Saturday, June 18, 2016

Natters - June 18 / Birthdays

Yep, that would be Minion on the right, stealing the spotlight again.
Yesterday was Ty's birthday but since everyone was working we did fake birthday shenanigans today instead.  Put a box or bag down and Minion is there.

Ty and my mom share a birthday.  He turned 25 and she turned 80.
When he was born, I didn't even realize what day it was, that they shared the day until she mentioned it was the birthday present I ever could have gotten her.  Awww.  I have a picture of them together at their 20th/75th birthday . . . 
. . . but nothing from this year.  I'll have to see if we can pop over to Mom's for a bit tomorrow and get a picture.

Ty didn't stay long, and then Casey went to bed because he worked last night and needs to go in tonight.  Hubby and I went outside and forced our lazy selves to do some work on the tree project.  We got a fair sized chunk of work done, a lot of the smaller stuff is now loaded on the trailer and ready to go over to his parents' place.  A lot of the stuff left now is bigger and needs to wait until hubby's friend can come over with a bigger chainsaw to help.  We count rings on a piece cut from the trunk.  We're now experts in this.  One ring is roughly one year?  Going by that rule this tree was right around 50 years old.

We did have an accident while working out there.  I'll try to get pics tomorrow morning before we try to fix the damage.  I don't know if you remember that we have an old rooftop antenna tripod in our front yard as a decoration/trellis for clematis plants.  We were just looking at it today and commenting on how explosive the growth has been this year, and then a little later hubby tried to sneak by it with the truck and trailer, and got stuck when the trailer wheel snagged on the tripod.  He couldn't get it backed up again because the trailer was loaded and the truck was on just enough of a hill that he couldn't get traction to push it back.  So he had no choice but to go forward and pull the whole tripod down.  Noooooooooo!  It didn't yank the plants out, just sort of laid everything down, and we propped it all back up but tomorrow morning we'll have to go out and do some damage control.  Like I said, I'll try to remember to take pics tomorrow.

We watched The Boy this evening.  Wow.  Weird freakin' movie!  I had hoped it would be a little scarier.  It had creepy stuff but it was more like 'Wtf?!' while half laughing type creepy.  It started to get a bit dumb at the end but didn't completely ruin itself.  It was entertaining.  I'm glad I've finally seen it.

I did a Melted post just before this.  Who is all shocked to see that?  lol
You might see more of them popping up again.  I'm finally getting back to a point in my stash that I feel I can slow down and do some posts.  When I'm working through things that others share with me I don't always feel like reviewing them because it might be a vendor I know I'll never order from, or a custom blend that you might not be able to get anyway, or stuff like that.  I especially feel awkward if it's something someone gifted to me and I didn't like it or it was a dud.  I kinda feel like I shouldn't be dissing them when I didn't pay for them.  I don't know, I'm just babbling now.  But yeah, might start doing some Melted posts again.

And with that I am off to rest my weary wood hauling body and read a bit about poor Apollo before I go to bed.

Hope your Saturday was lovely!


  1. Happy birthday Ty! How cool that your mom and Ty share a birthday. My mom and sister Darby share one. What did you get him for his birthday? Minion is hilarious. The tail curled at the end. Totally a happy cat.

    You mom's surgery is coming up soon huh? Is she looking forward to the relief it will bring?

    Sorry about the yard mishap, sounds like it was rooted pretty well. Did you guys get any further deciding what to do with the stump of the old tree?

    YAY for melting posts!! I will go check it out. See what you are melting. I don't mind if you don't care for what I give you, as long as you didn't ask me for it and it is one of my holy grail tarts LOL! I am melting Rosegirls Country Blessings I bought in a destash and I think you would like it. It is like the spiced country gift shop type scents. Want to try it? I have a few pie slices? But you had better like it. <3 J/K

    1. Sure, I'll try it! I pulled my RG stash out of it's 'put it here and ignore it for a while' spot the other day and will be starting to work my way through it soon. Looking forward to it even though I wasn't having much luck earlier in the year.

      The old tree stump...still trying to find a carver but I think it will probably end up just being cut down. Hubby thought I was totally against the idea when I mentioned to him how expensive it would be. No, I'm not, but we're having no luck finding anyone and I don't want it just standing there forever.


  2. Awwwww, I love that she mentioned it was the best birthday present I ever could have gotten her!! How sweet! Happy birthday to your mom and to Ty!

    Bummer about the tripod! I'd like to see the pictures, if you post 'em up.

    THE BOY! I feel like that movie came out ages ago, but really, it was earlier this year. It definitely gets weirder as it progresses, but I didn't hate the ending. Seen other movies good movies lately? :)

    1. I think my favorite of everything I've watched lately has been Brooklyn. Loved that one! I keep meaning to do a post about a bunch that we've Netflixed lately. Someday.......