Monday, June 13, 2016

Natters - June 13 / Catching Up

Hello!  I see it's been nearly two weeks since my last Natters.  It's not because I haven't wanted to post, but more of that same old thing where I have *too much* to post so when I try to figure out where to start I just draw a blank and quit.  I'll try to rush through some highlights.

Work is still a mess.  It's very up and down for me but somewhere along the way those recent feelings of insane rage and despair suddenly shut off and I'm feeling rather blah and numb towards it all.  We continue to receive mixed messages about that situation with one customer leaving in 18 months.  We've even heard they might not be leaving after all.  I know our plant is still in trouble though.  A recent visit from a corporate boss has everyone and everything in a tizzy.  Because we are apparently a useless plant with no guidance, discipline, or training (all true, by the way) we all get to start attending endless training meetings.  I have such wonderful things as Train the Trainer training, Communication training, and actual machine training coming up in the next two weeks.  And who knows what else beyond that.

I think part of the reason my emotions have shut off towards work is because my mom's hip surgery is getting close now.  My thoughts have turned to that.  While it should be a burden off me to have my brother taking my mom to the hospital this time, it's actually stressing me out.  I don't have constant contact with him and it's kinda driving me nuts that I can't confirm and reconfirm and then confirm everything again.  I won't be taking any time off work until my mom is back home.  I probably won't even see her that week she's in the hospital since it's up in Appleton.  My brother and his wife are taking care of all that this time.  And while I'm not looking forward to going through all that stuff again once she's home, I am kinda looking forward to that break from work and even from home.  At my mom's it's like a step backwards.  It's like camping!  LOL!  I mean, she does not have internet, has very limited cable channels, and doesn't even eat the same kinds of things as me.  I will lounge around on the couch watching cheesy soap operas and napping.  This could work!!!!
That once grand but now dead tree in our front yard was finally cut down.  Now we have a yard full of mess that needs to be taken care of because hubby told the guy he'd do it himself.  It saved us some money but ugh, the hassle of cleaning up the mess!  It's for a good cause though.  It's all going to hubby's mom and dad because they use a wood stove in the winter.  Hubby and I actually got into a big snit about the mess.  He's not the most ambitious person so I knew this mess would sit and only get poked at here and there until the grass grew tall and made it an even bigger mess.  I did say something to him about getting on it and getting it done, and he of course got pissy about it.  He worked on it this weekend, had help from the boys and got a big chunk of it done but there is still so much more.

This much of the trunk is still standing.  It's maybe 8-10 feet tall.  He wants to find a chainsaw carver in the area and see how much it would cost to get something Viking-ish carved.  I suspect it will be too expensive and the rest of this will need to come down.  From the bit I've snooped around online, smaller things like benches and five foot giraffes cost $500-800.  We'll see though, I guess.

What else is going on?
Well, I have a raging cold now.  Or allergies.  Everyone tells me this is allergies.  How do you tell the difference?  I didn't think I even had allergies but the past couple years people keep suggesting I do.  My mom did mention that allergy index, warning, level, whatever, was sky high right now.  Whatever it is, I'm rather miserable.

I've watched a few movies recently.  I'll try to do a separate post for that, like a movie roundup.

I haven't made any more cards recently but I haven't had that 'I quit!' feeling of defeat either, so that's good.  All of my supplies are sitting quietly in 'the craft room.'  I am excited at the thought of fixing that room but haven't taken any steps to actually start.  That will probably all come after my stay at my mom's.

I've been trying to play Warcraft recently.  I made two new characters to try and reacquaint myself with the game.  The other night I hopped on one of my old (original) characters and freaked because I totally can't remember how to play them.  So yeah, my desire to lose myself in games again isn't really working out that great.  Well it doesn't help when I have limited time and there is always something else that needs to be done.  

Casey's plans to move out fell through.  His friend quit his job before ever actually starting it.  All I could say was 'Good thing you didn't sign that one year lease!' and remind him this is why I want him to be able to do it on his own.  He agreed, and is now going ahead with buying things to make his room more how he wants while he's still here.  He bought a new desk for his new computer, and will have it all up there instead of down here in the former dining room where our computers currently are and have been for many years.  He wants to get some shelves and a new bed too.  Part of me is glad he's sticking around a little longer, but another part of me was really looking forward to him going.  He hogs our already delicate internet!!!!!!  Seriously!  Even when he's asleep he's got an Xbox or Playstation or something updating or downloading, making it sluggish at best for me to try and do anything on my own computer.

I'm sure I've forgotten a ton of what I wanted to say.  That's how it always goes when I have long breaks between posts.  Oh well, I guess that just means I need to get better at posting!

Anything new or interesting happening with you?
Stop in and say hi once in a while, my comments sections are gathering dust!


  1. I hope everything goes well for your mom's hip surgery! Spending some time helping her while watching cheesy soap operas sounds like fun, though!

    Good thing the plans for Casey fells through before any paperwork was signed! Just like you said :) Are you unable to get better internet at your location? I feel like you've mentioned it before, but I can't be sure.

    Anything new or interesting for me? Not particularly, besides continuing to be active and hardly staying home. Today I actually had some time to clean up the house a little because I was home at a decent hour of the day! That's something :)

    1. Since we live out in the country our options are quite limited. Everyone says to try different satellite ones (HughesNet, Bug Tussel, etc.) but I'm leery because even the littlest bit of weather effects our radio and DirecTV signals so I'm guessing it would effect satellite internet just as much.

      Nothing interesting?? You're in freakin' Korea! Every minute of every day should be interesting! =P


  2. Ah! So that is why you were asking about chainsaw sculpting. How about an amateur? I have a little pelican, about 3-4 feet tall that was carved with a chainsaw. My dad gave it to me when he decided he was done with the nautical theme. I hope you can find someone to carve it. I will be praying your mom's surgery goes well. Please keep us posted.

    Casey sounds like he is nesting in for a little while. Even though he is taking all your interwebz, at least your nest isn't empty yet. <3 Did he end up taking that new job or is he staying at the plant?

    New for me: painting, re-doing furniture, and some more nesting of my own. Once I am done here I will come paint your craft room and then borrow your chainsaw and carve a Viking quarterback from the tree stump.

    1. We've had a couple people do the 'I know a guy!' for carving but have not produced any names or numbers yet. Hubby's accepting the fact that the trunk might just come down. It would make mowing the lawn so much easier! Or we could plant a new on in its place.

      Casey never turned in his application at Game Stop! I was like 'How are you expecting to get that job then?' Maybe he's dropped it off since then, I'm not sure.

      I can't wait till you paint my craft room! Can you tear up that ancient '70s 'carpet' and refinish the floor too?!?! Oh, and put a big ol' number seven on the Vikings tree stump. =)


    2. Oh, I can do a number 7. I could try to make it look like Ponder <3

    3. You can make it look unemployed? =P