Monday, May 23, 2016

Natters - May 23 / Buried Treasure

Well I was in a much better mood today than yesterday.  I'm glad that rage is gone, and that it doesn't show up very often anymore.  Years ago I struggled with that a lot.  Not quite sure what set it off yesterday.

This morning I went to my mom's as I do each week.  I do her laundry and we usually go shopping.  She didn't need to go for anything today though so it was a quick chore morning.  Her hip is getting so bad that she doesn't like to do more than she really has to, and is actually looking forward to that surgery she swore she'd never have.  I'm not looking forward to having to stay over there again, but there's nothing I can do about it so I try not to dwell on it right now.

As I was leaving there I got a message from my metal detecting coworker, asking if we were still on for today.  I replied that we were and that I was free the rest of the day, and he showed up shortly after I got home.
He didn't have too much time today but we did putter around the yard for about an hour and dug up some random junk.
The most interesting thing out of the boring things we found was this little buckle.  He guessed it might be from an some old time ladies outfit.  Hubby thought maybe off an old shoe.  It's quite small, only an inch or so long.  Metal Detector Dude said to rub it with ketchup and it would clean up nicely.  I guess the acids in ketchup will eat away the grime or something?  That bigger gear thing in the upper picture is interesting too.  We're not sure what it would be from, but it looks like brass and is very heavy.

We were bummed that we didn't find any old coins.  He was getting all sorts of hits in different places around the yard but since he didn't have a lot of time he didn't want to dig every little thing.  There is one are though that we're really curious about and I might go back out tomorrow and start digging.  He pulled that chunk of a china plate, and a couple other of these odd bits out of the same area, and also found coal pieces there.  We don't know if it was like a junk dump spot or maybe an old stove had been there long ago.  He felt more things in the small hole he dug but didn't have time to keep going.  He wants to come back out some day when he has plenty of time and we'll go over some of the areas we didn't cover today.  It was all quite interesting.  I'd kinda like to get a metal detector now.

In between and after all that, I'd been frantically working on blog posts all day.  I've gotten so many packages in the past few days, my desk is completely cluttered.  I need to get the posts done so I can finally sort through all the wax and get it all put away.  Doing a seemingly simple wax post is not a quick and easy as it seemingly seems!  I've also been thinking about getting away from Melted posts and just doing more details descriptions in haul posts.  I know people say the Melted posts are useful and I've found them to be a wealth of information just for my own purposes, like when I look back over fall scents to see which ones I want to order again, but they can be such a monotonous beast to do.

Oh, forgot to mention that hubby's coworker friend who he rides with stopped over this evening and helped us drop that broken power pole to the ground.  Not sure yet what we'll do with it now but at least that whole drama is finally done and over with.  The new pole is up, the wires are connected, the old pole is down, and we have the yard light power back on.

Tonight is Casey's last night on the 12 hour shift crew.  He'd gone over to that to get away from some things on the other side of the plant but found his situation on the 12 hour crew was even worse.  He'll be back to regular 8 hour shifts now, still working 3rd shift.

And with that, I will leave for today and head off to do some reading.
Natters posts three days in a row now!  I think I might be getting back into the swing of things!

How was your Monday?


  1. That buckle and the gears are cool. Will you show us after you clean them up? It would be neat to see it into a purse or something. Glad you are on a bloggy roll! <3

    1. I scrubbed the stuff a bit with dish soap and water but have not tried the ketchup trick yet. If I do, and it works, I'll post an updated pic.

      Did you notice that my bloggy roll stalled again? The past two days of work have been horrible. Each day pushes me a little closer to leaving and I thought for a bit that yesterday might have been The Day. :( But it's my day off and, predictably, my blogging ambition is back. lol