Monday, May 23, 2016

Friend Mail From Kevin

I've met some of the most generous people over the years, thanks to this blog.  I was thrilled to receive friend mail from Kevin the other day.  He always sends the most amazing things.  Let's take a look at what gems he's shared this time.

Buttercream Frosting, from American Home (by Yankee Candle).
One thing I appreciate about Kevin is that, like me, he's not afraid to enjoy retail brands.  Since my Walmart is no longer carrying American Home tarts, I was excited to see this pack.  It's such a yummy, rich vanilla scent, sweet and creamy, and just a really good staple scent to have on hand.

Watermelon Honeydew, from AmbiEscents.
A nice fruity scent, about equal on the watermelon and honeydew.  At first the watermelon seems a touch stronger but then you realize it seems a lot deeper, and you recognize that honeydew sitting right next to it on your summer picnic table.

Citrus Sunrise, from AmbiEscents.
I wish I had a scent description for this.  I assumed it would be an orange juice scent but it almost seems like more of grapefruit blend.  I'm not sure how I feel about this one, at least on cold sniff.

Strawberry Macaroon, from AmbiEscents.
This one is interesting.  It reminds me of Strawberry Quik, or that Frankenberry cereal.  The strawberry is soft and creamy and sweet, and there is a cereal type note that must be the from the cookie part.  I'm looking forward to melting that one.

Gerbera Daisies & Daffodils, from AmbiEscents.
I am not a floral fan, that's well known, so my description of this will be harsh.  To me it smells like a lot of body odor being masked by Koolaid as kids play on a hot summer day.  LOL!  Keep in mind, I don't like floral scents!  Those who do like them will find this scent to be totally different.  Hubby likes it, so I mean, obviously it doesn't really smell like body odor.

Cranberry Spice, from AmbiEscents.
I was SO excited to see this one in this friend mail!  You probably know that a good spiced cranberry is one of my absolute favorite scents for late fall.  Julie had sent me one of these last year, and I'm so happy to have another one now for this year.  It is a deep, warmly spiced cranberry scent.  Not at all like the perfumey unspiced cranberry scents.  Mmmm, this is a Thanksgiving must-have.

Butter Cookies, from Up The Creek Scents - 'Sugar, buttermilk, caramel, and thick rich vanilla.'
There is something kind of doughy about this scent.  It doesn't have that warmth or depth of other sugar cookie scents, like they're fresh from the oven.  This is buttery and doughy, like when you're rolling out the dough before cutting into fun holiday shapes.
Honey Bunny Type, from Country Lane Keepsakes - 'Opening with sparkling notes of bergamot, sweet orange, and crisp apple; followed by rich, golden honey nectar, toffee bits, and soft white musk mingling together to create a sweet treat as natural as sunshine.'
I absolutely flipped when I saw these adorable little turkey tarts!  The turtle is cute too but I've seen them before.  I've never seen these tiny turkeys though!  As for the scent, it's a little too pretty for my liking.  I bet it's a fabulous bath and body products scent, it does have a soapiness to it, but I don't think I'd like it much for home fragrance.

Apple Pumpkin Strudel, from Waxie Lady.
On cold sniff I'm getting more of the apple but there is warmth and a bit of spice keeping it from being a fruity scent.  The pumpkin is sort of pacing around the background.  It's kinda like pie filling right out of the can type pumpkin.  This will be set aside for fall, early fall because it's not too heavy or spicy.

Apple Marshmallow Serendipity Bread, from Up The Creek Scents.
'Bread' in a scent always has me leery, fearing it's actually zucchini bread, which I hate.  If there is zucpukey in here it's drowned out enough that I might be able to melt this.  Maybe not.  The apple and Serendipity are the strongest notes, but they're warm, which is weird to the mind.  There is a slight creaminess, which makes it all interesting but then those 'Is that zucchini?!' notes start to come in with a hint of bakery, a hint of saltiness.  Ohhh, I don't know if I can do this one.  lol

Vanilla Custard / Blueberry Muffins / Blackberry, from Sniff My Tarts.
Yummy!  This almost reminds me of Rosegirls with that rich, creamy custard note.  I don't get a muffin note, but I do get sweet dark berries in the midst of that custard.  This one will be nice to melt.

Hello Lemon Lover, from Sniff My Tarts.
I don't know what's all supposed to be in this but it smells like a fairly simple lemon-vanilla scent, and that's totally okay with me.  There is a sweet, bright lemon note right off the bat, and something softer and just a tiny bit warm grounds it.

