Friday, May 13, 2016

Natters - May 13 / Yes! Natters!

Minion says 'Oh, hi!'
Sometimes I think he does these things just to nudge me back to blogging.  He's such a character, I tell ya.

So yeah, nothing new in that I've been absent from Natters.  I have been kinda busy, very distracted, and just sorta fell back into that 'What the point?' mood when it came to blogging.  But then I was browsing back through old posts from last year, looking for something earlier this morning, and it was so fun to see all those hauls and Natters.  And I miss blogging!

How have you been?  Did you see my little rant last night?  What I actually posted was quite brief and mild compared to how I really feel.  I think it must be the kind of people I work with that gets me so riled up about how sucky society is getting.  I think I'm seeing that annoying type of people more than someone who, say, works in a nice office building.  I work in a low paying factory in a small town.  We have a high turnover rate, and a lot of, um, under-achievers there.  I'm sure dealing with these people has turned me into a crabby old woman.  Go read that post if you haven't already.  Post your thoughts.

Anyway, I got some pretty nice Mother's Day gifts from my menfolk last week.
Ty got me a $15 iTunes card so I can download some Monkees songs.  Casey got me the Harry Potter boxed set.  And Kurth 'got' me a new camera.

I put 'got' in quotes because really he just went along to town to make sure I picked one out for myself and didn't talk my cheap self out of it.  I decided on the Canon Power Shot SX410 IS.  First I had been looking at the small ones again, the little point-n-shoot ones like my old Sony Cyber-shot.  Hubby was talking about one of his coworkers who had a camera similar to this, and commented on the super zoom it had.  One of my complaints about my old camera has always been the lack of decent zoom.  Another thing I've grown to dislike about my old camera is that is uses regular batteries.  I'd decided I wanted my next camera to have a battery pack.  This one I ended up getting has the best zoom of those available at the store, and uses a battery pack.  Sold!

I have played around with this a little bit and have to admit, I'm amazed at the pics I can now get of birds and critters out my window.  Hubby's secret motive for the mega-zoom was to be able to get awesome pictures at Vikings games.  Yeah, I think I can pics of freaking beads of sweat on guys on the sidelines with this bad boy!  LOL  Having said that though, I've already found that you really need a tripod for those super zoomed pictures because ANY movement at all throws your aim way off.  Oh well, I'll keep practicing.

I haven't used it to take any pics for the blog yet because I had to order a USB cable separately and that just finally got here.  I also ordered a second battery pack so I will always (hopefully) have one fully charged.  About how long do they last?  Like, if I was at a wedding or graduation or something, and taking a lot of pictures, would the battery last several hours?  I guess I'll find out.

The set of Harry Potter books was a big surprise.  I'd wanted it when it for Christmas when it first came out a few years ago but when I didn't get it I convinced myself I didn't want it afterall because I already have the original hardcover books.  When Casey presented this to me though, I was freakin' excited!  These are paperback versions, with all new cover designs.  I do want to read the whole series again sometime.

In other news, that picture at the top of the post is Minion getting himself involved with my work yesterday.  I finally motivated myself enough to get started on some long overdue decluttering projects and first up was sorting and shredding years of accumulated papers.  We used to burn a lot of stuff in our burn pile, but we had that leveled a few years ago and now we limit how much we burn around here.  Plus, we just got lazy.  So yesterday was spent shredding papers, and Minion found it entertaining.
I'd hoped to keep as busy today as I was yesterday but I'm just not feeling it today.  I've been feeling quite miserable the past several days and haven't figured out what's going on yet.  My feet and knees feel a little better but oh my gosh, just about every other part of me is making up for it in stiffness, aches, and general discomfort.  I've wondered if this is something flu-like, possibly even kidney infection from the way my back was hurting.  Or is it just my good ol' friend . . . stress?  Yesterday when I was active and my mind was occupied, I felt pretty good.  Today, letting the lazy ways back in, I feel like crap.  Ugh.

I'd seen some videos recently showing new summer and 4th of July things showing up at Target's Dollar Spot, so I stopped at my Target quick after my shopping this morning.  My store had none of those new things, but I wasn't too heartbroken, because I'd found some cheap things at Walmart.
This is an 8x8 inch paper pad for scrapbooking or card making.  It's all red, white, and blue, lovely patriotic designs.  There are 18 sheets, three each of the six designs you see here on the cover.
($3.97 at Walmart)

I also got this pack of stickers, more patriotic themes.  There are 12 sheets, two each of the six designs you see on the cover.  There is a total of 478 stickers.  Some are quite small though.
($3.97 at Walmart)

There were several different packs of stickers but this was the only one I grabbed because that bigger pack doesn't have fireworks designs.  This is only one sheet, 32 stickers, and they are nicely holographic and shimmery.
($0.97 at Walmart)

What am I going to do with these 4th of July things?  Well, going to throw them in my papercrafts supply stash of course, and probably never do anything with them.  LOL!  No, I do want to eventually give cardmaking and papercrafts another try.

I'll wrap this up here for now.  I'll try to ease back into Nattering with some updates about what's been happening around here.  We've been watching movies and dealing with work and other things.  I'll TRY to get back to something close to daily!
Don't hold your breath though...
How have YOU been?
Anything exciting happening in your world lately?


  1. Minion is such a character! You have some amazing Mother's Day gifts <3 I can't wait to see your new pics you take. If your battery is anything like mine it will last hours and hours and even days. I only have to charge mine like once every two months if I am using it pretty frequently, less if using it sparsely.

    Love you stickers! This reminds me though that I did NOT get to go to Target this weekend like I planned/initially wanted. Shooting for next Friday. This weekend was all about the recovery for me. By the way... thank you for being there. I appreciate it.

    1. No problem! =) And by delaying for a week, maybe your odds of having new stuff there will be better.