Monday, May 23, 2016

Haul - Eagle Rock Candle Co.

I had never even heard of Eagle Rock Candle Company but stumbled across them through a comment left on a blog that led me to another blog that had a review of this vendor.  I hopped over to the Eagle Rock website and instantly fell in love with the look.  I certainly do not need any more wax at the moment but something about this vendor just sucked me in.  I placed a small order.  If nothing else, it's something to blog about.

The website is very basic when you first to get to it, but scroll down and you'll see more.  There is a dropbox on the left side at the top, where you can select from different products in different categories.  I admit, I didn't even look at anything else besides the 'Soy Wax Melts.'  The clamshells are $2.74 each, which is extremely reasonable.  There are some in the Special Reserve line that cost $4.00 because they use essential oils instead of fragrance oils.  The clamshells are nicely filled, with the four I got weighing 2.9, 3.0, 3.0, and 3.1 ounces.  Shipping is free!  You'd think prices would be higher to absorb those free shipping costs but $2.74 is still a great price for a clamshell.

I placed my small order on Wednesday morning, May 18 and had a shipping notification in about 90 minutes.  That's a TAT I can live with!  Since my order was first class, not priority, it did take a bit longer.  I received it Monday, May 23.  Even so, that's pretty darn fast!

My order came snuggly packaged in a yellow padded envelope tucked into a larger yellow padded envelope.  There was an invoice with a handwritten thank you.  There were no free samples or extra but with free shipping, I guess that's fair enough.  The products a nicely presented, clean and professional looking.  The labels are gorgeous.  It's one of the things that really drew me in.  In the little bit that I explored the site it looked like a decent sized scent list but not hugely overwhelming like some vendors.  A lot of the scents seem pretty common, but that's okay too.  If you can find a quick and affordable vendor to rely on for your staple scents, there's nothing wrong with that.  I saw several I wanted to try but stuck with just four to see how they perform first.

So let's look at those four, shall we?

Lemonilla - 'The refreshing and sweet combination of lemon and vanilla beans.'
You know me and lemon.  I just had to get this one.  It's a sweet lemon, like Lemonheads candy, with a nice vanilla softening it.

Chai Tea - 'Our chai tea fragrance begins with top notes of spicy cinnamon bark and nutmeg; followed with a body of fresh green tea; finished off with the aroma of creamy soy milk.'
I've had very different chai teas in my wax adventures.  Some are just strong on the spiced tea, while some have a bit of a creamy note.  I prefer the creamy ones.  This one leans closer to the creamy side so I think it will be nice.  There is still a strong tea note, and a lot of spice, but that soft little hint of creamy milk adds a little depth to it, sort of fills it out a little more while also softening it a bit.

Almond Joy - 'A wonderful combination of almond and coconut.'
When I first saw the name of this one I assumed it would be chocolate and coconut, like the candy bar.  I was intrigued when I saw it only listed almond and coconut instead.  Then I started thinking.  Have I ever had just and almond-coconut scent?  Not that I recall offhand.  So yeah, I wanted to try this.  Almond is the strongest note, for sure.  It's like a nice almond extract scent.  The coconut is quietly in the background, slightly toning down the almond, and adding some sweet creaminess.  This one is interesting, and I'm really looking forward to trying it.

Ogre Feet - 'This fun fragrance starts with orange, lemon, and bergamot, ginger, nutmeg, honey, clove, vanilla bean and cocoa, sitting on a woodsy base.'
Oh my gosh, when I saw the name of this one I just couldn't pass it up.  There are a lot of the notes in the description.  Some I like, some I don't.  But I just couldn't imagine how all those things together would smell so I took a chance and ordered it.  I don't dislike it, but it's definitely out of my comfort zone.  I can't even really describe it.  The 'woodsy base' is strong.  It's a masculine, slightly outdoorsy scent.  It almost seems like there is a cologne type note with some musk and almost like a hint of mint.  I think the phantom mint note is really just the spices.  I do not detect any of the citrus specifically but I wonder if the zest of citrus notes might also be part of the 'mint.'  This is a dark, heavy scent.  This might one that sophisticated noses like Julie and Kevin would like.

That is my first order from this new-to-me vendor, Eagle Rock Candle Company.  I can't wait to actually start melting these because if they are strong enough I will heading back for more, most definitely.  I'm already curious about what fall and winter scents they have.

Are you familiar with Eagle Rock Candle Company?


  1. Ooh, I'm totally adding this to my list of vendors to order from! I loooove it when companies have free shipping! The prices do seem very reasonable and the first 3 scents you describe sound like ones I would love! *heads off to browse site*

    1. The smell of Ogre Feet is not intriguing to you? =P

      I'm going to have to look at what else they have on their site. I know there are candles and I think wax crumbles or something.

      I just hope these are strong!


  2. You have me wanting to order their Harvest Moon. I am already dreaming of fall wax. I am still scratching my head over the low prices AND free shipping!!! Nice.

    1. And they've been around since 2005! I think that's what I saw on the label.

      I had to go back and check the Harvest Moon description. Yep, that does sound like your kind of scent. Get it! Geeeeetttttt iiiitttt!