Sunday, May 22, 2016

Natters - May 22 / Crabby Day


This has been a totally crappy and crabby day.  I've just felt really anxious and bitchy.  My mind is racing from one project to the next, yet I get none of them done.  I got pissed at hubby because "Nothing works around here!"  We have two pushmowers to do detail work up close to the house and around trees and things.  Neither one works and hubby is doing nothing to figure out why.  The weed eater, which can also do this detail work, isn't working either.  Hubby has the parts to fix it but so far he just hasn't.  So I grabbed a pair of clippers, like pruning shears, thinking I could at least get around the porch.  Nope.  That freakin' thing doesn't work either.  Every time you snip, you have to use two hands to open it back up before the next snip.  It's gunked up or the spring is junk or something.  That was the last straw though, and I stomped back into the house, threw my stuff down, and refused to acknowledge hubby for hours.

Of course that ranging frame of mind didn't let me do anything else either so I sat and stared at my computer screen for a while.  And wouldn't you know?!  Our internet was pretty much nonexistent today!  Of course it was!  I couldn't go watch any murder-TV because hubby was already watching some man-movie.  I couldn't go read because I was too worked up to concentrate.  I'd already done laundry yesterday.  Dishes were done.  I had nothing to do!  Well, nothing that my horrible mood would have let me do anyway.

My anger is gone now but I still feel really anxious.  I need to keep getting up and moving around, but then I just come back to the computer and stare, so I figured I'd at least get a quickie post done.  Oh yeah, I can't find some pictures I took the other day.  I'd wanted to mention something I got in the mail but since I can't find the pics, it will have to wait.  That added to my crabbiness, and so did trying to use my fancy new camera for taking wax pics this morning.  Sadly, I'm just not diggin' that new camera.  It took me probably five times longer than normal to take the pics because I don't know anything about the camera and its settings.  My old camera, I can just put in macro mode and take the pics.  This one keeps changing its mind on what mode it wants to be in as I get the shot all lined up, and then any little movement will have it cycling through modes again.  Even after, I don't like how the pics turned out.  I see myself still using my old camera for wax and haul pics.

I do have some friend mail posts to do but I did not want to even attempt them in today's crabby mood.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

Have you had any total ragefest days lately?
What seems to set you off?

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