and noticed cars driving slowly and pulling over.  We were like 'Huh, wonder what's going on?'  After we sat for a while longer without power I noticed something on Facebook, a post saying something like "Prayers for Brandon, Wisconsin."  Now we're really all "Huh?!" and started looking online a bit more and sure enough, a tornado had hit the little village.  We hopped in hubby's truck and drove that way (yes, to be gawkers) but cops had all the roads leading into town blocked off.  So we came back home and I started seeing pics posted on Facebook.  It sounds like it was 'minor' damage like trees and wires down, and roof damage to several buildings, but no one was hurt and no buildings were destroyed.  Our power didn't come back on until about 9:30pm.  I have not been back to Brandon yet.

I'll leave off here for tonight.  It's not much but I want to try and keep posting as much as possible and not let the crabby days take over completely.  And yes, I'm really struggling with some crabby days lately.  But anyway, I'm off to read for a bit before bed.

How was your holiday?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Haul - Two Wax Quickies

I always browse the wax aisle at Walmart to see if anything new has popped up.  I've seen Apple Bobbin' (from Scentsationals) before and am by no means ready to start fall scents but for some reason I stopped and gave it a sniff.  Oh my gosh, it immediately sent my mind into fall mode.  The vague description on the Scentsationals site only says 'Fresh, crispy apples,' but I don't know . . . it seems like there might be something else in here.  It's more like a Macintosh apple than a green apple, and I would almost swear there is a hint of caramel in there.  I decided to go ahead and grab it now because I'm sure when fall rolls around I won't be able to find it.  lol

My sister sent me some coupons recently and one of them was for any product in this new The Healing Garden line.  I had noticed this at Walmart recently and was curious.  It's actually a bath and body products line, I think from the same company as Bodycology.  Anyway, I think she thought I'd want the coupon for the lotion but when I noticed a candle in the picture on the coupon I was like "Whaaaaat?"  So yeah, when I was shopping this morning I stopped to check this line and sure enough, there were candles.  If you know me by now you're going to laugh when you notice what scent I chose.

White Lavender.

Yes, I chose lavender.  I don't know what it is about this 'white lavender' but I *really* like it!  There were only three other scents.  One was orange blossom something or other, one was a eucalyptus and mint blend, and one was something with coconut milk.  I almost got that last one because I was in denial that I actually wanted lavender.  But this is really nice, sweet lavender.  It does not have that 'grandma's bathroom' vibe to it.  I mean, I can still tell it's lavender but wow, it's sweet and I like it.

There are two 3.8 oz. candles in each pack and the pack costs $5.92.

Have you seen this new Healing Garden line?
Are you laughing at me for choosing lavender?
What wax goodies have you bought recently?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Natters - May 24

Nothing really exciting happened today.  I got several little projects taken care of, which was great because it took several little stresses off my mind.  I finally cleaned off the back porch, which had become a real mess over the course of this spring.  Still don't have the tall grass and weeds chopped down up close to the porch but at least cleaning up the other clutter helped.  Finally got a replacement piece ordered for the one lawn mower.  I'd been having no luck locating the proper piece (we ordered one, but it was wrong) so I caved and got on the company's live chat customer support.  They told me the correct part number . . . but said it's backordered at the moment.  Ugh!  Well at least I have it ordered.  Got the incorrect one repackaged and ready to send back.  Took care of some clutter around my desk.  Got the last of my current wax posts done.  Just a lot of little things that needed to be done.

I watched two movies today.  The Danish Girl was so sad!  Oh my gosh!  I wasn't prepared for that.  The Witch, however, was rather dumb.  I didn't really find anything scary about it, and probably had a 'Wtf?' look on my face through the whole thing.  Such a bummer because I'd been so anxious to see that one.

And that's really about it for my day.  This was an extra day off for me because the lead person on the other day crew needed to switch days.  I'll work Wednesday and Thursday now.  I'm already stressed about going back to work.  Whyyyyyyy does it have to suck so much?

Off to read for a bit now before bed.
Have you seen either of the movies I mentioned?

Friend Mail From Sunnee

I received a generous package from my waxy bloggy friend Sunnee.  She's had a crazy 2016 so far, with a cross-country move and lots of traveling.  Since this girl can't seem to sit still for five minutes lately she's been cleaning out some of her older wax because she's not melting or buying as much these days.  I adopted a few of her wax goodies, and she included plenty of others as well.

And not everything was wax!  There is a small tube of St. Ives apricot scrub.  I've used this before and am happy to have more.  A BBW foaming hand soap in Perfect Beach Day scent (melon, coconut, bergamot).  She's the one that got me hooked on foaming hand soaps so it's fun to receive more.  A bottle of Ulta's Beauty Smoothie in Coconut Lime Cooler scent.  This is a 3-in-1 product but I will just use it as shower gel.  I've never tried this stuff so this will be fun.  A tube of Lip Lustre from . . . Manuka Secrets?  I'm not sure if that's the brand since I'm not at all familiar with it.  This must be from her trip Down Under since it has New Zealand Manuka Honey and is a product of New Zealand.  That's cool!  And a bar of soap from Maui Organics in Ocean Passion scent.  This must be from her trip to Hawaii.  (I told you she travels!)

