Monday, June 13, 2016

Watched - Warcraft

This is my new boyfriend.  It's Warcraft related . . .

Okay, so leading up to the release of the Warcraft movie interest in the game was rekindled in this family.  We started playing World of Warcraft ten years ago, and were addicts for several years before interest started to fade.  Then we were sort of off and on players for the next several years before pretty much giving up over the past year or so.  I've never been very good at it.  I admit I'm a big baby when it comes to playing that game.  I don't play with others (except hubby, Ty, and Casey) because I'm not quick enough with the millions of buttons, and I find the people to be very snotty and bossy.  I don't do PvP or raids or dungeons or any of that because of the reasons I just mentioned AND because our internet is crappy so it's hard to do that large crowd stuff.  I'm happy to do the gathering jobs like mining and herbalism, happy to do quests that I can do alone.  I'm definitely not a hardcore player, but I do love the game.

So a couple weeks ago Casey was telling me that someone (Blizzard?) got a bunch of YouTubers together to do a real life version of Capture the Flag, like a Warcraft battleground.  He linked me to the following video . . . 

 I was immediately like, "Wait, who's that guy?" and Casey started telling me that he's some popular YouTuber, one of the gaming guys he and Ty watch.  Hmm, interesting, and this creepy old lady watches the video with mixed interest.  I'm curious about the game because it's movie related, and I'm curious about this guy.  I now follow him on Instagram and YouTube but haven't watched many of his videos yet.  I was reading some stuff about him though and holy moly he's one of those crazy success stories, all from YouTube!  So anyway, yeah, my new boyfriend.  =P

But this post is about Warcraft, not him.

The movie came out Friday, June 10.  Originally I'd hoped hubby and I and the boys could all go see it together.  We couldn't coordinate a time though and I didn't want to wait.  Hubby had the day off, and it was my regular day off, so we decided to go to an early showing, just the two of us.  I was so excited!  It was kind of funny and kind of a bummer that only 16 other people were watching it with us.  But hey, we had prime seats and none of the distractions of a full theater.

My first impressions of the movie were that I loved it.  To me, it was just so fun to see the different cities and lands and things from the game brought to life.  I actually giggled like a fangirl, fist shaking and all, when main character Lothar said "Get them to Goldshire."  LOL!  Remember, I'm a perpetual noob status player so I've probably logged more hours in baby levels like Elwynn Forest than anyone on the planet.  So to see the Goldshire inn was so FUN!  Oh, it was just so neat to see all the little game things like the murlocs with their stupid voices, and seeing a guard turned into a sheep, and seeing attempts to cast spells interrupted!  We were laughing and hoping for some lag jokes.

After the initial rush of 'I loved that!' passed and I had time to think about it and talk about it, there were some things that could have been tweaked.  While most of the CGI was amazing, there were some bad spots, usually involving the handling of the little orc baby, or the large wolves.  It was fun to see 'Ragnar in Vikings' as 'Lothar in Warcraft' but I'd heard that actor Travis Fimmel is rather one dimensional, that he portrays every character the same.  Sadly, this seems to be true.  Lothar might as well have been Ragnar.  He even kept slipping into the Vikings accent.  The whole part of the story with Lothar's son was kind of weak.  And a lot of things about The Guardian seemed weak or missing.  Did he mean to do the things he did or did things just get out of control?  And what the heck IS The Guardian anyway?  A bit more background about that would have been nice.

As for the actual story, I did not know much of the game story history before seeing this movie.  It all made sense to me, so I don't think you  need to be a fan of the game to understand this movie.  However, after we got home and I was looking up things online, wanting to know more about the history, I see now that they seem to have played around with things.  I'm not sure since I'm no expert, but it seems they might have juggled the order of some events, and moved little things around.  Still, if you didn't know all that beforehand, you'd get through this movie just fine.

Casey went to see the movie with some friend on Saturday.  He enjoyed it too but he's more critical about it all than me.  He knew more of the story going into it and has been reading up more on it now after.  He didn't really like Travis Fimmel as Lothar at all.

Hubby hasn't said too much beyond that fact that he enjoyed it.  It has not inspired him to start playing again though.  Boooo!  I don't think Ty has seen the movie yet.

I'm wondering if they'll be doing another movie.  They did leave things wide open at the end of this one, and there is so much more in the Warcraft story history to cover.  I've heard the movie is doing great elsewhere (Asia maybe?) but the tiny 'crowds' hubby and I, and Casey saw while at the movie seem to imply it's a dud here in the US.  Or at least in central Wisconsin.  lol

Still, I thought it was fun.  I will buy this movie on DVD when it comes out.  And I will go see the next one if there ever is one.

Are you a World of Warcraft fan?
Did you / will you see the movie?
Or did you just scroll back up and stare at my new boyfriend?


  1. Mark is a cutie! Thanks for opening up my YouTube viewing experiences. Your new beau is hilarious.

    Glad you liked the movie! Poor poor Ragnar. I don't mind that he has the acting range of a bean. He is a cutie too and I will always be happy to see him bring Ragnar to the Big Screen, even if it is not a Viking movie. Are you playing more WoW now that you saw the movie?

    I noticed with the Fantastical Beasts and Cursed Child anticipation that there are more HP things coming out. I wonder if this will revive WoW at all?

    1. Poor Ragnar, indeed. It's funny cuz the actor is Australian but he was all over the place with accents in the movie. So much of it though, was that same Scandinavian accent he uses for Ragnar.

      I'm trying to play more WoW, but so many piddly little things keep distracting me. There is a new expansion coming in August (?) so between the movie and that, yeah, I think the game will be revived for a while.

      I've seen nothing about the Beasts movie except what Luis has shown me! When does it come out?


  2. I love Markiplier! He's a bit of a pottymouth but such a genuine guy I can't help but love him. And let's face it... I talk with as much innuendo and swearing as he does. <_< >_>

    I LOVE WoW! I grew up with it, it's one of my babies just like UO is. I haven't seen the movie yet, but we're going to as soon as Michael finally gets a day off.

    I mean, I did scroll back up at Mark (and click your post out of confusion because I saw his picture), but that's besides the point. :)

    Your review seems typical of what I've seen from a variety of places. You're right, Warcraft has been a hit overseas. At this point a sequel or two will probably happen, even if the target audience isn't in the US.

    1. I figured you would know who he was! I think you might have even mentioned him at some point...? I really don't know too much about him, have only actually watched maybe three or four of his videos.

      I hope you see the movie soon! Can't wait to hear what you thought!