Sunday, June 19, 2016

Melted - Scentsy / Watermelon Mint

Watermelon Mint - 'This summery scent is an icy blend of crisp, dewy watermelon juice with icy fresh garden mint.'
 It's rare that you'll ever see Scentsy products on this blog because I'm just not a fan.  I was curious enough about this one though when the Scentsy woman at work shoved the newest catalog in my face a while back.  I've been into watermelon scents this year and a hugely popular local vendor has a watermelon mint blend that I love so I figured I'd go ahead and swallow my pride and order this.  On cold sniff it was interestingly nice.  The watermelon was there, juicy and sweet, and there was a soft but definite hint of mint.  Warmed though, it was just a sweet, almost candy-like scent.  It wasn't bad, but it lost that sort of clarity of notes.

I melted about 1 oz. worth in my Glade hot plate warmer in one room, and about 1 oz. worth in my tea light warmer in an adjacent room and was disappointed (but not really surprised) to find only light scent.  If you didn't know something was melting, you'd probably never had noticed it.

This one was an all around bummer and has reminded me to go back to not bothering with Scentsy.


  1. Such potential wasted. Rosegirls still does watermelon peppermint better. I do like a handful of Scentsy scents though.

    1. I've enjoyed plenty of the little sniffer samples the Scentsy woman at work has but don't buy them. Along with the other reasons why I don't, this one confirms they're just not strong enough for me.