Friday, May 13, 2016

Haul - Clearance Wax!

While shopping at Walmart this morning, I scored some fabulous clearance wax.  Usually in the clearance aisle you'll find one or two scattered candles.  I couldn't believe it when I saw the huge section of Glade and Febreze holiday scents!  And at extremely clearance prices, I couldn't pass up grabbing some.

Pumpkin Pit Stop, from Glade.
There was a HUGE stack of these, like probably thirty or so.  I couldn't believe it.  When I saw they were only $1.00 I grabbed three, thinking "Pumpkin for a dollar?  Heck yeah!"  I did have a moment of hesitation once I started to over-think things, wondering what to do if a really nice pumpkin scent comes out this fall and now I already have three from last fall.  I managed to talk myself out if it yes, bought three.

Sing Out Loud, from Glade.
This was from the Christmas 2015 lineup, and it is 'gingerbread spice' scent.  I only saw maybe two of these so I quickly grabbed one.  Plus, it was only 75 CENTS!  

Be At Peace / Cherish The Present, from Glade.
Another from the Christmas 2015 line, this is layered candle scented with balsam fir and juniper on top, and apple cinnamon on the bottom.  I usually don't buy these layered ones but this was also only 75 CENTS!  There were quite a few of these.

There were a lot of the room sprays and oils (like 'wallflowers') in various fall and winter scents too.

Jolly Pine, from Febreze.
There were several of these, so at a dollar a piece I grabbed two.  I enjoy the Febreze candles and love these in the mason jar look.  There were some other Febreze ones in Strawberry & Fig scent but nothing else in fall or winter scents.

Sweet & Salty Caramel, from American Home (by Yankee Candle).
Last fall and winter my Walmart carried the American Home brand of candles in various sizes, and wax melts.  Now they only carry the large candles.  So I was surprised to see this one lonely pack of tarts laying on the shelf over by the regular Better Homes & Gardens and Scentsationals tarts.  I took it over to one of those price checker thingies and when I saw it was only $1.00 I knew it was coming home with me.

So yeah, about $29.00 worth of wax for only $7.50!
Not a bad deal, huh?


  1. Nice! I love Walmart wax, especially when it's on clearance. I hope to go sometime soon and see what my store has to offer.

    1. I was surprised to see these! Even right after the season there were only a handful marked down, and they weren't even marked down very much. I guess someone uncovered a buried stash in the warehouse. lol


  2. There was a great clearance on American Home holiday candles about a month ago at my local Walmart. Bought two large Ginger Pumpkin Pie candles for $4.00 each. They've since been re-priced at $11.00. Score! It really pays to browse the Clearance aisle regularly.

    1. I saw some of the small (4 oz.?) American Home candles in Fresh Apple scent in the clearance aisle this week. They were only down to $2.50 though so I passed on them. If those had also been a dollar I would have snatched a couple.