Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Natters - June 15

Today was my day off.  Yesterday was supposed to be my other day off but I had to go in for training on a new machine.  It was a craptastic class, not because of the teacher, but because management once again let it get out of hand.  I did learn a few things though, even standing why back on the fringes of things.  I was pretty miserable on top of it all because of this stupid cold or whatever the heck cooties I'm battling.

So today I had no real plans and would have been content to just nap all day.  That didn't happen.  The morning was still miserable because of my cold cooties, and it was already super muggy even though it wasn't yet hot outside.  Hubby's friend and ride to work texted at the last minute to say he wasn't going to work today so hubby had to scramble to get his truck ready to go.  He'd had it in the yard with the trailer hooked up and all the wood cutting and cleanup tools in and around it.  Also, the alternator has been giving alerts on his mobile diagnostic thingie.  He did make it to work on time and a guy even helped him change the alternator after, so things worked out in the end.

Had a big argument with Casey when he got home from work this morning.  Not only does he hog our internet, he uses up our data for our phones.  He's been warned several times and he just doesn't seem to do anything to change his ways.  Last night we got the alert that our data was used up, and I was pissed.  (No, we don't have an unlimited data package.  I don't think Verizon even has one.)  So when he got home he got Mom Lectured, and he got all defensive.  He's like "I don't know what you want me to say!" and I told him "I don't want you to SAY anything!  I want you to change whatever you're doing!"  He was mad.  I was mad.  Over phone data.  Yeah, nice beginning to my leisurely day off.

I did the dishes, cleaned up a bit around the house, got laundry started.  I made a quick trip into town to put gas in my car and get some Dew (our Elixir of Life, remember), and got a little cranky because we have road construction . . . out here in the boonies . . . on both sides of where we live, so if we want to go anywhere we have to take winding backroad detours.  

I'd spent some time last night browsing old blog posts to see which fall and winter scents I'd loved last year.  I continued that today and made a couple lists from a few different vendor sites.  Then I went through my current stash to see just what I had, and decided it didn't matter because there are just certain scents now that are my absolute fall and winter must-haves.  I placed a Sweet Fixations order, then had a Dessa's Homespun Scents order ready to go but backed out with second thoughts.  Later in the day I had a 'Screw it!  Do it!' moment and went ahead and placed that order too.  I still want to place a Country Lane Keepsakes order but that will probably be small because I'm not as familiar with her fall and winter scents.  But now I'm not sure . . . do I haul them when I receive them, or wait until closer to fall?  Maybe when I receive them so people have time to order for themselves if they see any they like, huh?

I watched I Wanna Hold Your Hand today.  I love that movie!  It's about the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, and a bunch of teens that are trying to meet them.  It's been a long time since I've seen it, so it was fun to watch.  I should probably see if I can buy the DVD.  It's one of those movies that you can watch over and over again and never get sick of it.

I also tried to watch Woman In Black 2 but gave up pretty darn early.  I *HATE* movies that are visually dark, where you can't really see anything.  And this was one of them.  I get that it's supposed to be dark and creepy, but really?  Staring at pretty much a blank black screen mainly produces feelings of frustration, not fear.

Well it's evening now and my cold cooties are acting up again.  Things were pretty good through the afternoon, and I thought I'd finally kicked it but nope.  I'll get this posted and got lay down and read for a while before bed.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. I'm sorry about your cooties and fight with Casey! I don't understand what he's using all of the Data on, unless he's watching videos. Regular web surfing doesn't use up all that much. It's frustrating that mobile carriers have done away with their unlimited data plans. Sprint let us stay grandfathered in with their old plan for several years after it was discontinued, but their crappy service led us to a point where we switched to Verizon just to get better customer service. I'm apprehensive about the plans available for us to start on once we get back to the States.

    Definitely post your haul when you receive your wax, so we have time to see the goodies and buy for ourselves before Fall rolls in :)

    My Wednesday was taking care of business. I had a friend in need so I spent some time with her, then I had to go with Michael to Yongsan for some work stuff for him as well as to pick up a leg of lamb he had ordered from the Commissary. $50 for 9.6 pounds of meat. @.@

    Some time in the coming months we're going to take a trip to the zoo! We loved the aquarium so much it was the next logical place for us to go. :)

    1. Yep, it's videos he's watching. "I'm borrrred on break at work," is his excuse. Damn kids who aren't kids anymore.

      I got shipping notices for both orders today. Yay for quick TATs! Hopefully I'll have them and get posts up Thursday or Friday. =)

      Take zoo pics! And don't fall into the gorilla enclosure!


  2. Ugh. That is a frustrating day. We don't have unlimited data either so I have to watch the girls on the tablet if there is no wifi. I hope he can come around to understanding and respecting your need for him to manage the data better. Is there a way to limit his usage through the carrier?

    I hope your work place can work out the kinks. Sounds like they are trying to restructure a bit.

    Please show your fall hauls right when you get them!! You have me plotting a CLK and SF order. I really want to get a few fall goodies so we can start our Fall posts. I am glad you went ahead and splurged on yourself. A happy ending to a poop day.

    I was painting Wednesday, and Thursday, and today. Paint will be my life for the next two weeks. I may die of latex poisoning. If so, it was good knowing you. You have been a great friend. Melt a Celtic Moonspice in my memory.

    1. He has warnings set on his phone to alert him when he's close but he's gotten to where he ignores them because the rest of us don't use much data. I mean, if we're not using it, yeah it should be fine for him to use it up. But he's whipping through it faster each month. Ugh.

      Celtic Moonspice? Not Pink Peppermint??