She included a whipped soap from The Bathing Garden, in Illusions of the Labyrinth.  I'm not sure just what's in the scent, but it's something sweet and pretty.

This adorable Easter plate.  I already have a couple ideas for this in next year's Easter decor!

Pink Noel / 7Up Pound Cake / Willow's Cuppy Cake, from Sniff My Tarts.
I get a nice lemon-lime note along with a lot of sweet cake on cold sniff.  This is a bright and light (not weak) scent, good for a happy day melt.

Pumpkin Souffle Pralines Brown Sugar Pecan, from Glitterati.
Glitterati has to be the messiest wax out there but I have enjoyed the scents I've been lucky enough to try.  This one sounds darn good but on cold sniff I'm mainly getting the praline and pecan notes.  I think I detect a sort of fresh carved pumpkin type note in there.  I'll tuck this into my overflowing fall stash and see how it is when warmed.

Palm Beach Passion & Green Apple, from Glitterati.
A nice, happy summery scent.  Apple scents usually make me think of fall but there is not enough showing through in this one to make me think that.

Cinnamon Velvet Cake, from Rosegirls.
Really?  I don't think I've ever heard of this one.  That's one of the things about Rosegirls though, there are so many scents that come and go, you can't possibly keep up.  This one has the signature Rosegirls rich, creamy note but beyond that it's just a nice but sort of generic bakery scent, at least on cold sniff.  I only get the faintest hint of cinnamon.  I do like it though.  It does not strike me as a fall or holiday scent, even with that cinnamon.

Frosted Pumpkin, from Sniff My Tarts.
I really like this one!  There is some spice but it's not like other pumpkin-spice scents.  It's not as warm and deep as those types.  This is more like fresh carved pumpkin, or pie filling right out of the can, with a bit of spice elsewhere in the overall scent.  There is a bit of sweetness and a vague hint of bakery.  This will also get tucked away till fall.

Starfruit and Mango, from Candles From The Keeping Room.
Not a fan of this one.  I have no clue what starfruit smells like, and I'm not big on mango scents.  This is kinda weird to me, fruity but sort of tart or almost sour.

Mango Papaya, from Candles From The Keeping Room.
Not a fan of this one either.  Fruity scents just aren't my strong point.  I like this one more than the previous one but I'll still probably end up passing this one on to someone else.
Peggy's Blueberry Noel / Lemon Meringue / Sugar Cookie, from Sniff My Tarts.
I like this one.  It has a rich, creamy note that reminds me of Rosegirls.  Although I don't get lemon specifically there is a brightness that is probably coming from that.  I get a very subtle blueberry muffin type note deep inside this.  I will definitely enjoy melting this one!

Pineapple Sugar Cookie Dough, from Rosegirls.
Pineapple cookies . . . weird to think about.  The pineapple note is strong in this.  It reminds me of pineapple Lifesavers from the old Tropical Fruits rolls they used to have.  Actually, after sniffing this a thousand more times, it kind of reminds me of pineapple upside down cake, with the warm brown sugar and bakery notes, but on a lighter bakery level.  I do like this.

Whiskers On Kittens, from Rosegirls.
The name makes me think this would be a Christmas scent.  I have absolutely no idea what's in this but it does strike a subtle Christmas vibe in me.  Maybe that's just my mind playing tricks on me though.  It almost seems like maybe cinnamon, bayberry, something like that . . .?  Hint of pine?  If anyone knows, tell me!  I'm already laughing at how far off I might be.

Winter Solstice, from Dessa's Homespun Scents.
Is this like the Beezy Apple Clove Butter tart that's getting passed around?  Did I send you this one?
No biggie if I did because it's peppermint-vanilla and I love it.  This is going into the winter stash for sure.

Pumpkin Marshmallow Grahams, from Lasting Scent Candles.
Yes, please!  Oh my gosh, this is so delicious for fall!  Softly spiced pumpkin all gooey and warm.  Can't wait to melt this come fall!

Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie, from Rosegirls.
I'm curious about the origins of this since the chunks are very different colors.  Another great one for fall though.  It strikes me as a spiced pumpkin pie with just a touch of apple.  Very yummy.

Harvest Bake Sale, from Rosegirls.
I read somewhere that this is an apple-pumpkin blend.  There is bakery, and I think the apple is a little stronger in this than the one above.  It's not quite as heavy of a scent either.  This would be good for early fall.

Back To School, from Rosegirls.
I'm always confused about this scent.  I think it's supposed to be some sort of orange and pumpkin blend.  What I get when I cold sniff this is a sort of warmed orange scent, like maybe orange with just a hint of spice.  There is a slight zest note to it.  It doesn't really strike me as a fall scent, but bit of warmth keeps it from being a perky fruity orange scent.  I think I've had this before but I don't recall offhand what I thought of it.  I'll have to melt this again just to see what I think.

And those are all the lovely goodies Sunnee shared with me.  Just like with Kevin, I always feel like I can never thank Sunnee enough. 

Thank you, Sunnee!
I hope you find your way back to blogging!