Saturday, May 21, 2016

Natters - May 21

Hello!  I've been trying to get Natters posts up the past however many days but my brain is so scattered again lately that when I bring up the screen to write a post . . . I just go blank.  There have been so many things going on and so many things I want to talk about that I don't know where to start, so I stare at the screen for a while then leave, thinking I'll come back when my mind is more settled.  Ha!  If we wait for that you might never hear from me again!

We *finally* got our power pole fixed.  I don't even know if I've ever mentioned that here.  Have I?  Back on March 16, the pole that holds our power lines out to the barn was snapped in a wind storm.  It didn't fall, but it was only delicately sitting on the snapped base and being slightly supported by the wires from the barn and the other pole by our garage.  We propped it up and started making calls.  For some reason, it seemed every electric service place was super busy.  Well that, and some that just didn't bother to return calls or emails.  When we finally got two different places who said they'd come out and do an estimate we were happy.  But then time dragged on and on with them too.  We finally prodded them like, 'Hey, did you forget about us?'  Then suddenly one guy was here Monday to put a new pole up, and another guy was here Wednesday to move the wires over to it.  Really?  We're glad to finally have it done but really?  Over two months to try and get someone out here?!
The guy that is supposed to be cutting our big tree down seems to have fallen off the earth too.  Hubby ended up talking to the guy who put the new pole up, and he said HE would come back and take care of the tree for us.  He says he wants to wait till the ground firms up a bit more after the spring rains we had.

We had a scary couple of days this week.  Hubby's dad had tripped Wednesday night and hit his head pretty hard on a cabinet they have.  Hubby's mom took him to the local ER because he had a gash on his cheek under his eye, and when they did tests they found he had some bleeding on his brain or something like that.  He was transported to Appleton hospital, a much bigger, better equipped place, where he would see a specialist.  He has health problems and is on blood thinners.  Well with this bleeding in his head, they were giving him meds to reverse the blood thinners to try and get the bleeding stopped.  It all worked out and had came home Friday, but jeepers!  Oh and that cabinet that he hit?  It's the same one that hubby's mom fell into several months ago, smashed her face, lost some teeth, also spent a bit of time in the hospital.  So after we heard about his dad I said to hubby "I think it's time to move that damn cabinet."  He stopped over there after work that day and moved it.

I've been playing around with my new camera a bit but I'm mostly just frustrated with it.  I keep grabbing for my old camera or my phone when there is a blog picture that needs taking.  The new one did not come with a user manual so I'm clueless about a lot of things.  There IS a manual online but it's something like 200 pages in a PDF file.  Bleah.  I really need a tripod for it.  The super mega uber zoom is nice but there is no way you can hold the camera still when you're zoomed so much.  And then even just trying to take wax pics for the blog, I've found it's just nowhere near as easy as my old camera.  And of course, I totally forgot to look for a tripod while shopping this morning.

I'll share some of the pics I've taken so far.

I love the little chipmunk one.  I wish it was clearer.  And that moon pic!?  Holy zoom, Batman!  I can't wait till I get a tripod and see how much better these types of pics will be!

That's it for now.  I have sooo much else to natter about but at least this is a start.

Anything interesting happening in your world these days?


  1. BIRDS! And that is a chipmunk?! I die! So cute! I like the deer and moon photos too. What an incredible zoom you have. Too bad the lens doesn't have a Vibration Reduction in the lens. But I bet if you could figure out how to increase your shutter speed it would help.

    I hope your FILheals quickly. Very scary. Was the cabinet in an awkward place or just a new item they weren't used to? Minion and Fatty look like they are enjoying the wildlife outside.

    Love the Natters. <3

    1. There is so much about that camera that I don't know or understand. The guide I found online is like 250 pages long or something crazy. I guess I could go back and look up vibration reduction and shutter speed.

      The cabinet is not new or anything. They have a step up going into that area of the room and they're both getting less mobile so it's been that step that caused it both times.