Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Read - The Impossible Quest / Books 2-5

I had previously reviewed the first book in the Impossible Quest series ( HERE ) but thought I'd just lump the rest of the series into one post because the books are quite short and quick.

As I said in that first post, I'd never heard of this series before seeing it in an online book party my sister had hosted earlier this year.  The series is meant for younger readers, middle grade or so, and is a quick, easy read.  I do enjoy middle grade books because they're like brain cleansers.  They tell an interesting story but don't get bogged down in a lot of side stories or tons of detail.  Sometimes if you're in a reading slump, whipping through a middle grade book might be just the thing to get you jump-started again.

So anyway, the rest of the series . . . 

Wolves of Witchwood / Book 2
Our little group from book one continues on its quest to gather items needed to wake 'the sleeping heroes' in hopes of saving their castle.  This book focuses on the quest for a griffin feather.  The kids meet a witch deep in the woods, who both saves them and hinders them.  Why?  Who is she and what is her motive?  They do find a griffin, but the ending seemed a little too neat and easy.  I had to keep reminding myself it's a story for kids.  lol

The Beast of Blackmoor Bog / Book 3
This might have been my favorite book of the series.  The kids get split up in this one, and it's interesting to see how they cope alone and try to save each other.  We learn more of the bigger picture in this book, why certain people are doing the things they are doing.  And dragons come into this story in this one.

The Drowned Kingdom / Book 4
We learn a lot of history in this one, and discover something surprising about one of the kids.  They're searching for a sea serpent in this book, the final item needed in their quest.  But the closer they get to completing the quest, the harder those trying to stop fight back.

Battle of the Heroes / Book 5
And the final book in the series has our group of little heroes racing back home to try and complete the quest by waking 'the sleeping heroes.'  All of the characters from the previous books return in the final battle.  This one was probably my least favorite of the whole series.  It didn't really give much new information and it didn't really explain a lot of things.  The battle raged on and on, and then suddenly things were all wrapped up again, neat and quick.  A kids book, I know, but it was still disappointing.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this light and easy to read series.  It had castles and knights, witches and magic, dragons and other beasts.  The kids were not perfect.  They squabbled with each other and struggled with some issues.  The villains were mean and evil but all seemed to have a slight comical edge about them, like they were made to be slightly bumbling and over-the-top to keep it easy for young readers.  There was some violence, some blood, some scariness, but all at middle grade levels.  The story kept going at a quick, interesting pace.  Yes, it was a fun little series to read.


  1. How fun! I think I may need to look into this for Savanna. She is only pages away from finishing the Triwizard Tournament!!! And that book is huge! I am so excited for her. But she mentioned wanting to read Out of My Mind before going into the next HP book. I don't blame her Order of the Phoenix is massive.

    1. Wow, good for her!! She should have no problem with this series then. She might find it too easy after tackling some of those HP beasts.