Monday, June 6, 2016

Haul - The Bathing Garden

The Bathing Garden is not a vendor that I order from very often.  I usually don't have very good luck with the wax.  I do like the scrubs that everyone raves about, but I go in phases with scrubs so I rarely keep any on hand.  There was one wax scent that Julie was sure this Fall Slut would love though, and I found myself placing a small order.

Victorian Midway - 'Spiced apple funnel cake, pumpkin frosting and cinnamon brown sugar.'
And this is that scent.  Ohhh, it's very good.  I don't get much, if any, apple on cold sniff.  There is a deep pumpkin note along with a lot of cinnamon and some light bakery notes.  In a way, I wish I'd ordered more than just this one tart, but then I remind myself that my luck with The Bathing Garden wax is usually not good.  Some people swear by letting TBG sit a good long time, so okay, this will sit until fall and hopefully be nice and strong when the time comes to finally melt it.
 (1.7 oz. tart, $2.00)
Watermelon Strawberry Cake - 'White cake, strawberry, vanilla, cotton candy, and pink watermelon.'
This just sounded interesting.  I seemed to be on a strawberry kick earlier this year, and I've been enjoying watermelon scents, so why not try a blend of the two?  On cold sniff I mainly get the cake notes but then that strawberry rushes past, and when you go back for another sniff you realize that watermelon has been sitting there quietly all along.  I'm going to try melting a couple cubes of this soon, and then let the rest sit for a while to see if those cure purists are right.
(3.3 oz. clamshell, $3.75)
Sleepy - [a Pink Sugar and peppermint blend]
My waxy bloggy friends love this scent.  They were talking about it again at the time I placed this order so I decided to go ahead and try it.  Peppermint scents make me think of Christmas.  Creamy, vanilla peppermint scents REALLY put me in a holiday mood.  And yes, this instantly shifts my mood to Christmas.  This is aloe butter sugar scrub.  I might have to put it away until after Thanksgiving!
(8 oz. jar, $9.00)

Shannon, owner of The Bathing Garden, is known for her generous extras included with orders, so let's take a look at my freebies.
(Thank you, Shannon!)
Pink Sand - 'Smells of pink sugar blended with tropical suntan lotion.'
This is a 2 oz. sample of rosehip oil sugar scrub.  This looks like a much drier, more grainy type scrub than the more creamy, foaming types I prefer.  It's a nice scent, rather perfume-y, which funny considering it's Pink Sugar and suntan lotion.  Not sure if I'll give this a try or set it aside for someone else.

Summer Melon & Mint - 'Cut melon, guava, mango, papaya, and strawberries garnished with freshly picked peppermint leaves.'
 This is one of the scents in the new collection, I think.  The peppermint is strongest on cold sniff, with a berry note hiding behind it, and the other fruity notes blending lightly between.  I like this.  The berries and fruits keep the mint from being too Christmas-y for me.

Prosecco Berries - 'A sweet bubbling scent with champagne, dark red berries, cotton candy, and white vanilla.'
I think this is the Scent of the Month for June.  It's a light scent on cold sniff.  I think I'm mainly getting a vanilla champagne type scent, or maybe cotton candy champagne.  It's sweet but smooth.

Lavender Serenity - 'Herbal lavender blended with fruity grapes…sweet and relaxing!'
And finally, I laughed when I saw this and you're probably laughing too if you remember my recent candle post.  Yes, lavender.  If you know me, you know that lavender and I have a long standoff-ish relationship.  This one might be okay for me though, because I get a healthy dose of grape walking hand in hand with the lavender.

That is my small Bathing Garden order.  I placed my order on Thursday, April 28 and received it Monday, June 6.  The TAT stated on the website "approximately 6 weeks," which is long for this impatient person but hey, what are ya gonna do?  And it did arrive at about five and half weeks.  Shipping was $7.00.  I can't remember if TBG uses flat rate shipping . . . ?  While $7.00 might seem a little high for the few things I ordered, the generous extras help make up for it.

Are you a Bathing Garden fan?
Have you already ordered from the new summer collections?


  1. Fabulous order! I just recently my TBG order and posted a review on it today too. Julie's wonderful reviews twisted my arm on Victorian Midway also, as well as a few others. :) I received all the same free wax samples as you did plus a couple more and I thought they were divine! Very pleased with my order and and I hope to order a scrub or two in the fall, as well as some waxes. Fall scents are my favorite too. :) I'm working through a ton of scrubs and waxes right now, so we'll see how much progress I've made by then.

    1. I have to get going on my scrubs and whipped soaps. I haven't been in the mood for them for some time now, but they're starting to pile up. lol


  2. YESSSSS!!! Victorian Midway is so yummy. I picked up one more before it left. I hope it melts as well as the other ones have for me. Nice order :-) And I love that you might have another lavender you like. I think this may be the same oil that RG uses for their Garden of Eden. Interesting.

    1. Interesting indeed! If the grape wasn't strong like it is, I'd probably poo-poo this as I do with most lavenders.


  3. Wonderful order! They're on my list of vendors I have to check out next time I start ordering from vendors again. Summer Melon & Mint sounds delicious, and Watermelon Strawberry Cake looks gorgeous. I hope the performance for you is better than it's been in the past!

    1. They're going to sit for a while before I even think about melting them. I hope to be pleasantly surprised but my hopes aren't high. I think people who rave about how strong TBG is must melt in small rooms.