Sunday, June 5, 2016

Haul - Goose Creek Home Fragrance

Goose Creek Home Fragrance was having a 50% off sale over Memorial Day weekend.  Yes, 50% off!  I don't think I've ever tried Goose Creek although I have browsed the site a few times.  I'd always thought they were kind of pricey . . . $4.00 for a 2.1 oz. clamshell.  Well, with the sale making those clamshells only $2.00 now, I decided to give them a try.

It was very hard to not pick all the interesting fall and winter scents I was seeing, but I did find plenty of 'everyday' scents for a nice little order.

Spice Cake - 'The home baked goodness of a delicious spice cake with warm kitchen spices, baked apples, pecans, and brown sugar.'
This could work for a fall scent but I think it's still okay for any time of year.  It's a warm, cozy scent, but not heavy.  There are light traces of the baked apples but more of the softly spiced cake notes come through.  Spice haters need not worry!  The spice is soft, serving to warm up the scent, not burn your nostrils.
Toasty Hot Toddy - 'The scent of toasty hot toddy is a delicious maple treat. It is concocted with the sweet notes of buttery toasted pecans, dark rum, and cinnamon sticks.'
This one could also work for fall but again, could work any time of year.  I really like this, at least on cold sniff.  The cinnamon is not strong, so spice haters should be okay.  Even with the butter and rum notes it's not at all like Lifesavers Butter Rum, like I always expect rum scents to be.  (lol)  This is almost caramel-y.

Maple Butter - 'The sweet and decadent aroma of maple butter will melt your heart.'
This one smells like a lighter version of Toasty Hot Toddy.  Not too surprising, I guess, since they both have maple and butter notes.  This is a really nice maple scent with some oomph from the butter, but it doesn't have the same depth as the Toddy one.  This is still super yummy though.

Exhilarating Pineapple - 'The exhilarating aroma of a peaceful paradise. This pineapple scent is cool and sweet with sugar water, tart lemon, sliced pineapple, and vanilla bean.'
Although I was quickly over that super sweet candy fruit phase from earlier this year, I'm still okay with more real type fruit scents for summer.  This one sounded interesting with the addition of lemon and vanilla, so I got it.  It's still mainly a pineapple scent but there is a little more of a bite because of the lemon, yet a smoothness a hint of warmth from the vanilla.  This will probably be the first of this order that I melt.

Blueberry Cake Donut - 'This flavorsome fragrance opens with fruity notes of apple, blueberry, and black raspberries. A rich heart of vanilla cake, milk, crystallized sugar, vanilla buttercream and musk.'
The blueberry note is strong in this.  While I don't detect apple or raspberry specifically, I think they are amping up the blueberry somehow. There is a nice white cake bakery base, sweet and smooth.  Quite nice.
And that mention of musk?  In a bakery scent?  Luckily I don't notice any of that.

Watermelon Patch - 'Enjoy notes of green grass, fresh melon and water flower.'
Although it mentions green grass and water flower in the description, this just smells like straight up watermelon to me, and I love it.  Ohhhh, it's sweet and juicy and perfect for a summer day.
Rainbow Sherbet - 'It’s summer’s favorite scoop. Summer Sherbet is a rainbow of flavors. With orange, lemon, lime, peach and raspberry,'
I don't like this one much.  I thought there would be a creaminess but I guess if I'd paid attention to the description I would have seen there isn't.  I don't know, there is something harsh in this scent.  It's sort of like the fruity scents are muted under a very dull zestiness.  I'm just not a fan of this one.
Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake - 'Enjoy top notes of strawberry, orange and grapefruit. The middle combines sweet lemonade and a light dose of bakery coconut. The bottom warms the heart with vanilla cupcake mix, buttermilk and powdered sugar.'
 This one is a bright and happy cupcake scent.  The fruit notes are almost candy-like but they're not over the top sweet because the bakery warms them up just a bit.  On cold sniff at least, this might be a good 'safe' scent for when company is coming, or on those days when you just want something simple.  It's a nice scent but nothing really screams 'Amazing!'

Cherry Cobbler - 'This scrumptious handmade treat folds fresh cherries, orange and lemon zest into a sweet, delicious blend of cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, buttery cake crumbs and vanilla extract.'
This smells so yummy!  The cherry is not at all harsh or almond-y.  It's not fake sweet like cough medicine.  It's toned down by the bakery notes and sweetened by the other fruits.  You can almost smell the warm crumble topping.  This is a really nice homey scent.

That is my little Goose Creek holiday sale order.  I have no idea what to expect for scent strength.  I've been told reviews have all be great for this company but I don't put much stock in reviews because what works for others might not work for me, and I've been having some crap luck with scents now that warm weather is here and the furnace isn't kicking on to stir up the air.  We'll see though!

I placed my order on Sunday, May 29, and received it on Saturday, June 4.  Another great TAT that I can live with!  Shipping was $5.99, which isn't bad at all.  These clamshells are labeled as 2.1 oz, and each of mine was over that by just a bit, ranging from 2.2 - 2.5 oz.  I think their regular price of $4.00 for this is high BUT if these are strong, having a site that's always open, with decent shipping, and fast TAT just might be worth it for me.  And there are some interesting fall scents I wouldn't mind trying if these do perform well.

Goose Creek still has a sale going on.  The wax melts are 15% off right now, making them $3.40.  They also have a clearance section with things marked 40-80% off but I haven't looked around that part much.

Have you tried Goose Creek?


  1. Toasty Hot Toddy sounds like it smells amazing. Exhilarating Pineapple, too. Watermelon is the best summer scent, you're making me want some of these tarts!! I like the look of them, not that that's important, but they are cool little wedges. Kicking myself for not buying during their memorial day sale, but I am signing up for their email alerts now!!

    1. There is another brand that uses the round packs, Partylite or whatever it's called. At least I think they do. Someone does! LOL - not that it matters in the least.

      I'm anxious to melt these now. I've been busy all weekend and didn't want to melt them when I wasn't able to pay full attention. I'll start later today though. Fingers crossed for good performance!


  2. Ooh, great choices! I'm sad I didn't hear about this sale. I love companies with fast TAT and reason shipping. Here's another vendor for the list. Maybe I will see if they have an FB page so I can be alerted to sales. Thanks for sharing; those clamshells look so cool! Enjoy your haul!

    1. Bummer you missed the sale! I had even started a 'heads up' post about it but then cancelled it. Oops.


  3. I like these trivial pursuit pie slices! You got a really nice variety Deb. I honestly had zero interest in Goosecreek until right now. If you decide these throw decently then I will pounce on the next big sale. The toddy, maple and spice cake sound dreamy.

    1. I'll be melting my first wedges later today, after I get back from my mom's. I admit, I'm leery going into this. lol