Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Natters - May 24

Nothing really exciting happened today.  I got several little projects taken care of, which was great because it took several little stresses off my mind.  I finally cleaned off the back porch, which had become a real mess over the course of this spring.  Still don't have the tall grass and weeds chopped down up close to the porch but at least cleaning up the other clutter helped.  Finally got a replacement piece ordered for the one lawn mower.  I'd been having no luck locating the proper piece (we ordered one, but it was wrong) so I caved and got on the company's live chat customer support.  They told me the correct part number . . . but said it's backordered at the moment.  Ugh!  Well at least I have it ordered.  Got the incorrect one repackaged and ready to send back.  Took care of some clutter around my desk.  Got the last of my current wax posts done.  Just a lot of little things that needed to be done.

I watched two movies today.  The Danish Girl was so sad!  Oh my gosh!  I wasn't prepared for that.  The Witch, however, was rather dumb.  I didn't really find anything scary about it, and probably had a 'Wtf?' look on my face through the whole thing.  Such a bummer because I'd been so anxious to see that one.

And that's really about it for my day.  This was an extra day off for me because the lead person on the other day crew needed to switch days.  I'll work Wednesday and Thursday now.  I'm already stressed about going back to work.  Whyyyyyyy does it have to suck so much?

Off to read for a bit now before bed.
Have you seen either of the movies I mentioned?


  1. Aah... porch cleaning. I haven't cleaned any of our porches since The Great Pollen Attack of 2016. I need to, especially since I have my bike set up on the trainer out there and use it pretty frequently. I also want to be able to use our porches without feeling super icky and covered and dust.

    I haven't seen any of those movies. I feel so out of the loop on movies. We don't even bother going to the movie theatre anymore. We make tentative plans, then decide we don't want to deal with travel, parking, and people. I feel like The Witch is like a lot of 'horror' movies that I try watching. I think they're dumb or the entire premise is stupid because a little communication could have fixed x or y and the entire movie wouldn't be necessary.

    1. The Danish Girl is a true story, and I knew that but I had not looked up anything about the real person online, so the ending caught me off guard.

      Someone insisted to me that The Witch is more about fear itself than it is about witchcraft. That could have been true, but then they threw in witches anyway. So, make up your minds, guys. There was a lot of tension in the movie, but it wasn't really scary or creepy.