Thursday, May 12, 2016

Natters - May 12 / Society Rant

I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday and just had to sigh, and try and control my anger.  I'm so tired of people posting these supposedly 'inspirational' or 'motivational' things that are really just glorified attempts at justifying crap behavior.  Seriously, all these people who think they are so 'strong' because they speak their mind, and all the people who praise those 'brave' people . . . ?  More than likely these people are just obnoxious loudmouths.  

"Your opinion of me means nothing."
Hmm, well maybe that's the problem right there.  Maybe if people DID care a bit more about what others thought we wouldn't be such a mean, crap spewing society.  Being confident and independent is not the same as being a bitch.  As my friend Julie pointed out, "Mother Teresa was confident and independent."  And she was far from being a loud mouth and mean.

"I say it as I see it.  If that intimidates or bothers you I really don't care."
Again, maybe if people DID care a bit more the bitchy people wouldn't have to be trying to convince us all how strong and independent they are.  My friend Sunnee stated it perfectly when she replied, "A four year old says exactly what they think and it's not because they are brave. It's because they lack wisdom, grace and experience."  Exactly!

And with so many supposedly strong, confident, and independent people out there, why are these people usually the first to be offended by every little thing?  Why do obnoxious loudmouth strong, confident, independent people wave "the right to free speech!" around like some all-forgiving shield?  The right to free speech, again, doesn't mean you need to be rude, mean, bitch (or dick, or asshole).

"I am strong, confident, and independent!!"
No, you're just part of a sad generation in a sad society where nobody cares about the little things any more.
No, I do not admire you at all as you sit there and talk over anyone and everyone, spew hurtful and usually stupid words, trying to impress the room.  And if you really were so strong, confident, and independent, you wouldn't be needing to post pretty little misspelled quotes trying to convince us that you are.

I know I'm not alone in this.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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