Monday, May 30, 2016

Natters - May 30 / Memorial Day

It seems somehow wrong to say "Happy Memorial Day!"  I mean, it is a somber holiday.  So instead, I'll just just ask how your Memorial Day weekend was.  Did you have a long weekend?  Watch any parades?  Host or attend any cookouts?  Ours was okay, mellow with some crabby moments.  I worked Saturday but got out at 3pm instead of 7pm, so that was nice.  Ty was here for a bit today because hubby was grilling some food, but he (Ty) ended up leaving before eating because a friend of his needed help moving.  So it was just me, hubby, and Casey eating a lot of food.  It was a beautiful day too, for this 'official' kickoff of summer.  We didn't go watch any local parades or anything.  I miss that from my childhood.  In the little town I grew up in, the parades were quite a big hit.

In other news, some of you might have seen my rage filled rant post about work a few days ago.  I took it down when I saw how many mistakes were in it, and when I realized I'd meant it to also be about something else and then never explained what that was.  It was just a mess of a post that I was frantically typing out in the middle of my overflowing hate and rage towards work.  If you didn't see it, I won't be reposting it but just know that things are NOT good for me at work right now.

I'd mentioned an intervention in that mess of a post.  I'm still planning on doing that post, hopefully tomorrow, and it will be much more light hearted than the work post I'd meant to add it to.  It really is quite funny and you'll roll your eyes and know exactly what I mean by 'I need an intervention!'

Casey went to look at two apartments with his friend on Friday.  He said they were both nice but in the end neither of them is sure if they're ready to move out.  Plus they were in Fond du Lac, which they aren't quite sure they want to live in.  They're going to wait and see if anything opens up in the little town nearer to home, the little town where Casey and I both work, and where Ty lives.

A surprise tornado hit Brandon Friday evening!  Brandon is the other little town I live near, the one that's technically my address although I do live out in the country.  It had been rainy Friday, some mild storms here and there but nothing indicating possible tornadoes!  There were no severe weather alerts out or anything.  Our power went out around 5:40pm and shortly after that we heard cops go flying down our road and noticed cars driving slowly and pulling over.  We were like 'Huh, wonder what's going on?'  After we sat for a while longer without power I noticed something on Facebook, a post saying something like "Prayers for Brandon, Wisconsin."  Now we're really all "Huh?!" and started looking online a bit more and sure enough, a tornado had hit the little village.  We hopped in hubby's truck and drove that way (yes, to be gawkers) but cops had all the roads leading into town blocked off.  So we came back home and I started seeing pics posted on Facebook.  It sounds like it was 'minor' damage like trees and wires down, and roof damage to several buildings, but no one was hurt and no buildings were destroyed.  Our power didn't come back on until about 9:30pm.  I have not been back to Brandon yet.

I'll leave off here for tonight.  It's not much but I want to try and keep posting as much as possible and not let the crabby days take over completely.  And yes, I'm really struggling with some crabby days lately.  But anyway, I'm off to read for a bit before bed.

How was your holiday?


  1. I'm sorry about your crabby days you've been having! I saw that your post poofed and wondered if you decided to keep it down or wanted to revise parts of it. Maybe that and the whole you-may-lose-your-job-in-18-month thing is a sign that you should follow those other dreams you were talking about when you initially told us about the plant downsizing.

    I'm glad that the tornado didn't pass close enough to directly affect you! That's quite some surprise to find out, though.

    My weekend wasn't that special. Michael worked, I dogsitted, and there were two nights that I stayed up late because of a friend in need. It's entirely messed up my sleep schedule and I'm still trying to recover. It probably didn't help that last night Michael invited a friend over for food and we drank a little. I'm so good at making responsible decisions. :)

    Just a heads up: I'm finally catching up on commenting on blogs so you're going to get hit with a lot of comments from me!

    1. I probably should just leave my job and know that whatever happened next would be for the better. I just can't seem to take that step. There are two big reasons why I stay. One is the money, which isn't great but is better than anything I'd get if I left. The other is, frankly, that I'm just plain ol' afraid to leave.