Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Natters - June 1 / Warcraft & Boredom

I was trying to have a lazy day of Warcraft playing but got a little distracted with this happening.
Ohhhhhhh, Minion.

But yeah, my 'goal' for the day was to just relax and allow myself to play Warcraft for as long as I could tolerate it.  I totally suck at that game, don't do group stuff or any of the high end content, but I still like to putter around doing the boring things like making sure I've completed every quest in an area, and gathering-skills like mining or herbalism.  I made a brand new character so I could get reacquainted with the game.  I'm a human rogue.  Ha, not sure how long I'll stick this out.  But anyway, Casey said my game goals for today were to hit level 10 and finish all the noobie quests in Elwynn Forest.  I accomplished both.  Wait, no.  I actually found one more quest right as I was finishing up for the day.  Oh well, still did pretty good.

It was hard to sit and play for a good part of the day!  I used to be able to just waste entire days gaming, without a second thought.  Now though, I was constantly fidgeting and thinking of the million other things I could have or should have been doing.  Plus, I discovered I need to go get my eyes checked and get new glasses, possibly glasses just for reading and computer work.  The ones I have are multi-focal but I've been noticing I need to use the bottom (the closeup area) for more and more things, and it hurts to keep tipping my head up to see things.  I had to keep doing that to play, or cram the glasses really high up on my nose so they were nearly wedged under my eyebrow bones.  Heh, yeah, like that's not cause for headaches.

In my breaks from the game I did a bit of lawn mowing, a bit of laundry, and made one more card.  And all through everything I've been feeling increasing stress and anxiety about going back to work tomorrow.  I've had four and half days off because of the holiday weekend.  I'm absolutely dreading going back.  One perk is that I won't be doing my usual job tomorrow or Friday.  I'll be training a girl who's struggling instead.  But that brings tons of other stresses along with it.  Hopefully I can just shut everyone else out and get through these two days.  I want to leave there sooooooo much, but I'm just too chicken.  It feels like I'm already trying to though, like I'm starting to cut myself off from everyone.  I'm angry at all of them there, even people I've generally gotten along with.  I don't know, it's just such a mess right now.

Hubby went to Indiana today.  He and his boss went to haul back a new machine for work.  They left about 3am this morning and won't be back till after 10pm.  He sent a text saying they'd hit rush hour traffic in Chicago, and it took about an hour and half to get through.  Craziness.

Casey went to bed pretty quick after getting home from work this morning.  So that, plus hubby being gone, has made for a pretty quiet and boring day around here.  Boring enough that I'm heading up to bed extremely early tonight.  Maybe I can get a chunk of reading done.

Oh hey, can you believe it's JUNE now?!
Well, only a couple months now before fall things start popping up in stores.

Alrighty, I'm outta here.
How was your Wednesday?

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