Hot Apple Pie, from Up The Creek Scents.
This is an excellent fall apple pie scent.  The hot cinnamon and sugary syrup notes mix with the baked apples so deliciously, it seems so real.  I don't have much of this brittle but oh my, this will be a good melt come fall.

Hot Orange Danish, from Country Lane Keepsakes - 'A fresh baked danish, orange zests, and the aroma of drizzled cream frosting.'
Ah yes, a yummy warm bakery scent with soft hints of orange.  It's light on cold sniff.  Hopefully it blooms when warmed.

Serendipity Cookie Crumble, from Country Lane Keepsakes.
I mainly get the Serendipity notes right now on cold sniff.  There is a hint of bakery behind it.  Even if it's just Serendipity when warmed, it'll be okay because it's slightly toned down.  Serendipity can be a bit overwhelming with its sweetness.

Lemon Drop Cookies, from Waxie Lady.
Kevin must know I love lemon, huh?  Again, mainly a bright lemony scent with a hint of creaminess from vanilla or something.  This lemon is little more tart, a little more like Pledge cleaner, but still a nice scent overall.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus, from Country Lane Keepsakes - 'Invigorating blend with peppermint, patchouli, cedar wood and eucalyptus. A great scent to open your sinuses when a cold has you all filled up.'
When I first sniffed this I did not know there was patchouli and cedar in here.  When I saw the description I cringed at that, and went back for another sniff.  Luckily, I don't really notice those two notes.  The peppermint is just a teeny smidge stronger than the eucalyptus, and after several more sniffs I think maybe a hint of that cedar is showing itself afterall.  There is a slight resin after-taste to it but not enough to kill it for me.

Strawberry & Kiwi / Watermelon / Mango Sorbet, from Sniff My Tarts.
I can't decide if I like this one or not.  It's a smooth, fruity scent but I can't really pick out any distinct notes.  It reminds me of something island-summery.  There is a hint of creaminess pulling it all together.

Ooh La La, from Country Lane Keepsakes - 'Top notes of rum, cognac, fruits; Middle notes of cranberry, plum; Bottom notes of vanilla and musk- this almost leans towards a designer scent.'
I'm quite intrigued by this one.  It gets me away from my beloved bakery scents, yet still has some warmth in its sophistication.  I get the dark fruits, the tartness of the cranberry.  The vanilla musk makes it interesting, and then there is something, the cognac maybe, that sort of 'freshens' it up.  I don't mean fresh like laundry or outdoors scents, but just something putting an edge on the overall scent.  This will be very interesting to melt.

Under The Big Top / Sassy Sweet Tarts / Cotton Candy Frosting, from Sniff My Tarts.
I can never remember what Under The Big Top is, but it must be sweet because everything about this one screams 'Sweet candy!'  There is something almost like a 7Up note.  I don't know if I can do this one.  The super sweet candy craze of late got old for me very fast and very early on.  Maybe I'll try a little bit of this and see how it goes.

Caramel Coffee Marshmallows / Buttered Sugar Cookies, from Up The Creek Scents.
These cubes are interesting.  They are 1.2 oz. of wax and come in clamshell type packaging, but with just the one big cube.  This one has that cookie dough scent with just a hint of coffee lurking in the background.  There is a little bit of sweetness and creaminess from the marshmallow.

The Cookie Bakery / Butterscotch Brulee, from Up The Creek Scents.
This one has that harsh note that I struggle with in some butterscotch scents.  I'm also getting a sort of hot rubber plastic-y note that might just be from the plastic packaging.  I'll probably go ahead and melt this and see if those off notes go away.

That is my generous friend mail haul from Kevin.  I feel like I can never thank him enough because he always finds such interesting scents and vendors.

Thank you, Kevin!


  1. Those turkeys <3 Great gift mail Kevin! Those single cube clams are really interesting. Perfect amount of wax. Enjoy your goodies Deb!

    1. Yeah, I'll have to wander over to their site sometime and check those out more. I wonder what they cost? They'd stack nicely and that plastic is probably more recyclable than bags would be.


  2. Your description of the Gerbera Daisies & Daffodils had me ROLLING!! I had to go back for another sniff to pinpoint that "BO" note. To me, there's a bit of a sour citrus note that's probably grapefruit. I see where you're going with your description but I personally find it pleasant and uplifting, particularly when I'm melting it along with other seasonal AmbiEscents wax. Everybody's different! Glad you liked the majority of your package!!

    1. I had to laugh at that description too. I hope people realize I'm saying as someone who does not like florals this is how it comes across to me. Hopefully people don't think it really smells that way. LOL

      Thank you again for the package!