Monday, May 23, 2016

Friend Mail From Amanda C

I recently posted about the Titanic themed box from House of Usher Wax, and mentioned how bummed I was that those scents just weren't for me.  Blog reader Amanda C commented that she'd adopted those little wax orphans so I sent them off to their new home.  She in turn sent me a package of little waxy tidbits to try.

It wasn't just wax in the package.  We'd briefly mentioned bath and body products in our email chat, so she included this small jar of Skinfix - Ultra Rich Body Butter, and a roll-on perfume from Pacifica in Island Vanilla scent.

Patterford's Bakery, from T.S.T.W.B.  I think that is something like The Sweet Treats Wax Bakery.  Anyway, I'm not familiar with this vendor.  This small portion is quite strongly scented though.  It reminds me of warm Golden Grahams cereal.  Very nice.

Pumpkin Pie, from Knick Knax Wax.  I've never heard of this vendor.  It's a very spicy pumpkin scent, way more spice than pumpkin.  This is a very small portion, but I'll still tuck it away into my overflowing fall scents stash.

Apple Clove Butter, from Beezy Tarts.  I had to laugh when I saw this in the package.  This might be the most well traveled tart in all of the wax community.  I'm just not a fan of this one so I'll probably send it on its way again, back to it's original owner.  LOL

Mom's Homemade Brownies, from Can Do Candles.  I'm usually not a chocolate scent fan.  This one smells kind of yummy at the moment though, maybe because it's morning and I'm hungry.

Cinnamon Apple Stuffed French Toast, from Country Lane Keepsakes.  Well this sounds right up my alley!  And how freakin' cute are those little turtles?!  It's a very small amount though, each turtle only being 0.2 oz., and the scent is very light on cold sniff.

Pink Chiffon / Chocolate Orchid / Shaving Cream, from SGA.  (I don't know who SGA is.)
Chocolate Orchid turned me off immediately, and when I sniffed it I mainly got floral.  This one is just not for me.

Coconut Delight, from Kitty's Konfections.  I'm not familiar with this vendor either.
It's a creamy coconut scent, possible with something else sweet and pretty in it.

Winter Ski Resort, from Better Homes & Gardens.  This is a smoky, sort of cologne-y scent.

Blackberry Cider, from Scentsationals.
I've had this before and hubby even chose another pack of it for himself a while ago.  So now we have a few extra cubes.  =)

Spiced Sugar Cookie / Mocha Frappe Latte, from Scentsationals.
I think this is the one I was going nuts for last fall or winter.  I'd have to look back through old posts to be sure but I'm pretty sure this is the one.  And of course I couldn't find it once I realized I liked it.  Well, now I have a few more cubes to savor for a while.

Sky Lantern / Amethyst Sky, from Scentsationals.
It looks very nice and a Halloweeny with the purple and orange colors.  These just aren't my types of scents though.

And that is my little friend mail package from Amanda.  Even though some of the scents aren't for me, I still appreciate that she took the time to send these things.  I hope she enjoys her Titanic tarts!

Thank you, Amanda!


  1. Ohhhhh man. My Beezy is going to make it full circle. A well traveled man he is. The sky wax is very cool looking!! I like those colors too. What do they smell like?

    1. They smell like sophisticated fancy things that you enjoy.


  2. I'm so happy to read this post! I'm glad there were a few scents in the package that you liked. SGA stands for Sassy Girl Aroma and (facepalm) I'm so sorry; I forgot about the orchid note in there. I think I was just thinking chocolate. Lol @ the traveling Beezy! I hope dear sweet Julie is not offended that I rehomed it again after I was so desperate to try it. I liked it a lot but was not absolutely in love with it as she is. You were correct about the brand of Pattyford's Bakery; that's another one from Julie. It's such a delightful bakery scent, I thought you might like it. The coconut delight is coconut cream pie and maraschino cherry. I absolutely loved the scent, although the throw was rather light for me. Did you care for either of the body products? I look forward to sending you more packages in the future! I always enjoy reading about your waxy exploits. Hope you are well.

    1. I haven't tried the body products yet because everything has just been sitting here with other packages, waiting for me to get some blog posts done.